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872Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Characters
858Marvel Comics A-Z
852Marvel Movies 1986-2024 (Live Action)
848The Flash Season 2
843Thor: Ragnarok Quotes
837Batman: Arkham Series Bosses
833Spider-Man: No Way Home Quiz (SPOILERS)
828Not Quite A Movie Title - DC Comics
824Marvel- All X-Men
823Marvel Characters by Picture
810DC's Legends of Tomorrow
807Lego Batman: The Video Game (2008) Playable Characters
791Marvel characters beginning with 'A'
784Batman Family Members
775The Batman (2022)
773Spiderman Villain Aliases
765Marvel Hero's By Photo
764Actors Who Played Multiple Comics Characters
763CW Arrowverse Characters
760Top 100 DC Comics Heroes
753Marvel Heroes
753Batman Begins Trivia
752Avengers: Infinity War Quotes Quiz
752Spiderman Villains
751Marvel Spiderman: Homecoming - Which actor played which hero/person
749X-Men Enemies
748Spider-Man Enemies by Profession
744Ultimate DC Character Quiz
739Marvel Quotes Quiz
735Superman's Enemies
728Iron Man: Tony Stark's "Jericho Missile" Monologue
726Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix series) Characters Quiz
723WandaVision Characters
7232019 Joker Quiz
720Top 100 Marvel Characters
719Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Trivia + Word Scramble
717Wakanda... or Uganda?
716Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters
704Suicide Squad Characters
702Batman : Female Villains and Heros
698Vowelless Spider-Man Homecoming Characters Quiz
697Iron Man Characters!
697Black Panther Character Quiz
697DC Movies 1966-2024 (Live Action)
696Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier Characters Quiz
693The Flash (TV) series
692Super Heroes - Marvel and DC
678Marvel Cinematic Universe Superheroes Real Names
676Batman: Arkham Knight Charcters.
676Marvel Movies Actors
674Batman Villains Quiz
669Top 25 DC Comic Heroes
667Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV Series) Characters Quiz
667marvel villains
657Fictional Superheroes By Pictures
657Batman... or Batman?
648All Marvel and DC Movies
644Avengers age of Ultron
637List of Marvel Cinematic Universe Character Last Names
631Captain America Civil War Line-up
630Green Lantern colors and meanings
629Supergirl TV show
627Avengers: Infinity War Characters by Screen Time
625Avengers Endgame Quiz
621Marvel comics characters Alter-egos
612Marvel- All Avengers
609MCU Actors to Characters
609MCU Character by Number of Appearances
608The Ultimate Avengers Teams List Members
606Batman vs Superman Movie Quiz
605Dc Comics Superheroes
597Marvel Villains
596Marvel Characters beginning with 'B'
594Justice League Members Ever
592Superhero Nicknames #2
591Batman: Arkham Games
585All Spider-Man Enemies in the Movies
584All MCU Villains (Impossible!)
575CW Arrowverse- All Main Villains
575Young Justice Members (TV series)
571Black Panther Quiz
565Batman Arkham Origins Heroes/Villains
564Marvel Super Villains
562Superhero Teams
561Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
561X-Men characters from real name
559Name the Avengers
558Marvel Super Heroes Challenge
551Justice League Founders
549Marvel Characters Beginning with 'C'
537Top 25 grossing superhero movies
533People in the Batman universe
532Marvel Comics - Top 30 most famous Villains
530Marvel Cinematic Universe
526The Avengers Movie Characters
524The Winter Soldier's Trigger Words (MCU)
522name the Batman Arkham Knight characters
520Comic Book Deaths
520Avengers: Endgame Cast and Characters
516Ultimate Marvel Superhero Quiz
516Superhero Arch-Enemy quiz
515DC comics Justice League of America
514Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012) Playable Characters
509Marvel and DC Villains
504Vowelless Thor Ragnarok Characters
503Hard Agents of SHIELD Quiz
502MCU Movie by Heroes
499All Avengers In The MCU
4974 x Top 10 Countries With the Hottest Men
495Obscure DC Superheroes
495Disney Infinity 2.0: MARVEL Super Heroes Characters Quiz
490Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters by Picture Quiz
488Watchmen Characters
487DC comics characters quiz
484The MCU Character Ultimate Quiz
480Batman True or False?
4753 word scramble (Marvel Universe)
476MCU Heroes by Film and Show
472Iron Man movies quiz
472Marvel/DC comics Quiz
470Teen Titans Quiz
469Arrow Trivia
463Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014) Playable Characters
464MCU Movie to Phase Click Quiz
455Marvel Avengers Academy Characters Alphabetically
447The Avengers Cast
447The flash TV show- season 2
444Marvel Studio Movies
443Ultimate Batman
442Superhero Team Founders
439Avengers quiz
424Marvel Alter Egos (Ultra Hard)
418DC Movies
414Marvel Comics Heroes
411All MCU Villains (Major & Minor)
411X-Men - Tricky
410batman villian trivia
409X men Characters
408Marvel Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe (Hard)
405The Avengers and The Justice League
403Movies Based on Comics
399Suicide Squad Movie Quiz(2016 movie)
396avengers infinity war quiz
393Avengers Endgame: Every Character
392Marvel Comics Actors
391Superman's Powers
389Superheroes By Alter Egos
386All Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies And Shows!
385Every Arrowverse Hero
385MCU Character Chain
381Characters who have lifted Thor's Hammer
375Marvel's Thor Characters Quiz
371All Marvel Studios Films/TV Shows
370The Flash Show
369Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame Deaths
368Current X-men
364Every MCU Character Quiz
363The Loki Quiz
361WandaVision Characters Quiz
360Green Lantern
360All Films Leading up to Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)
357X-Men Team Members
354Marvel Quiz
353Batman: Arkham Origins Assassins
351Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song Lyrics - Original Version
351The Avengers
346Captain America 3 Quotes
345Top 25 Superheroes of All-Time
343MCU Heroes and Villains by Real Names Quiz
334All MCU Movies and Shows!
336Word Search: Marvel Heroes
330All Marvel and DC Comics Based Films (Disney, Sony, Fox, Warner etc.)
327Endgame screentime
326Superman Villains
323Marvel Avengers: Alliance Heroes
320Arkham Series - Gadgets
317SPOILERS! Avengers: Infinity War Characters SPOILERS!
316The Entire Friggin' Marvel Universe
314The Ultimate Deadpool Quiz!!!
311Captain America Quiz
306Marvel Captain America-The First Avenger-Which actor plays which hero
305MCU Film by secondary Hero
300Agents of SHIELD Characters by Episodes
299Word Scramble-X-Men
299LEGO Marvel Superheroes: All Characters
298Marvel's X-Men: Apocalypse Characters Quiz