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Fill the blanks in these famous Star Trek quotes.
For each clue, guess whether it applies to Star Wars, Star Trek, or both.
Based on the series and job title, name these Star Trek characters and actors.
Guess these answers from the universe of "Star Trek".
28,111 Star Trek Quotes Quiz
16,176 Star Wars... or Star Trek?
9,826 Star Trek Trivia
9,728 Star Trek Characters and Actors
2,255Races in Star Trek
2,095Star Trek: The Next Generation Easy Quiz
2,048Star Trek Voyager Character List
1,854Star Trek: The Next Generation Medium Quiz
1,595Star Trek: The Next Generation Hard Quiz
1,282Star Trek Trivia
1,177The Star Trek Movies
1,096Star Trek Species
954Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) Name the Cast
900Star Trek: TNG Episodes
830Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters
733Major Star Trek Races
709Best & Worst Reviewed Movies by Franchise #2
676Darth Vader Quotes
568Star Trek (1966-1969) Name the Cast
561Star Trek: Into Darkness
526Star Trek Next Generation Quiz
516Star Trek Trivia 2 (Dominion War)
499Star Trek: Starship Classes 🖖🚀
482Star Trek Series and Captains
459Name the Star Trek character
452The Data Quiz (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
387Star Trek Enterprise
317Star Trek Characters
303Star Trek Decoder
96Sci Fi Tools and Weapons
81Ian McKellen… or Patrick Stewart?
69Star Trek: Every Captain of Every Enterprise
64Star Trek Food
45Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Crew
45All Star Trek Movies and Series
33Star Trek: Discovery Crew
33Star Trek: Voyager Crew
30Star Trek: Ship Classes
28Star Trek: Lower Decks Crew
24Star Trek Episodes
24Star Trek Crew
23Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episodes
23Star Trek: The Next Generation Crew
17All Star Trek Movies!
15Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes
14Star Trek: Picard Crew
13Star Trek: Enterprise Crew
13Star Trek Character by Picture
10Star Trek: Voyager Episodes
5Star Trek: The Animated Series Crew
3Star Trek: Enterprise Episodes
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