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Played: 111,574
Rating: 4.30
One of these characters has a Jamaican accent.
Played: 98,783
Rating: 4.81
A long time ago in a ______ far, far away.
Played: 89,846
Rating: 4.17
Answer these trivia questions from the first six Star Wars movies.
Played: 68,366
Rating: 4.36
Name the characters who have been on-screen the most in the nine Star Wars episodes.
Played: 64,706
Rating: 4.56
Can you name the subtitles of the nine "Star Wars" episodes?
Played: 62,766
Rating: 4.27
This movie came out exactly thirteen years ago today. Lindsay Lohan, what happened?
Played: 60,564
Rating: 4.14
Can you guess these facts from Disney's 1994 animated classic "The Lion King"?
Played: 55,064
Rating: 4.33
For each letter A-Z, guess these answers related to the "Star Wars" movies.
Played: 52,057
Rating: 4.48
Guess these short answers about "Star Wars".
Played: 47,526
Rating: 4.26
Guess the lyrics that go with each note in the scale.
Played: 44,574
Rating: 4.44
A more difficult sequel.
Played: 36,181
Rating: 4.27
Enter the missing words to "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen".
Played: 31,031
Rating: 4.72
Name these planets that have been featured in the "Star Wars" films.
Played: 24,609
Rating: 3.12
Test your knowledge of the Twilight saga!
Played: 21,824
Rating: 4.81
Can you guess the year that each of these Star Wars movies came out?
Played: 20,823
Rating: 4.57
"Back to the Future" is now a West End musical. Can you guess these facts from the original movie trilogy?
Played: 20,452
Rating: 4.59
With the help of an old, dusty map, try to name the countries, territories, and regions visited by Indiana Jones.
Played: 18,519
Rating: 4.49
Can you guess these facts about the "Star Wars" character Han Solo?
Played: 16,712
Rating: 3.79
Played: 15,443
Rating: 4.06
Why do they have to spoil everything by making a sequel?
Played: 12,949
Rating: 4.39
Qwizzes aw wot bwing us togeder tooday.
Played: 12,699
Rating: 4.46
Can you answer these questions about the Wizard of Oz, mostly based on the 1939 movie?
Played: 12,464
Rating: 4.33
Can you answer these questions about the 2013 Disney movie "Frozen"?
Played: 12,433
Rating: 3.19
Played: 11,742
Rating: 4.32
Can you guess the missing words to these quotes from the movie "The Big Lebowski"?
Played: 10,935
Rating: 4.16
A movie that the Quizmaster is obsessed with and you should be too!
Played: 8,420
Rating: 3.64
Fill in the quotes from the movie "Anchorman" - one of the most quotable movies of all time.
Played: 8,168
Rating: 4.40
Played: 7,947
Rating: 3.95
Can you name the actors from the Ocean's 11 movies, starting with the 2001 movie?
Played: 7,693
Rating: 4.25
Can you answer these questions about the 1989 Disney animated classic "The Little Mermaid"?
Played: 7,472
Rating: 3.52
Can you answer these questions about the three movies in the Indiana Jones trilogy?
Played: 7,061
Rating: 3.90
Name the 5 "Guardians of the Galaxy" from the original film, plus the actors who played them.
Played: 7,047
Rating: 4.04
Enter the missing words to "Into the Unknown" from the movie "Frozen 2".
Played: 6,006
Rating: 3.89
A quiz for kids who can't read good and wanna learn how to do other good stuff too.
Played: 5,756
Rating: 3.83
Played: 5,737
Rating: 4.79
Played: 5,597
Rating: 3.56
When they add Carl Weathers, I might go see it.
Played: 5,125
Rating: 4.23
Played: 5,117
Rating: 4.33
Guess these facts about the three Austin Powers films.
Played: 4,963
Rating: 4.19
Name the "core members" of the Brat Pack of young actors from the 1980s.
Played: 4,710
Rating: 3.80
Played: 4,415
Rating: 3.63
Name these facts about the Ghostbuster movies.
Played: 4,363
Rating: 4.58
Played: 4,293
Rating: 3.79
Can you name the starting lineups for the Tune Squad and the Monstars in the movie "Space Jam"?
Played: 4,148
Rating: 3.27
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