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True fans will get them all. Try to name the 30 teams that play in the National Basketball Association.
In 4 minutes, name as many NFL football teams as you can.
Guess the people who have been named Most Valuable Player of the NBA.
Prove that you're an American by naming all 30 teams that play in Major League Baseball.
In 12 minutes, try to name all the teams that compete in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Can you name them all?
Can you name all the clubs that have won the Champions League of European football?
We made a list of the NBA players with the bestselling jerseys for each of the last four seasons. See if you can guess who they are.
Try to name the clubs in England's top football division for the 2023–24 season.
Can you name the thirty-two teams that play in the National Hockey League?
Can you name the top NBA players of all-time according to an ESPN poll of experts from 2016?
For each year from 1950–2022, try to name the team that won the NBA championship.
1,814,196 NBA Teams Quiz
1,665,188 NFL Football Teams Quiz
821,336 NBA MVPs Quiz
685,699 Major League Baseball Teams
643,148 All Major North American Pro Sports Teams
596,101 Most Popular NBA Jerseys
591,108 Champions League Winners
523,164 2024 English Premier League Teams
481,596 Top 100 Greatest NBA Players
452,639 NHL Hockey Teams Quiz
424,566 NBA Champions
384,455 All-NBA First Team Players
376,712 NBA Team Logos
359,187 Footballers by Country
336,341 NFL Football Team Logos
313,443 FIFA World Cup Top 4 Positions
308,351 NBA 60 Points in a Game
297,887 NBA All-Time Statistical Leaders
281,674 Sports by Athlete
265,823 2024 Football League Teams
250,622 NCAA Basketball Teams
247,639 All Teams to Ever Play a FIFA World Cup
237,964 NBA Championship Starters
226,666 Soccer Team Logos
215,564 One Team NBA Basketball Players
215,113 NCAA Football Teams
213,487 NBA 2K Highest Rated Players
204,006 College Sports Logos Quiz #1
197,920 Most Expensive Football Transfers Ever
193,035 NBA Cities Map Quiz
190,092 Ballon d'Or Winners
189,394 All EPL Teams Ever
186,838 NBA Team Scoring Leaders
182,029 NBA Scoring Champions
181,463 Formula One World Champions
171,974 Ten Highest Ranking FIFA Countries by Year
171,718 FIFA World Cup Host Countries
171,306 FIFA World Cup Winners
167,581 Most Popular NFL Jerseys
165,410 English Premier League 100 Goals Club
164,437 Unusual NBA Names Quiz
160,781 "Big Five" European Soccer Champions Since 2000
157,151 NBA Finals MVPs
156,186 NFL Cities Map Quiz
154,863 Summer Olympics Host Cities
153,576 Sports Terms Quiz #1
149,696 NBA Most All-Star Selections by Team
147,367 NFL Football Teams - One Minute Sprint
143,936 Sports in Movies Quiz
143,573 #1 NBA Draft Picks
142,632 NCAA Football Team Names
141,011 Countries with the Most Winter Olympics Medals
138,774 North American Sports Cities
135,951 1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team
134,406 NBA Team Names by Clue
134,390 Olympic Host Countries
133,597 England's Most Successful Football Clubs
129,945 NBA Defensive Players of the Year
127,858 NFL Team Colors Quiz
126,823 LeBron James Trivia
126,554 NBA Basketball Records Quiz
126,007 Top Scorer by Soccer Team
124,693 English Premier League Champions
124,412 Top 5 Best NBA Teams Since 2010
124,498 NFL Football Last Names
123,940 NBA Basketball Nicknames Quiz #1
121,435 2010 FIFA World Cup Teams
119,959 Highest-Rated FIFA Video Game Players
119,533 NBA Basketball Players who Changed Teams
117,891 College Sports Logos Quiz #2
117,749 Countries of Premier League Players
116,205 Champions League Top Goal Scorers
115,592 EPL Leading Scorer by Year
114,076 Men's Tennis Champs
110,521 City by Football Clubs
110,407 NBA Players with Three or More Rings
109,561 Most Popular High School Sports (U.S.)
109,063 NFL Most Valuable Players
108,662 WWE Champions
107,065 FA Cup Winners
106,645 American Football Positions Quiz
105,665 Football Teams Zlatan Ibrahimović Played For
103,025 National Soccer Team Logos
101,970 Super Bowl Winning QBs
100,986 Super Bowl Winners Quiz
100,755 EPL Never Relegated Teams
100,047 2014 FIFA World Cup Teams
99,484 American Sports Cliches
99,067 Debut Teams of NBA Players
98,862 NFL Team Names by Clue
94,349 All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of the 2010s
92,780 Top 5 Worst NFL Teams Since 2000
92,018 NBA Teams - One Minute Sprint
91,292 NHL Ice Hockey Team Logos
89,479 MLB Baseball Team Logos
87,508 NFL Football Records
87,008 Five Top Olympic Medal-Winning Countries by Continent
83,230 Sports Teams by State Quiz
81,946 NFL Players' College Teams #1
80,573 Premier League Relegated Teams
80,306 NFL Team Nicknames
79,904 NCAA Basketball Champions
79,504 FIFA World Cup All-Time Table
78,522 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winners
75,635 NBA Teams Shaquille O'Neal Played For
75,546 Top 4 in English Football, 1888–2023
75,226 Football Clubs in London
74,357 Madden NFL Covers
74,058 2018 FIFA World Cup Results
73,379 NHL Hockey Cities Map Quiz
73,309 MLB Baseball MVPs
72,996 #1 NFL Football Draft Picks
72,425 NCAA Football Champions
72,320 Countries by Sports in 60 Seconds
71,987 All-Time Sports Champions Quiz
71,442 Top 5 Best NFL Teams Since 2000
70,775 Most Valuable Sports Teams
69,892 Flags of Countries in the World Cup 2018
69,542 Top 100 Baseball Players of All Time
69,112 Champions League All-Time Table
68,944 NFL Team Passing Leaders
68,576 Tallest NBA Players Ever
68,307 Golf Champions Quiz
67,626 U.S. Cities with Teams from All Four Major Sports
67,622 All North American Pro Sports Logos
67,395 NBA Players by Team History
67,411 NFL 4,000 Yard Passers
67,284 Big 4 Sports Championship Cities
66,948 Secondary Names of English Football Clubs
66,664 Best NBA Point Guards of All-Time
65,268 Winter Olympics Hosts Quiz
65,252 21st Century NBA Champions
64,543 Women's Tennis Champs
64,338 All Champions League Teams Ever
62,730 WWE Finishers
62,701 NBA Player to Country
62,604 Countries With the Most NBA Players
62,218 Cities by Soccer Stadium
61,728 Champions League Top 4
61,309 FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorers
61,117 2022 Winter Olympic Sports
61,109 Countries with the Fastest Marathoners
60,755 NBA's 50 Greatest Players From 1996
60,399 North American Sports Champions Since 2000
60,243 North American Bird-Named Teams
60,199 Formula One Countries Visited
60,090 Baseball Abbreviations
60,039 MLS Soccer Teams
59,846 NBA Players' College Teams #1
59,758 NFL Players' College Teams #2
58,627 USA Olympic Basketball Teams
58,511 Groups of Things - Sports
58,040 NHL Hockey Team Names by Clue
57,688 NBA 50-Point Games Since 2010
56,897 NHL Hockey Stanley Cup Champions
56,509 NFL Players by Team History
55,776 Sports Equipment
55,265 All Formula One Grand Prix Ever
54,632 50 Home Runs in a Season Club
54,417 All-Time NCAA Football Wins
54,421 Top-Scoring White NBA Players
54,343 100 Greatest Players in NFL History
53,092 Countries with the Most Summer Olympics Medals
51,297 Top NBA Player by Draft Class
51,182 Flags of the 2022 FIFA World Cup
50,812 Rugby World Cup Top 4 Positions
50,777 UEFA European Championship Winners
50,698 Teams that Beat England in Football
50,658 2022 FIFA World Cup Teams
50,491 MLB Cities Map Quiz
50,439 2018 FIFA World Cup Teams
50,407 WWE Royal Rumble Winners
50,184 Baseball 500 Home Run Club
49,860 MLB Baseball Team Names by Clue
49,253 Top 20 Football Clubs in Europe
48,994Manchester United Current Squad
48,952 NBA 2K Video Game Covers
48,805 NBA Players Who Averaged 30 Points Per Game
48,524 100 Best Male Footballers 2021
48,441 MLB Baseball Leaders by Category
48,399 UEFA Euro 2020 Countries
48,075 FIFA Women's World Cup Top 4 Positions
48,002 NBA Legends by Picture
47,969 Countries with the Fastest 100 Meter Sprinters
47,834 NFL Draft - First Round Quarterbacks
47,298 FIFA Members NOT Independent Countries
47,013 Top 10 Countries with the Most Registered Soccer Players
46,797 Sports That Don't Use a Ball
46,381 Top-Scoring Foreign NBA Players
46,367 Countries With The Most NHL Hockey Players
46,220 College Football Rivalries Quiz
45,591 English Football Stadiums
45,373 English Cities With Multiple Football Teams
44,954 Formula One Constructors' Champions
44,798NBA Starters 2016–2017
44,665 NBA Basketball Nicknames Quiz #2
44,550 Sports Terms Quiz #2
44,197 NBA 50-40-90 Club
44,190 NFL Players Who Changed Teams
44,010 Soccer Teams David Beckham Played For
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