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Try to name the Pokémon characters in the first generation.
No matter how old I get, I'll always remember the lyrics!
Name the cartoons that featured these famous villains.
There are 18 different types of Pokémon. How many can you name?
How many Simpsons characters can you name?
Answer these questions about the TV Show "Friends".
Expanded! Answer these Family Guy trivia questions.
Gotta remember 'em all! So far, 1025 Pokémon have been discovered. How many can you name?
Name all the words to the Friends theme song.
Guess these actors have crossed from TV to movies, or vice versa.
Name the wrestlers who have been crowned champion of World Wrestling Entertainment.
655,637 Original 151 Pokémon
554,550 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Lyrics
187,921 Cartoon Villains Quiz
181,024 Pokémon Types
140,164 Simpsons Characters Quiz
136,264 Friends Trivia
120,961 WWE Champions
119,718 Family Guy Trivia #1
118,678 TV / Movie Actors Quiz
118,105 Friends Theme Song Lyrics
104,517 All the Pokémon (#0001 to #1025)
89,547 Memorable American TV Characters #1
86,724 Disney Channel TV Shows
85,461All The Pokémon (#0001 - #1025) Quiz (No Types)
83,704 Game of Thrones Last Names
83,236 Element... or Pokémon?
82,666 American TV Couples Quiz
81,098 Game of Thrones - The Book
79,439 Pokémon Theme Tune Lyrics
79,043 Phineas and Ferb Theme Song Lyrics
76,402 Oscar Best Animated Films by Picture
70,943 Family Guy Theme Song Lyrics
70,116 The Office Trivia #1
68,083 Longest-Running U.S. Sitcoms
67,557 Game of Thrones Houses Quiz
67,321 American TV Theme Songs
67,143 WWE Finishers
66,731 Game of Thrones Characters by Screen Time
65,874 Pokémon Real-Life Resemblances
62,190 American TV Catchphrases #1
59,636 WWE Royal Rumble Winners
59,478 American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #2
58,353 SpongeBob Characters
58,029 Pokémon Evolutions - 1st Generation
54,549Top 2000s TV Shows Quiz
54,487 American Television Siblings
53,339 Family Guy Characters
49,423 SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia
46,166 Pokemon Moves Quiz
44,735 Big Bang Theory Trivia
44,717 Professions of American TV Characters
44,082 Main Characters of American TV Shows
44,024 Game of Thrones Characters by Death
44,006 American TV by Antonyms
43,488 U.S. TV Shows with Names in the Title
42,929 Main Friends Characters and Actors
42,740 Breaking Bad Trivia
42,567 American TV Catchphrases #2
42,526 TV Shows by U.S. State
42,295 How I Met Your Mother Quiz
42,225 American Sitcom Families Quiz
41,365 Simpsons Trivia Quiz #2
39,817 Most-Watched American TV Channels
39,365 Simpsons Last Names Quiz
37,265 Simpsons Quotes Quiz
36,979 Characters from The Office
35,139 American TV Spinoffs Quiz
35,065 Friends Episodes
34,956 The Simpsons - Quote to Character
34,823 Simpsons Trivia Quiz #3
34,690 Reality TV Show by Synopsis #1
34,585 American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #1
33,562 American TV Shows by Characters
33,233WWE/WWF Mens Royal Rumble Entrants 1988-2024
33,144 South Park Characters
33,096100 Best-Reviewed Animated Films
32,866 Simpsons Trivia Quiz #1
32,612Naruto Characters
32,227 Simpsons Trivia Quiz #4
31,873 TV Sitcom Stars Quiz
31,456 Pokémon by Picture
31,234 Friends A-Z
31,027 Memorable American TV Characters #2
30,008 Generation II Pokémon
29,653 Memorable American TV Characters #4
29,618 Family Guy Quiz #2
29,556 American Prime-Time Cartoons
29,489 Cartoon Characters #1
29,461 The Office Trivia - Multiple Choice
28,926All RuPaul's Drag Race Queens (S1-16)
28,899 American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #3
28,743 TV Characters A-Z
28,503 Memorable American TV Characters #3
28,474 Memorable American TV Characters #5
28,306 Children's TV Theme Songs Quiz
28,268 Seinfeld Trivia #1
28,267 American TV by Synonyms
28,215 Star Trek Quotes Quiz
28,203 Muppet Characters
28,068 American TV Show Settings Quiz
27,788 Saved by the Bell Characters Quiz
27,691 Simpsons Decoder
27,644 American TV Commercials
27,451 Word Puzzles - TV Titles #1
27,132 2010s U.S. Television by Picture
27,038 Reality TV Show by Synopsis #2
26,924 Looney Tunes Characters
26,472 Word Chain - The Simpsons
25,447 Cartoon Characters #2
25,097Impossible Friends Trivia
24,624 List of All Ash Ketchum's Pokémon
24,470 Seinfeld Quotes
24,434A Game of Thrones Houses (extended)
24,059 Friends - Finish the Quote
23,846Anime by BAD DESCRIPTION
23,750Friends Trivia
23,626 Word Scramble - Pokémon
23,520Guess the Anime
23,083 TV Title Translation - French
23,014 Game of Thrones Multiple Choice
22,422The Office trivia (very hard)
22,417 Glee Characters
22,158Name that Naruto Character
22,154 Unpossible Simpsons Trivia Quiz
22,031 U.S. TV Show Vocabulary Quiz
21,705 Who Starred in that TV Show #1
21,556All Pokémon Moves Quiz
21,552 Pro Wrestler Nicknames
21,341 Game of Thrones - Were You Even Paying Attention?
21,311 Netflix Shows by Picture
21,056 American TV Taglines Quiz
20,212 Cartoon Characters #3
20,168 2000s U.S. Television by Picture
19,799 Last Names from The Office (U.S.)
19,467 The Office Trivia #2
19,310F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Who Said That?
19,301 The Office - Dunder Mifflin Branches
19,179 Sherlock Holmes Quiz
18,719 1980s WWF Wrestlers Quiz
18,215 2000s American TV Trivia
18,204 TV and Movie Character Creators
18,116 G1 The Transformers Quiz
17,905 SNL Cast Members
17,308 Star Wars... or Star Trek?
17,121 Parks and Recreation Trivia
16,698 4-Letter American TV Chain
16,628 Pokémon with King in Their Name
16,475The Walking Dead Character Names
16,311 South Park Trivia
16,304WWE WrestleMania Main Eventers
16,158 Futurama Characters Quiz
16,145 Word Puzzles - TV Titles #2
15,896 Places in U.S. TV Shows
15,876Grey's Anatomy characters
15,862 TV Shows by Opening Narration
15,654Can you name every Survivor contestant? (Part 1: S1-34)
15,623Friends TV Show Quiz
15,589 Stranger Things Characters by Picture
15,176WWE Nicknames Quiz
15,114 2010s American TV Trivia
15,103 Doctor Who Actors
15,025Chandler's (Friends) 6 minute- name all states quiz
14,746Akatsuki Members (Naruto)
14,696 Answers are TV Titles
14,691 American TV Hosts Quiz
14,624 Seinfeld Trivia #2
14,404Haikyuu!! Anime Series Quiz
14,373 Lost Character Names Quiz
14,333 American TV by Clue #2
14,316Game of Thrones Trivia- How Well Do You Know the Starks?
14,091Pokemon Types
13,992WWE: Whose Finisher Is It Anyway?
13,959Stranger Things Character Quiz (SPOILERS)
13,940WWE and AEW Finishers
13,871 Simpsons Characters by Picture
13,734WWE Universal Champions
13,624Game of Thrones Quiz
13,393Can you guess the anime based on the bad description?
13,272WWE Shield Members Quiz
13,213 SNL Recurring Characters Quiz
13,125WWE Intercontinental Champions
13,057 Dexter Trivia
13,044 1990s U.S. Television by Picture
12,904Anime Main Characters
12,851Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
12,767 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Quiz
12,594 Looney Tunes Characters by Picture
12,589Pokemon-Generation 1-4
12,514 Locations on The Simpsons
12,290Naruto Quiz
11,989 1980s American TV Trivia
11,727DragonBall Z General Quiz (Easy)
11,705How I Met Your Mother (Part 1) Easy
11,42230 Difficult Pokemon Trivia
11,320Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak Quiz
11,197Dragon Ball Z: Top 30 DBZ characters
11,156 Books of "A Song of Ice and Fire"
11,092Game Show Hosts Quiz
11,089 1970s American TV Trivia
10,861Top 100 Greys Anatomy Characters
10,857How I Met Your Mother (Part 3) Hard
10,840The Vampire Diaries - Last Names
10,801 1990s American TV Trivia
10,746 5-Letter American TV Chain
10,739 Arrested Development Trivia Quiz
10,723Pokémon by Picture: Generation I
10,459Game of Thrones Houses by Members
10,433 1960s American TV Trivia
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