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Played: 125,267
Rating: 4.33
One of these characters has a Jamaican accent.
Played: 125,188
Rating: 4.87
A long time ago in a ______ far, far away.
Played: 100,499
Rating: 4.16
Answer these trivia questions from the first six Star Wars movies.
Played: 78,018
Rating: 4.39
Name the characters who have been on-screen the most in the nine Star Wars episodes.
Played: 72,703
Rating: 4.55
Can you name the subtitles of the nine "Star Wars" episodes?
Played: 70,455
Rating: 4.09
Can you guess these facts from Disney's 1994 animated classic "The Lion King"?
Played: 65,981
Rating: 4.20
This movie came out exactly thirteen years ago today. Lindsay Lohan, what happened?
Played: 61,057
Rating: 4.34
For each letter A-Z, guess these answers related to the "Star Wars" movies.
Played: 58,048
Rating: 4.47
Guess these short answers about "Star Wars".
Played: 50,894
Rating: 4.47
A more difficult sequel.
Played: 50,027
Rating: 4.25
Guess the lyrics that go with each note in the scale.
Played: 42,764
Rating: 4.28
Believe it or not, "Frozen" premiered 10 years ago today. Can you fill in the missing lyrics to the headline song from the movie?
Played: 38,524
Rating: 4.91
Can you guess the year that each of these Star Wars movies came out?
Played: 36,909
Rating: 4.53
Name these planets that have been featured in the "Star Wars" films.
Played: 28,163
Rating: 4.57
What was once the future is now the past and we STILL don't have flying cars. Can you guess these facts from "Back to the Future" and its two sequels?
Played: 27,062
Rating: 4.64
With the help of an old, dusty map, try to name the countries, territories, and regions visited by Indiana Jones.
Played: 25,841
Rating: 3.22
Test your knowledge of the Twilight saga!
Played: 20,461
Rating: 4.50
Can you guess these facts about the "Star Wars" character Han Solo?
Played: 19,689
Rating: 3.64
Played: 16,268
Rating: 4.02
Why do they have to spoil everything by making a sequel?
Played: 15,249
Rating: 4.26
Can you answer these questions about the 2013 Disney movie "Frozen"?
Played: 13,868
Rating: 4.42
Can you answer these questions about the Wizard of Oz, mostly based on the 1939 movie?
Played: 13,700
Rating: 4.36
Qwizzes aw wot bwing us togeder tooday.
Played: 13,048
Rating: 3.11
Played: 12,070
Rating: 4.24
Can you guess the missing words to these quotes from the movie "The Big Lebowski"?
Played: 11,910
Rating: 3.02
Played: 11,140
Rating: 4.11
A movie that the Quizmaster is obsessed with and you should be too!
Played: 10,213
Rating: 4.61
Fill in the missing words to these notable quotes from the movie "The Godfather" and its two sequels.
Played: 10,135
Rating: 4.27
Played: 9,253
Rating: 4.30
Can you answer these questions about the 1989 Disney animated classic "The Little Mermaid"?
Played: 8,846
Rating: 3.97
Enter the missing words to "Into the Unknown" from the movie "Frozen 2".
Played: 8,694
Rating: 3.64
Fill in the quotes from the movie "Anchorman" - one of the most quotable movies of all time.
Played: 8,331
Rating: 3.98
Can you name the actors from the Ocean's 11 movies, starting with the 2001 movie?
Played: 8,203
Rating: 3.48
Can you answer these questions about the three movies in the Indiana Jones trilogy?
Played: 7,835
Rating: 3.98
Name the 5 "Guardians of the Galaxy" from the original film, plus the actors who played them.
Played: 7,421
Rating: 4.53
Played: 6,819
Rating: 4.53
Played: 6,433
Rating: 4.33
Played: 6,280
Rating: 4.00
A quiz for kids who can't read good and wanna learn how to do other good stuff too.
Played: 6,006
Rating: 3.83
Played: 5,880
Rating: 4.36
Guess these facts about the three Austin Powers films.
Played: 5,548
Rating: 4.23
Name the "core members" of the Brat Pack of young actors from the 1980s.
Played: 5,478
Rating: 4.33
Played: 5,344
Rating: 3.80
Played: 5,227
Rating: 4.71
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