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Played: 1,526,561
Rating: 4.97
True fans will get them all. Try to name the 30 teams that play in the National Basketball Association.
Played: 1,473,941
Rating: 4.93
In 4 minutes, name as many NFL football teams as you can.
Played: 656,363
Rating: 4.69
Guess the people who have been named Most Valuable Player of the NBA.
Played: 611,774
Rating: 4.90
Prove that you're an American by naming all 30 teams that play in Major League Baseball.
Played: 526,304
Rating: 4.97
In 12 minutes, try to name all the teams that compete in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Can you name them all?
Played: 484,452
Rating: 4.26
We made a list of the NBA players with the bestselling jerseys for each of the last four seasons. See if you can guess who they are.
Played: 443,172
Rating: 4.75
Can you name all the clubs that have won the Champions League of European football?
Played: 401,276
Rating: 4.32
Can you name the top NBA players of all-time according to an ESPN poll of experts from 2016?
Played: 397,395
Rating: 4.79
Try to name the clubs in England's top football division for the 2022–23 season.
Played: 394,585
Rating: 4.77
Can you name the thirty-two teams that play in the National Hockey League?
Played: 346,744
Rating: 4.39
For each year from 1950–2022, try to name the team that won the NBA championship.
Played: 315,408
Rating: 4.69
Try to name the players who have been selected for All-NBA first team honors since 1987.
Played: 282,278
Rating: 4.23
For each soccer player, try to name the national team they have played for.
Played: 278,413
Rating: 4.65
Can you guess the NBA team that uses each of these logos?
Played: 256,961
Rating: 4.35
In NBA history, 32 different players have scored 60 or more points in a single game. How many can you name?
Played: 256,767
Rating: 3.56
We give you the athlete, you tell us the sport they are known for.
Played: 251,181
Rating: 4.97
Name the countries who finished in the top 4 in the men's FIFA World Cup.
Played: 247,818
Rating: 4.81
Should be very easy if you follow the NFL at all.
Played: 238,942
Rating: 4.34
Try to name the NBA's all-time leaders in scoring, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals.
Played: 221,287
Rating: 4.73
Updated for 2021–22! Name the teams that play NCAA Division I men's basketball.
Played: 213,534
Rating: 4.89
Try to name every team from the top four tiers of English football.
Played: 212,553
Rating: 4.93
Try to name all the football teams to ever participate in a men's FIFA World Cup.
Played: 194,064
Rating: 4.38
Try to name the players who started for the winning team in the NBA finals, 1990–present.
Played: 184,803
Rating: 3.97
These players played their entire NBA career with the same team. Based on the team and years, see if you can guess them.
Played: 182,619
Rating: 4.29
The first logo has been scientifically proven to make Ohio State fans angry.
Played: 178,860
Rating: 4.82
There are 131 bowl-eligible college football teams. How many can you name?
Played: 170,848
Rating: 4.39
For each city on the map, name the NBA basketball team that plays there.
Played: 167,221
Rating: 4.27
Can you identify these international football clubs based on their logos?
Played: 159,884
Rating: 4.24
Can you name the highest-rated players in NBA 2K for the last four years?
Played: 158,661
Rating: 4.11
Try to name the all-time scoring leader for each time NBA team.
Played: 155,278
Rating: 4.42
Name all the teams that have ever appeared in the English Premier League since its introduction in 1992.
Played: 154,779
Rating: 4.14
For only €222 million, you can buy the rights to your very own soccer superstar.
Played: 148,609
Rating: 3.66
LeBron? Muggsy? Guess the last names of these current and former NBA players.
Played: 148,149
Rating: 4.31
How many players can you name who have a won an NBA scoring title?
Played: 144,934
Rating: 3.78
We give you the term. You tell us the sport.
Played: 142,710
Rating: 4.26
Name the players who have finished in the top three for the Ballon d'Or award as the year's best player.
Played: 141,716
Rating: 4.98
Name the cities that have hosted (or will host) the Summer Olympics.
Played: 136,786
Rating: 4.31
Try to name the players who have scored 100 or more goals in Premier League matches.
Played: 134,774
Rating: 4.91
Name the drivers who have won a Formula One World Drivers' Championship.
Played: 134,758
Rating: 3.95
Can you guess the sport that is depicted in each pair of movies?
Played: 134,339
Rating: 4.32
For each city on the map, name the NFL team that plays there.
Played: 133,419
Rating: 4.86
For each year, name the country that won the FIFA World Cup.
Played: 131,893
Rating: 4.77
Name the teams with the most all-time Winter Olympic medals.
Played: 131,842
Rating: 3.99
Try to name the NFL's bestselling jerseys for the last three seasons.
Played: 128,635
Rating: 4.29
Try to guess the team names of the 131 teams in the Bowl Subdivision of college football.
Played: 127,135
Rating: 4.23
Can you name the members of the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball "Dream Team"?
Played: 126,340
Rating: 4.96
Name all the countries that have hosted (or are scheduled to host) a men's World Cup.
Played: 125,086
Rating: 3.76
For each NBA team, name the player with the most all-star selections.
Played: 120,669
Rating: 4.94
Can you name the top ten ranked men's national football teams for each of the last ten years?
Played: 119,369
Rating: 4.23
A word-guessing game where all the answers are NBA basketball team names.
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