Team Name Quizzes

Played: 131,130
Rating: 4.31
Try to guess the team names of the 131 teams in the Bowl Subdivision of college football.
Played: 57,979
Rating: 4.32
Can't decide what to name your team? Put a bird on it!
Played: 30,095
Rating: 3.93
Name the North American sports teams that have a color in their name.
Played: 23,277
Rating: 3.94
Try to guess these American professional and college sports teams whose names don't end in S.
Played: 22,744
Rating: 4.34
Try to guess the team names of the 351 teams that play division I basketball in the NCAA.
Played: 19,759
Rating: 4.28
Name the teams in the four major American professional sports leagues that have cat mascots.
Played: 13,244
Rating: 4.50
Played: 10,655
Rating: 4.17
For these major American leagues, guess the team names that are just one syllable long.
Played: 103
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