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305Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Quiz
303Marvel's X-Men: Apocalypse Characters Quiz
302Agents of SHIELD Characters by Episodes
295Batman - Family Tree
295All DC And Marvel Movies (1977-2020)
290Characters Who Have Lifted Thor's Hammer
287Iron Man Black Sabbath Lyrics
286Avengers Endgame cast
287Marvel Cinematic Universe Villians
285MCU Films by Poster
284Batman Characters
273All Avengers Infinity War Superheros
273MCU Characters (Hard)
273MCU Villains by Picture
270Teen Titans Go! Super Trivia
268Order in which the Infinity Stones are found in Infinity War (SPOILERS)
266MCU character deaths
262All MCU Characters in Multiple Movie Franchises (Hard)
264The Boys Characters by Picture
25926 Characters from Avengers: Infinity War Ranked
257X-Men Trivia
256Arrow-Main Characters
256All MCU Heroes By Movie/Show
255MCU Top 15 Films
254Marvel's Iron Man Characters Quiz
248Avengers: Endgame Character Quiz
245Infinity War quiz-Multiple choice
2421966 Batman Actors
240Agents of SHIELD Episode Titles
239Lego Batman 3 Quiz
230Thor movies quiz
226CW Arrowverse Shows
225Teen Titans Members
222Marvel- MCU Variants
220MCU Characters by Franchises
218Marvel Heroes and Anti-Heroes
218Year of the first appearance of main MCU characters
217Avengers Infinity War Characters
215X-Men Movies
214All Spider-Man Enemies in the Movies
213X-Men Mutant Wolverine Quiz
207Avengers Academy All Caged Villains Quiz
206Crisis on Infinite Earths Characters (Arrowverse)
206Avengers who die in Infinity War
202Avengers Members (MCU Only)
201X-Men Universe A-Z
201TMNT 2012 Intro Song
201Marvel's Iron Man 2 Characters Quiz
198Marvel's Thor: The Dark World Characters Quiz
197Young Justice Heroes
197Marvel's X-Men Characters Quiz
195Avengers: Infinity War Quotes
194Avengers: Endgame All Deaths
192Arrowverse Characters by Episodes
191Captain America movies quiz
190Oscar Nominated Actors in the MCU
190Suicide Squad-All Members
190Avengers Infinity War
184Who Had The Most Screen Time In Infinity War?
184All Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows (2021)
184Avengers Infinity War Quiz
180Captain America Movies Tile Select
180Avengers Academy All Costumes Quiz
178All TMNT Basic Line Figures 1988-1994
177Infinity War "snap survivors"
176Arrow Quotes - Season 3
176Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Characters
176all 19 mcu movies
174Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger Characters Quiz
173X men - who said what
172Arrowverse Main Villains
169All MCU Characters Quiz!
168Daredevil Episode Titles
168MCU HYDRA leaders
164MCU charaters
163Young Justice Founders
158Batman v Superman Actors
154DC- Flash's Rogues Gallery
151Shows In The Arrowverse
150The Flash Metahumans
147Black Panther Quotes
147avengers: endgame
147My top 19 favorite MCU movies
147Young Justice League
147How many Marvel mutants can you name?
146endgame heros
145Oscar Winning actors in the MCU
144Daredevil Characters By Episodes
143The Flash A-Z
142Avengers: Infinity War Cast and Characters
141What If...? (Marvel 2021 Series) Characters
141Lego Marvel's The Avengers All Playable Characters
137MCU Villains Real Names
136Teen Titans GO! Quiz
136Superhero Origins
137WandaVision Trivia
135All Marvel/Netflix Shows
132Avengers Endgame Quiz
132Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Characters Quiz
128Teen Titans Founders
128All MCU Heroes by Movies Part 1
127MCU Villains and their trademark weapons
127Decoder #2: Captain America
125Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Quiz
121Avengers: Infinity War characters
121Marvel's Iron Man 3 Characters Quiz
120All MCU Movies in 1:00 (One Minute (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
117Fantastic Four Characters!
117Infinity War superheroes and super villains
114Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies by Runtime
112MCU Academy awarded actors
112No Vowels - Marvel Movies #1
111Marvel Picture Decoder
110All MCU Movies (Including the Multiverse)
109Mutant X-Men Villains
108Suicide Squad Characters Quiz
108WandaVision (2021) character screen time
108All DC and Marvel Movies (1966-Present)
107Avengers: Endgame (2019) Characters
107Teen Titans Go Characters
106All Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters
105Arrowverse Characters Part 1
104Ultimate Arrowverse names
102All MCU Heroes Quiz
100Superman villains
100Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Characters Quiz
97TEEN TITANS Characters
94All DC And Marvel Films
93Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 film) Characters Quiz
93Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Characters
91Avengers Infinity War Disinigrations
91All Avengers Movies
91Iron Man Trivia
90All BATMAN Crossovers!
90MCU Directors
90Batman By Picture
89All DC Extended Universe Characters
86Name the Spider-Man Movies
85Marvel's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
85All Characters in Infinity War (SPOILERS)
84Infinity War Quiz
84Marvel Movies
84Young Justice Characters Season 1
83Cities in Arabic #2
81Thor: The Dark World Quotes
81All Arrowverse Crossovers!
80Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Characters
80Infinity War
79MCU Subtitles
79Non Marvel Movies with multiple Marvel Actors
79Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
77Marvel X-Men Omega Level Mutants
77MCU Films by Release Date
76Captain America Trivia
76Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) Characters
76The Flash (Arrowverse)
76X-Men Movies By Year (2000-2020)
77All X-Men Movies
76All Theatrical Marvel Movies (Non-MCU)
74Arrowverse Characters
74The Avengers - Every Member in the MCU
74WandaVision Characters
72All Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies and Shows!
70Teen Titans Team Quiz
70Young Justice Outsiders CHARACTERS
70DC Extended Universe - Actor to Character
69Infinity War characters
69Charachters Infinity War
68Hugh Jackman Movies
67Comic Book Companies/Studios
66WandaVision Actors by Characters
66All MCU Heroes Part 2 (Guardians 2 - Spidey 2)
65Actors Who Played Multiple Superheroes
62Arrowverse Crossovers
60All Marvel Cinematic Universe Shows
58All Shows in The Arrow-Verse
57WandaVision Character Quiz
54Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise
53All X-Men Universe MOVIES!
52Who Killed Who - The Boys
51CW Arrowverse- Villains Killing Villains
48Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie (MCU)
48The Batman (2022) All Characters
48All Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney Plus Shows (MCU)
47Marvel Cinematic Universe - Countries and States Depicted
46Marvel Cinematic Universe Alter Egos
45All Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies and Shows (HARD!)
44Guardians of the Galaxy - Every Member in the MCU
44All Movies in The Arrow-Verse
44All Spider-Man Actors
43All Marvel Actors Quiz
43Arrowverse characters- Men
39Young Justice CHARACTERS Season 2
37Avengers: Infinity War (2018): Random Characters
36Award Winning Marvel Actors and Actresses
35Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) Characters
35Doctor Strange (2016) Characters
32WandaVision Episode one (2021) character screen time