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Expanded! Guess the last names of each Harry Potter character.
We discovered a few more characters.
Can you get all 30 correct?
Can you name the Harry Potter characters who are mentioned the most times in the books?
Name the members of these famous groups from the Harry Potter series.
Can you guess the names of the books from the Harry Potter series?
Try to guess these things from the Harry Potter universe which begin with each letter of the alphabet.
Based on the clue, name the Harry Potter spell!
Name the characters that have received the most screen time in the 8 installments of the Harry Potter movie franchise.
Can you name these characters from "The Lord of the Rings"?
Can you name all of Voldermort's Horcruxes?
820,541 Harry Potter Last Names
434,069 Ultimate Harry Potter Name Game
337,553 Basic Harry Potter Quiz
309,342 Top 100 Harry Potter Characters by Mention
250,015 Name the Harry Potter Books
240,353 Groups of Things - Harry Potter
182,369 Harry Potter A-Z
120,082 Harry Potter Spells
118,031 Harry Potter Characters by Death
109,809 Harry Potter Characters by Screen Time
99,370 Harry Potter: Voldemort's Horcruxes
97,560 Lord of the Rings Characters
91,267 Harry Potter Places
85,060 Game of Thrones Last Names
81,686 Game of Thrones - The Book
69,105 Lord of the Rings Trivia
68,674 Game of Thrones Houses Quiz
68,410 Game of Thrones Characters by Screen Time
56,880 Lord of the Rings Characters by Screen Time
52,229 Harry Potter Creatures
51,949 Lord of the Rings - Races
51,864 Word Scramble - Harry Potter Characters
45,561 Hunger Games Trivia
44,889 Game of Thrones Characters by Death
44,569Harry Potter General Knowledge
43,571Harry Potter Top 200 Characters
39,745 Members of the Fellowship of the Ring
38,383 Ultimate Percy Jackson Characters Quiz
38,205 Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix Members
36,464 Harry Potter Characters by Picture
35,297 Lord of the Rings Decoder
34,853 Middle Earth Geography
32,850 Click Timeline: Harry Potter and the Wizarding World
31,794Harry Potter Top 100 Characters
28,303 The Hunger Games Districts Quiz
27,710 Harry Potter Patronus Charms
26,511 Winnie-the-Pooh Characters
25,036Harry Potter: Who says this? HARRY POTTER QUOTES (BEWARE - NOT for the faint hearted)
24,750 Tolkien's Middle Earth Map Quiz
24,641A Game of Thrones Houses (extended)
24,099 The Thirteen Dwarves in the Hobbit
23,798Harry Potter Trivia
23,666 Game of Thrones Multiple Choice
22,681 Harry Potter - Name The Hogwarts Classes
22,132 Game of Thrones - Were You Even Paying Attention?
20,674 Lord of the Rings Characters by Picture
19,387 Ultimate Hunger Games Characters Quiz
19,089The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Entire Opening Monologue
18,984Harry Potter House Quiz
18,317Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test (Hard Harry Potter Trivia)
17,340 Most Common Ingredients in "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"
17,171 Harry Potter - The Sorting Hat
15,498Harry Potter Quotes
15,478Lord of the Rings - Top 50 Characters
14,833 The Ultimate LOTR Character Quiz - The Books
14,568Can you beat Hermione Granger? Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
14,524Game of Thrones Trivia- How Well Do You Know the Starks?
14,177 1984 the Book
13,749Game of Thrones Quiz
13,352Harry Potter Decoder
13,221First Lines of Harry Potter (The Sorcerer's Stone Movie)
12,889First 200 Words of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
12,738Harry Potter trivia quiz
11,991250 Harry Potter Characters
11,717 Hunger Games Trilogy - Part One
11,412 Books of "A Song of Ice and Fire"
11,265Harry Potter Teachers
10,774Throne of Glass series Ultimate Character Quiz
10,653Game of Thrones Houses by Members
9,866Top 50 Game of Thrones Characters by Mention
9,203Harry Potter Quiz
9,048Solve the Secret Harry Potter Character
9,010Groups of things in A Song of Ice and Fire
8,974Lord of the Flies Character Quotes Quiz
8,917Ultimate Percy Jackson Quiz
8,641Harry Potter Characters surnames
8,510Things of seven in a Song of Ice and Fire series
8,253The Hunger Games - The Hanging Tree Lyrics
8,046Harry Potter Siblings Quiz
7,881A Song of Ice and Fire Kings
7,690First 200 Words of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
7,548Ultimate Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) House Quiz
7,492A Court of Thorns and Roses series Ultimate Character quiz
7,437Lord of the Rings Quotes
7,338A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) characters *BOOK SPOILERS*
6,486Harry Potter OWL system
6,465Game of Thrones - Bastard Names
6,267The Ultimate Silmarillion Character Quiz
6,178Game of Thrones House Mottos
6,171Harry Potter Cast by Character
6,168First Lines of Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban Movie)
5,962All Harry Potter Chapters
5,883Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
5,871Harry Potter Characters in all of the Movies
5,835Harry Potter characters by death #2
5,754Game of Thrones Characters
5,718First 200 Words of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
5,642Percy Jackson Quiz
5,448Character Logic Puzzle – Percy Jackson (hard version)
5,443Basic Twilight Quiz
5,437Harry Potter Character Groups Quiz
5,426Harry Potter Alliterative Names
5,410Lord of the Rings - Name to Name
5,371Harry Potter first names
5,221Ultimate Game of Thrones Character Quiz
5,100First 200 Words of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
5,079Harry Potter - Have we met before?
5,049Harry Potter Quotes
5,002Groups of things in A Song of Ice and Fire #2
4,950Harry Potter - Killed by who?
4,918Play Scrabble by Guessing Harry Potter Characters
4,863The Hunger Games Characters
4,827Harry Potter Spells #1
4,767The Hunger Games Trivia
4,708(Hard) Harry Potter Trivia
4,696Random Harry Potter character names
4,636Harry Potter - Expert
4,533Game of Thrones Trivia- How Well Do You Know the Lannisters?
4,411Harry Potter A-Z #2
4,382Expert Harry Potter Quiz
4,381First 200 Words of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
4,369Lord of the Rings Trivia
4,327Harry Potter trivia : )
4,237Died in Game of Thrones (Books)
4,148Harry Potter Animals, Beasts, Etc.
4,138All About Snape (difficult Harry Potter trivia)
4,106Harry Potter A-Z (With 'X' which most miss out)
4,010Hunger games quotes
4,003Characters on 'Game of Thrones' (Season 1)
3,993Harry Potter Top 200 Characters by Mentions
3,948The Lord of the Rings: Characters by Qotes
3,927Harry Potter General Quiz
3,859Game of Thrones Ultimate Name Game
3,854Most Mentioned Harry Potter Names (50)
3,783First Lines of Harry Potter (The Goblet of Fire Movie)
3,761First 200 Words of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
3,756A-Z Harry Potter Characters
3,749Percy Jackson Book Characters
3,705Game of Thrones - Regions of Westeros
3,650First 200 Words of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
3,623HARD!!! Harry Potter in 99 seconds lyrics
3,571Divergent Trivia
3,505ASOIAF- All known Targaryens
3,483Harry Potter general knowledge-Hard
3,480Harry Potter - Name The Hogwarts Students
3,471The Hunger Games Trilogy: Katniss Everdeen Trivia
3,419Harry Potter D.A.D.A Teachers
3,383Harry Potter Groups of Seven
3,375Lord Of The Rings Characters
3,373Top 139 Game of Thrones Characters
3,283The Maze Runner Characters
3,270The Lord of the Rings or the Bible?
3,261The Hunger Games: Peeta Mellark Trivia
3,233Harry Potter Logic Puzzle #2
3,219Harry Potter Groups of Things
3,203Harry Potter Spells
3,159Marauders Era Test
3,159Stark 101
3,104Harry Potter General Knowledge
3,103First Lines of Harry Potter (Order of the Phoenix Movie)
3,073Divergent Character Quiz
3,051The Ultimate Percy Jackson Trivia #1
3,018Lord of the Rings (LOTR): Who's Your Daddy?
3,000Percy Jackson Characters By Clue
2,989Percy Jackson Quiz
2,987Lord of the Rings Geography Quiz #1
2,973Harry Potter Quiz
2,931Harry Potter - The Next Generation
2,917The Complete Harry Potter Name Quiz
2,896First 2 books of Harry Potter quiz
2,875Harry Potter - Hogwarts Subjects and Staff
2,872Stupidly Easy Harry Potter Quiz.
2,869Harry Potter A word quiz
2,855Harry Potter H word quiz
2,844Harry Potter Characters who appear in all 7 books books
2,824Harry Potter Groups of 4
2,784Random Harry Potter Trivia
2,771Clash of Kings Trivia
2,754Percy Jackson Appearance Challenge
2,727500 Harry Potter Characters mentioned in books
2,703LOTR/Tolkien nerd test
2,696Percy Jackson - Quotes
2,685Game of Thrones- Who killed that person?
2,644Harry Potter A-Z
2,634Harry Potter Easy
2,589How Many Twilight characters can you name?
2,545Harry Potter Characters by Grouping!
2,539EXPERT LEVEL Characters in A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
2,53520 Game of Thrones houses
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