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Played: 182,029
Rating: 4.02
The missing words in these movie titles are types of food. Can you guess what they are?
Played: 165,617
Rating: 4.27
The missing words in these song titles are all body parts
Played: 157,842
Rating: 4.19
I have had it with these monkey fighting ______ on this Monday through Friday plane!
Played: 151,192
Rating: 4.26
You ain't nothin' but a _____ ___ / Cryin' all the time.
Played: 149,069
Rating: 4.14
Dazed and _______? Fill the blanks in the names of these movies.
Played: 141,238
Rating: 4.66
Forward from the Past? Guess these movie titles by their antonyms.
Played: 130,616
Rating: 4.33
Don't be a cowardly lion. Just fill the blanks in these movie titles.
Played: 105,061
Rating: 4.36
I wanna fly like an ...
Played: 100,865
Rating: 4.30
_____-__ _____-__, it's home from work we go!
Played: 97,056
Rating: 4.27
______ ____ is not my lover / She's just a girl who claims that I am the one.
Played: 91,731
Rating: 4.17
For example: Crouching _____, Hidden Dragon.
Played: 90,859
Rating: 4.15
There's something about that girl, but what was her name?
Played: 87,617
Rating: 4.45
Serpents on an Aircraft?
Played: 86,432
Rating: 4.02
Clowns to the left of me / Jokers to the right, here I am ...
Played: 72,818
Rating: 4.47
I just met you, and this is crazy / but here's my number, so ...
Played: 71,271
Rating: 4.46
__ _____ / My lovely lady lumps
Played: 71,104
Rating: 4.09
They tried to make me go to _____ but I said no, no, no.
Played: 70,688
Rating: 4.33
Norse god is banished to Earth? Guess these movie titles that are only 2-4 letters long.
Played: 69,563
Rating: 4.42
Can you guess the movies whose titles are represented with these emojis?
Played: 67,419
Rating: 4.45
I don't care too much for money / Money ___'_ ___ __ ____.
Played: 66,385
Rating: 4.17
Cattlemen & Extraterrestrials?
Played: 65,555
Rating: 4.26
____ _ ______ / Touched for the very first time?
Played: 62,881
Rating: 4.69
Proud to be an ________ Idiot?
Played: 62,701
Rating: 4.28
_ ______ _ ____ and I liked it / The taste of her cherry chapstick.
Played: 61,191
Rating: 4.36
For example, _____ in Wonderland.
Played: 60,428
Rating: 3.54
Fill the blanks in these movie titles.
Played: 59,685
Rating: 4.07
Guess these song titles by their antonyms.
Played: 59,289
Rating: 4.19
_____'s Adventures in Wonderland?
Played: 58,067
Rating: 4.81
We give you two song titles that have the first word missing. Guess the word that would complete both song titles.
Played: 56,975
Rating: 4.27
Can you guess the movies that had these subtitles?
Played: 56,946
Rating: 4.34
The missing words in these book titles are animals.
Played: 55,643
Rating: 4.42
The Slow and the Calm? Guess these movie titles by their antonyms.
Played: 52,856
Rating: 4.09
A bus will explode if its velocity falls below 50 miles per hour?
Played: 52,487
Rating: 4.13
All the words are movie titles. Based on the definitions, guess the words.
Played: 51,104
Rating: 4.31
Guess these song titles by their antonyms.
Played: 50,791
Rating: 4.18
Can you guess these movie titles that are simply a person's first name?
Played: 50,652
Rating: 4.39
Guess these songs where the titles don't appear anywhere in the lyrics.
Played: 49,399
Rating: 3.29
For example, Tommy Lee Jones + Black = Men in Black
Played: 47,853
Rating: 4.02
Hint: Clint Eastwood starred in two of these movies.
Played: 47,829
Rating: 3.88
For example, Lawrence of ______.
Played: 46,389
Rating: 4.08
Writer with a bad case of cabin fever tries to kill his wife and telepathic son?
Played: 44,220
Rating: 4.08
The missing words in these movie titles are landforms.
Played: 43,840
Rating: 4.35
See if you can guess the missing names in these book titles.
Played: 43,212
Rating: 4.26
Based on the definition, name the song title!
Played: 43,147
Rating: 4.25
La bella y la bestia?
Played: 42,450
Rating: 3.93
The blanks in these song titles are first names. Guess what they are.
Played: 42,368
Rating: 4.20
The Swift and the Livid?
Played: 41,627
Rating: 4.24
The hills are alive, with ___ _____ __ _____.
Played: 40,200
Rating: 3.78
Fill the blanks in these song titles.
Played: 40,005
Rating: 4.32
These American television shows have first names in the title. Fill in the blanks.
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