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Can you guess the codenames of all the different versions of Android, Google's mobile operating system?
126,294 Computer Nerd Acronyms Quiz #1
40,987 Computer Nerd Acronyms Quiz #2
26,909 Smartphone Apps
22,616 Technology Giants #1 - Google
17,731 Technology Giants #5 - Microsoft
17,471 Technology Giants #2 - Apple
17,395Worst Passwords
16,319 Technology Giants #4 - Amazon
14,812 Technology Giants #3 - Facebook
7,849 Apple Mac OS X Codenames
4,031 Android Versions
3,085Most popular programming languages
3,052Web Colors
3,032Keywords in Java programming language
2,386Computer Storage Sizes
2,118Harry Potter or Computer Science
2,070Keywords in Python Programming Language
2,066Do You Know Your... Computer Hardware?
1,919Programming languages - "Hello World."
1,768Versions of Windows
1,760Computer Acronyms!
1,744Parts of a computer
1,701Guess the Programming Language
1,254Name the Metal Alloy
1,055Keywords in the C# (CSharp) programming language
1,015HTML 5 Tag List
939phone brands
934PC Shortcuts Quiz
933Top 20 Programming Languages
877Computer Components
862Star Wars Vehicles by Picture
851Cars and Vehicles by Tesla
801Keywords in JavaScript
672Top Ten Most Frequently Used Apps in the World
597Top 50 websites in UK
556Countries with the Most Computers
554Devices from Science Fiction by Picture
543Computer Brands by Country
521Top 20 Programming Languages
442Programming Languages by Alternate Definition
431Computer Terminologies and Acronyms
426101 Gadgets That Changed the World
421NASA Spacecraft
390Computer Components 2
343Operating System Logos and Mascots
323Programming Languages
309Electronic Symbols of Circuit Diagrams in Engineering by Picture
286Countries with the Most Supercomputers
277Most Popular Programming Languages (2019)
234The "Big Three" Auto Manufacturers of the USA, Germany, and Japan
227Countries with Combat Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
219Computer Hardware and Ports
209Name the top 50 Linux Distros
189Keywords in PHP
184Electric Car Companies
176Countries with the Most Bitcoin Nodes
174Programming languages
152Java Programming Quiz
150Electronic Symbols by Picture
146Types of Leatherman Multi-tools and Knives 🔪
138Spacecraft by Silhouette
125ASCII Characters Quiz
122Countries that are the Source of the Most Cyber Attacks
121Winning Countries of the World Programming Championship
107Bitcoin Quiz 💰
105HTML Fill in the Blank Quiz
100Most Technologically Advanced Countries
85Which Countries have the Best Computer Programmers
80Knife Companies by Knife Models
69US States with the Most Patents per Year
43Commands in PC Operating Systems
40Instagram Filters
312010s Oscar Visual Effects Nominees
28DOS Commands
23Random Binary to Denary
22Peripheral Interfaces Picture Quiz
22Probes Leaving the Solar System
18Random Denary to Binary
13Random Binary to Denary (Rush Version)
9Peripheral Interfaces
4Random Denary to Binary (Rush Version)
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