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Name the cities that are home to these famous soccer stadiums.
Can you name the teams of the Premier League and Football League that play in these stadiums?
You paid for them, but the corporations get to name them.
62,323 Cities by Soccer Stadium
45,671 English Football Stadiums
39,338 MLB Baseball Stadiums
34,066 American Cities by Stadium Quiz
31,943 College Football Stadiums Quiz
29,634 NFL Stadiums Quiz
25,757 NBA Arenas
8,862Soccer Stadiums
5,748Premier League Stadiums
2,312NBA Basketball Stadiums
2,199NHL Arenas
2,186All 30 MLB Baseball Stadiums by Pictures of Unique Features
2,158Former Stadiums Quiz
1,966Soccer Stadiums by European City - Map Quiz
1,860Every City with a 50,000+ Seater Football Stadium in Europe
1,360Baseball Stadiums by Field Dimensions
745UEFA Champions League Stadiums
732MLB Stadiums in 1980
734Current Premier League Grounds
690NHL Arenas by Team
627Barclays Premiership Stadiums 2012/13
606Former Home Grounds of English Football Clubs #1
607Football (Soccer) Stadiums Around the World (Cities Version)
531NFL Stadium Names (Retro)
513Largest European Stadiums
477MLB Stadiums By Location
428MLS Stadiums
397Current NFL Stadiums
367NFL Stadiums
356NFL Stadiums Quiz (the way it should be)
308Football (Soccer) Stadiums Around the World (Cities Version Part 2)
300MLB Stadiums Quiz
279Premier League Club Locations - Map Quiz
261NFL Stadium Cities
259Football Clubs in Europe with the Largest Stadiums
251NBA Stadiums Quiz
236Premier League Clubs on a Map
226NFL Football Teams to Stadiums - A Click Quiz
226MLB Baseball Teams to Stadiums - A Click Quiz
20810 Biggest stadiums in Europe
126NHL Stadiums Quiz
121Name the stadium - FA Cup Semi-Final Hosts (updated)
109NCAA Teams That Play at NFL Stadiums
74North American Pro Sports Stadiums
61Sports by Largest Stadium
57Former MLB Stadiums by Picture #1 (The Classics)
56Name the Stadiums - FA Cup Final Hosts (updated)
54Former MLB Stadiums by Picture #2 (1970s Multipurpose Monstrosities)
50Current UEFA Champions League Stadia
50Largest Stadiums in the U.S.
48Random North American Pro Sports Stadiums
44Premier League Stadium Neighbours
44College Football Stadiums by Picture
42Football Clubs in the Top 5 Leagues with Smallest Stadiums
32Teams That Share Stadiums Quiz
28All Stadiums Used at the 1966 World Cup in England
27All Stadiums Used at the 1996 Euros in England
26FIFA World Cup Final Stadiums
18Cities with Allianz-sponsored Stadiums
18AFL Stadiums 2023
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