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Played: 567,913
Rating: 4.80
Try to name the Pokémon characters in the first generation.
Played: 200,693
Rating: 3.79
Played: 160,113
Rating: 4.24
Can you name the highest-rated players in NBA 2K for the last four years?
Played: 146,471
Rating: 4.28
There are 18 different types of Pokémon. How many can you name?
Played: 94,259
Rating: 4.22
Try to name the highest-rated players in the last four versions of the FIFA video game by EA Sports.
Played: 91,569
Rating: 4.87
Can you name all the mobs in version 1.19 of Minecraft?
Played: 88,346
Rating: 4.67
Name these characters from Mario video games.
Played: 85,910
Rating: 4.29
Name the playable characters from Nintendo's Super Smash brothers series.
Played: 84,676
Rating: 4.92
Gotta remember 'em all! So far, 1008 Pokémon have been discovered. How many can you name?
Played: 69,931
Rating: 4.29
Can you fill in the missing lyrics to the Pokémon theme song?
Played: 68,544
Rating: 4.38
Try to name every Mario Kart character that appears in every game.
Played: 61,958
Rating: 3.83
Name the athletes who have been honored/cursed with the cover of John Madden's NFL video game.
Played: 58,256
Rating: 4.15
For each Pokémon character, name the real-life thing they most resemble.
Played: 51,785
Rating: 4.05
Name the evolutions of these Pokémon. It's science!
Played: 51,273
Rating: 4.07
Can you name the eight ores that are found in Minecraft?
Played: 42,436
Rating: 3.28
The Quizmaster doesn't really know much about Pokemon, but this quiz has been popular.
Played: 36,568
Rating: 4.91
Can you guess which of these items are Pokémon and which are elements of the Periodic Table?
Played: 35,175
Rating: 3.98
Name the original Mortal Kombat characters.
Played: 33,144
Rating: 4.07
Name the players who have appeared on the cover of the standard edition NBA 2K video game series
Played: 30,500
Rating: 4.27
There are 157 champions available in the video game "League of Legends". How many can you name?
Played: 30,475
Rating: 4.56
Can you guess the names of these 10 selected Minecraft biomes? When you guess a biome it will disappear.
Played: 24,880
Rating: 4.26
Can you remember all of the new Pokémon introduced in Generation II?
Played: 24,110
Rating: 4.60
Can you name the players that were chosen to represent each franchise's "all-time team" in the game NBA 2K18?
Played: 23,169
Rating: 4.25
Name all the games that have been released in the Legend of Zelda series.
Played: 22,055
Rating: 3.72
Name the player with the highest rating on each team in the game NBA 2K17.
Played: 20,481
Rating: 4.00
Name all the Pokémon that Ash Ketchum has ever owned.
Played: 19,677
Rating: 4.00
Played: 19,601
Rating: 3.96
Are you a true gamer? Can you guess all games in this massive franchise?
Played: 18,674
Rating: 4.16
At least one of these characters was featured in "Wreck-It Ralph".
Played: 18,428
Rating: 3.05
Played: 16,990
Rating: 3.80
Played: 16,814
Rating: 4.31
Beat the clock to unscramble the names of these Pokémon. The answer change every time you play!
Played: 15,624
Rating: 3.36
Played: 15,208
Rating: 4.88
Played: 15,079
Rating: 4.31
From the game "Among Us", guess which location in The Skeld map corresponds to the highlighted room.
Played: 14,973
Rating: 4.33
Played: 14,926
Rating: 4.25
Can you guess these 16 different Pokémon based on a picture?
Played: 14,683
Rating: 4.68
Played: 14,640
Rating: 3.57
Played: 13,937
Rating: 4.27
Can you name all the heroes in the game Overwatch 2?
Played: 13,095
Rating: 4.50
Played: 12,336
Rating: 3.71
Played: 11,587
Rating: 4.58
Played: 11,297
Rating: 4.14
Played: 10,274
Rating: 3.10
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