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Take a Random Things by Clue Quiz
A word-guessing game where all the answers are NBA basketball team names.
Try to guess each German city based on a description and the first letter of its name.
More of a word-guessing game than a football quiz.
You are given a description and the starting letter. Do you know the European city?
Guess each selected European city based on three short clues.
Name these British cities based on their starting letter and a description.
Tin Man, Flying Monkeys, Tornado. Which movie could it be?
Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, and Fog. Which city could it be?
A word-guessing game where all the answers are NHL hockey team names.
Name these Italian cities based on their starting letter and a description.
A word-guessing game where all the answers are Major League team names.
141,285 NBA Team Names by Clue
107,321 NFL Team Names by Clue
98,206 Which City in Germany?
86,647 Which City in Europe?
78,668 European Cities by Clue
75,903 Movies by Clue Quiz #1
74,739 Movies by Clue Quiz #2
68,710 World Cities by Clue Quiz #1
64,670 Which City In the United Kingdom?
62,639 NHL Hockey Team Names by Clue
56,169 Which City in Italy?
52,379 MLB Baseball Team Names by Clue
47,892 Which City in France?
46,320 Which City in the Middle East?
44,878 U.S. Cities by Clue #1
44,848 World Cities by Clue Quiz #3
44,534 World Cities by Clue Quiz #2
43,990 Cities that End in O by Clue
43,530 Which City in Africa?
40,225 World Capitals by a Single Clue #1
40,204 Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #1
40,081 Which City in Canada?
39,453 Which City in the United States?
38,966 Cities that End in I by Clue
38,280 Cities that End in N by Clue
37,259 European Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
37,021 World Capitals by a Single Clue #2
36,544 Cities that End in A by Clue
35,923 Which City in Asia?
35,326 Which City in Spain?
34,953 Which City in Latin America?
34,701 Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #3
30,996 U.S. States by Clue #1
30,501 Movies by Clue Quiz #3
29,782 U.S. Cities by Clue #2
29,639 20 Chinese Cities Everyone Should Know
29,275 Random Cities by Clue
28,950 Cities that End in S by Clue
27,563 Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #2
26,390 U.S. Cities by Clue #3
26,020 Which City in California?
25,307 Movies by Haiku #1
25,268 World Capitals by a Single Clue #4
24,829 Smaller Cities That You May Know
24,756 Movies by Clue Quiz #4
24,696 People by Clue #1
23,836 World Capitals by a Single Clue #3
23,159 Books by Clue #2
23,139 Cities on the Mediterranean Sea by a Clue
23,030 U.S. Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
22,879 People by Clue #3
22,692 Books by Clue #1
22,653 Asian Cities by Clue
22,355 Movies by Haiku #2
22,113 Asian Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
20,996 World Cities by Clue Quiz #4
20,970 Which European Capital?
20,276 Which City in Australia?
19,704 People by Clue #2
19,294 20 Indian Cities Everyone Should Know
18,141 U.S. States by Clue #2
17,329 Which City in Texas?
17,033 Smaller U.S. Cities You May Know
15,274 Cities that End in D by Clue
14,814 Cult Classic Films by Clue
14,337 American TV by Clue #2
13,490 Which Asian Capital?
12,262 Which City in New York State?
11,774The Only Country ... (Worldwide Edition)
11,482 People Buried at Westminster Abbey
8,685 Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #4
8,277 Which City in Florida?
7,698 American TV by Clue #1
7,528 Which U.S. State Capital?
6,500 Which City in Massachusetts?
4,282British TV Shows By Clue
4,206 World Capitals by a Single Clue #5
3,568World Cities to World Cities - Click Quiz
2,768Cities by Clue #2
2,672Guess the NBA player
2,644Cities by Clue
2,274World Capitals by a Single Clue #5
2,233Popular Movies by Poster
2,218Cities that End in G by Clue
2,145Cities that End in L by Clue
1,968Which City in India?
1,945American TV Shows by Clue
1,784100 Cities by Letter - S
1,769Cities that End in M by Clue
1,764AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #2
1,736NHL Teams by Clue
1,622Which City in South Asia?
1,622Cities that End in R by Clue
1,558Which City in The Benelux?
1,531100 Cities by Letter - M
1,512100 Cities by Letter - A
1,392Movies By Clue #6
1,389States by Clue
1,386Methods of Suicide (by Famous Examples)
1,374European Capitals By Clue
1,360U.S. States by Clues
1,337100 Most Influential People of the 2nd Millennium (easier)
1,337Historical Figures by Clue
1,336Cities that End in T by Clue
1,293Movies By Clue #5
1,215Cities that End in W by Clue
1,128Cities that End in U by Clue
1,093World Cities A-Z #3
1,085Famous Assassinations on the Map
1,074They Went Around the World. Who Are They?
1,031Popular Movies by Poster II
1,026Fantasy Movies and Films by Plot Synopsis
983All cities over 5m people with country hint
977The Three Types of...
933People by Their Names In Cyrillic Script
920Which City in the Netherlands?
890Name the City #1
886Movies By Clue #9
858Movies By Clue #7
833Which City in Japan?
821Historical Figure by Clue #2
816100 Cities by Letter - N
805Which City in China?
802First Initials of Famous People
786Which City In Europe? (Hard)
779Members of the Family
778Answers End in "-zle"
775Which City In Russia?
773Popular Movies by Poster III
755Which City in England?
754AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #18
741Tourist Attractions by Clue
739Popular Movies by Poster IV
718Movies By Clue #8
656TV Shows Clues #1
623Which City in Southeast Asia?
616Name the City #3
605Cities on the North Sea by a Clue
602World Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
600Famous People with Hyphenated Names
574Movies By Clue #10
573Cities that End in H by Clue
569Popular Movies by Poster V
552Top 50 Movies by IMDb Rating (With Pictures)
551100 Cities by Letter - B
548Which City in Sweden?
533The Places Famous Explorers Explored
527Which City in Israel and Palestine?
522Popular Movies by Poster VII
520African Cities by Clue
519Name the City #2
518Popular Movies by Poster VI
514Popular Movies by Poster IX
507Cities that End in E by Clue
505IMDB Top 50 Films by Poster
502100 Cities by Letter - L
49420 Nordic Cities Everyone Should Know
492Religions by Founder
487Cities that End in K by Clue
485People Magazine's Most Beautiful People
482Twin Films (Concurrent Movies with Similar Plots)
480Which City in Virginia?
475Popular Movies by Poster VIII
465Children's Movies by Main Characters
464"Port" Cities by Clue
462AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #14
461Which City in Brazil
454Name the Gulf or Bay from a Clue
445100 Cities by Letter - C
442Science Fiction Movies and Films by Plot Clue
441The Four Types of...
430Popular Movies by Poster X
424What city is this?
419The Two Types of...
414Groups of Three - Cities
411Popular Movies by Poster XI
410Smaller European Cities That You May Know
404Which River Flows Through This City?
401Cities on the Baltic Sea by a Clue
401Famous People who Died in Vehicular Accidents
399Famous People Named Ryan
394Religious Figures A-Z
393AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #15
392Famous People Named Martin
385Which City in Mexico?
383Which City in Oceania?
381Popular Movies by Poster XIII
381Famous People with HIV/AIDS
380Famous People Named Jackson
374Which City in Iran?
371Groups of Two - Cities
367Cities that End in Y by Clue
363Popular Movies by Poster XII
361Worst Movies (Films So Bad They're Good!)
359Popular Movies by Poster XIV
357Found Footage Movies
356World Cities by Clue #2
356Books by Clue #3
356Which City in Central Asia?
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