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We put two countries head to head with each other in a series of stand offs! Can you select the winning country in each scenario?
Try to guess whether each statement applies to the First World War or the Second World War.
Simply put, we give you a place, you give us the hemisphere in which it is located.
A simple quiz, but devilishly difficult. We give you two things - you tell us which one is bigger.
For each statement, guess whether it applies to the United States, the United Kingdom, or both.
For each statement, guess whether it applies to Austria, Australia, or both.
We put two countries head to head with each other in a series of stand offs! Can you select the winning country in each scenario?
We give you two things. You guess which appeared earliest on the historical timeline.
For each statement, guess whether it applies to North Korea, South Korea, or both.
We give you two things. You guess which appeared earliest on the historical timeline.
We put various animals head to head with each other in a series of stand offs! Can you select the correct animal in each scenario?
100,511 WWI... or WWII?
98,628 Head to Head - Countries #1
89,449 Northern Hemisphere... or Southern Hemisphere?
85,199 What's Bigger?
80,317 Austria... or Australia?
80,106 The United States... or the United Kingdom?
69,949 Head to Head - Countries #2
69,517 North Korea... or South Korea?
64,388 History: What Came First? #1
47,670 History: What Came First? #2
46,919 Head to Head - Animals
38,416 Australia... or New Zealand?
38,111 Greenland... or Iceland?
37,785 Iceland... or Ireland?
36,112 Slovakia... or Slovenia?
35,437 Haiti... or Dominican Republic?
34,967 England or Wales?
32,189 Same... or Different?
31,984 Argentina... or France?
31,931 Amazon... or Nile?
29,423 Iran... or Iraq?
27,392 Red State or Blue State Trait?
26,832 China... or India?
26,255 1 or 2 Click Quiz
24,838 Greece... or Cyprus?
24,151 Band... or Gang?
23,861 Washington... or Washington D.C.?
22,729 Were These Movies Based on Books?
20,995 Football... or football?
19,926 Stalin... or Hitler?
19,562 Pasta... or Composer?
17,741 Star Wars... or Star Trek?
17,035 Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver?
16,843 Head to Head - U.S. States
16,545 1970s... or 1980s?
15,572 Boston... or San Francisco?
14,015Messi... or Ronaldo?
13,424 Movies - New York or Los Angeles?
12,989 Bhutan... or Nepal?
12,181 North Dakota... or South Dakota?
11,721Did Kanye or Hitler say it?
10,091 George Washington... or George W. Bush?
9,554 Nashville... or Memphis?
9,504 Matt Damon... or Ben Affleck
9,470 Alcoholic... or Teetotaler?
8,829 Kansas City vs. San Francisco
8,252 Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic?
8,200 Michigan vs. Washington
7,798 Boston vs. Dallas
6,821 Kansas... or Nebraska?
6,223WW1 Or WW2?
6,014Head to Head - Countries #3
4,598Denmark.... or Norway
4,597Poland... or Portugal?
3,610Which one is bigger?
3,452Pakistan...or India?
3,318Head to Head - U.S. Presidents
3,221The Lord of the Rings or the Bible?
3,044The Netherlands... Or Belgium?
2,915Syria... or Serbia?
2,520Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
2,357Russia... or USA?
2,174China... or Taiwan?
2,160France, Italy, Spain or United Kingdom?
2,125Harry Potter or Computer Science
2,031Croatia... or Czechia?
2,002Latvia... or Lithuania?
1,943India... or Indonesia?
1,940Sweden ... or Switzerland?
1,762Star Wars, Bible or Both ?
1,710Messi vs Ronaldo
1,672Ronaldo... or Cristiano Ronaldo?
1,601Denver... or Miami?
1,591Belarus... or Ukraine?
1,424China or India? - Multiple Choice Quiz
1,395Hong Kong or Macau?
1,266Spain... or Portugal?
1,221Australia or Papua New Guinea?
1,219California... or Texas?
1,214Beatles or Rolling Stones?
1,161Cheese Or Place Name?
1,118Samuel L. Jackson or Laurence Fishburne?
1,113Megacity, Capital, Both or Neither? #1
1,066Ferrari... or Lamborghini?
1,031Gabon or Peru?
1,028Togo... or Tonga?
959Who Said It - West or Hitler?
958Head to Head - Countries (Area)
949Bahrain... or Brunei?
949United Kingdom, United States, or United Arab Emirates?
950Sydney or Melbourne?
947History: What Came First? #3
946Canine or Feline
925Argentina... or Brazil?
889United Kingdom or Ireland?
885Switzerland... or Swaziland?
871Space, Animal or Water?
869Czechia or Slovakia?
867Niger... or Nigeria?
865England: Town or City?
855Budapest... or Bucharest?
837Luxembourg... or Liechtenstein?
837Dominican Republic or Jamaica
820Country vs Subdivision Population
811Los Angeles... or New York City?
806Rappers - Dead or Alive?
802Chinese Dynasty or African Empire?
800Alabama... or Mississippi?
795European countries or US states?
785Which Wikipedia Page Has More Views?
769Dog... or Cat?
764Kazakhstan... or Kyrgyzstan?
755Serbia... or Albania?
743Wakanda... or Uganda?
737Which "Stan" Country?
728Florida or New York?
712Iraq... or Iran?
687New York... or New Jersey?
672Ireland... Or Northern Ireland?
670Texas... or Bavaria?
638Multiple Choice: France or Germany?
638Russia... or Prussia?
629Shakespeare or the Bible?
604Gambia... or Zambia?
599Doctor or not a doctor?
597Country Confusion: Cardinal Directions
580Country vs. Country: GDP
574Yemen... or Oman?
568Mauritania... or Mauritius?
564Dominica... or Dominican Republic?
564Left Hand Traffic or Right Hand Traffic?
541Which Has More?
518Niger... or Nigeria?
504Michigan... or Ohio?
497New Zealand... or Australia?
485United Kingdom or France?
468Taiwan... or Thailand?
461Saudi Arabia or Iran
454Turkey... or Turkmenistan?
435Belgium... or The Netherlands
434Guyana... or French Guiana
433Head to head - countries
419Mexico... or New Mexico?
409Burundi... or Rwanda?
404Which Nordic Country? Multiple Choice
403Tajikistan... or Turkmenistan
398Cheese or Place Name #2
392Germany or Austria
388Indonesia vs malaysia
384Norway or Sweden
360Congo... or Congo?
350Greenland or Antarctica?
335Zambia... or Zimbabwe?
300Who Won That War?
267Norway... Or Sweden?
266California or Texas?
247France or Germany
243Auckland... or Wellington?
232Sudan, or South Sudan?
224Marshall Islands... or Solomon Islands?
216United Kingdom or France
215Libya... or Liberia?
193Austria or Switzerland?
193North or South Korea?
187Belgium, the Netherlands, Both or Neither
185Latvia vs Lithuania
179Napoleon I or Napoleon III?
180Pakistan vs iran
172Haiti... or Tahiti?
173Thailand vs singapore
165Latvia... Or Lithuania?
140Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland ?
136Rep. of the Congo... or Democratic Rep. of the Congo?
133Kansas or Nebraska?
131Granada... or Grenada?
126North Korea... Or South Korea
122Malawi or Mali
115Austria or Australia?
87Kuwait vs oman
73Rugby League or Rugby Union?
63Niger or Nigeria
42Memphis Egypt or Memphis Tennessee?
3110 Things Geographystar Knows Off The Top Of His Head About Lesotho
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