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Turkey has eighty-one provinces. How many can you name?
All Turkey's neighbors have fallen into the sea! Guess their names to bring them back.
Can you name the 20 countries that lie closest to Turkey?
Can you name these present-day countries once part of the Ottoman Empire at its height in 1683 AD with the help of a map?
Which modern-day countries have territory that was ever part of the Ottoman Empire or its vassal states?
Can you name the modern-day countries who were part of the Byzantine Empire at its peak in 555 A.D.?
Can you answer these questions about the country of Turkey?
Name the most populous modern-day urban areas whose territory was once part of the Ottoman Empire.
Name the top countries that Turkey exports to and imports from.
Can you name these facts about the history of the Byzantine Empire? Probably not, haha.
Can you answer these questions about the Ottoman Empire?
135,221 Provinces of Turkey
91,650 Countries Bordering Turkey
89,662 Countries Closest to Turkey
53,574 Modern-Day Countries of the Ottoman Empire on a Map
52,340 Turkey Country Quiz
47,736 Countries in the Ottoman Empire
46,805 Countries in the Byzantine Empire
26,340 Biggest Trading Partners - Turkey
26,285 Biggest Cities once in the Ottoman Empire
22,105 Byzantine History
13,810 History of Turkey
13,111 Ottoman Empire Quiz
12,442Biggest Cities in Turkey
12,361 Biggest Cities in Turkey on a Map
9,571 Istanbul City Trivia
8,814World Currencies Quiz on a Map
8,587 Turkey A-Z
7,557Languages of the Ottoman Empire with a Map
6,234Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperors
5,240Countries Bordering Turkey
5,216All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Ottoman Empire
5,183Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler
5,066Provinces of Turkey Map Quiz
3,526Modern-Day Countries of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
3,172The Cities in Turkey
3,120Largest Cities once part of the Byzantine Empire
2,286Ottoman Empire Sultans
2,246Countries With the Most Turkish Speakers
2,192Countries Closest to Türkiye by Continent
2,085Random Turkish Words
1,955Turkey Immigration by Country
1,945Flags of Countries that Border Turkey
1,928Countries Surrounding Istanbul
1,858Provinces of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
1,762World History: Countries within the Ottoman empire
1,750Subdivisions of the Ottoman Empire in 1593 with a Map
1,660Turkish Words
1,660Geography of Turkey #1
1,630Provinces (Vilayets) of the Ottoman Empire in 1900 with a Map
1,418Provinces (Themes) of the Byzantine Empire in 1025 AD with a Map
1,389Turkish Words - Random
1,324Dioceses of the Later Roman Empire with a Map
1,290100 Biggest Cities in Turkey
1,280Ottoman Empire...or Turkey
1,257All 50k+ Cities in Turkey with a Map
1,250Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Turkey
1,239Translate these Countries from Turkish to English
1,227Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler - bir dakikalık sprint
1,094Turkey True or False?
1,082Countries that border Turkey
989Click to Translate - Turkish
950Turkish diaspora
918Sultans of the Ottoman Empire
910Biggest Cities of the Ottoman Empire in 1593 with a Map
857Süper Lig Champions
845Districts (Sanjaks) of the Ottoman Empire in 1900 with a Map
839Countries Bordering Turkey - Map Quiz
829Countries that Speak Turkish
805Byzantine Empire and Present Day Countries
801Busiest Flight Destinations from Istanbul
748Countries that Beat Turkey
743All Turkish Super League Teams Ever
718The Turkish Super Lig Quiz
681Turkish Presidents
670Kurulus Osman
670Galatasaray Best Scorer By Year
663Famous Turkish People
649Turkey True or False?
648Most-Visited Countries by Turkish Citizens
644World Capitals Closest to Istanbul
637Countries Conquered By The Ottoman Empire
620Turkish Food Besides Kebab
586Countries that Visit Turkey the Most
561Districts of Turkey on a Map
556Turkish Airlines Destinations
551Countries Closest to Türkiye - One Minute Sprint
540Presidents of Turkey
521Fenerbahçe Best Scorer By Year
518General quiz about Turkey
501Countries of the Ottoman Empire
495Galatasaray Record Transfers
473Districts of Istanbul on the Map
462Byzantine Rulers by Dynasty
462Turkish Verbs
462The Byzantine Empire Quiz
434Turkey Euro 2020 Squad
433Countries Under The Ottoman Empire
413Galatasaray Goalkeeper By Year
410Birthplaces of Roman and Byzantine Emperors
389Turkish History A-Z
390Fenerbahçe Goalkeeper By Year
386Galatasaray Scorers in 2010s Champions League
385Turkey... or Turkmenistan?
365Turkey Multiple Choice
362Turkish Numbers
359Turkey National Football Team
350The Ottoman Empire
338Biggest Cities in Turkey Quiz
337Shapes of Countries That Border Turkey
334European Countries From Turkish to English
331Beşiktaş Best Scorer By Year
322Countries Where Turkey Has a Military Base
316Top 20 baby boy names Turkey (2016)
311Geography of Turkey #2
308"Stan" Countries in Turkish
306Countries that Turkish Airlines fly in or out of
306Turkish Vocab
303Galatasaray 2020's Starting XI
276Galatasaray Champions League XIs
271Languages: Countries from Turkish to English
264Turkish Cities Plate Numbers
263Which City in Turkey?
254Biggest Cities in Turkey
250Word Chain - Turkey
249Fifa 20 Top 10 Super Lig Players
244Countries that have Controlled Istanbul
234All 1M+ Cities in Turkey
231Countries Closest to Türkiye by first two letters
231Districts of İstanbul
228Prime Ministers of Turkey
224Istanbul Quiz
222Football - Turkish Clubs by their Numbers 2019-20
221World Capitals - Turkish to English
199Beşiktaş Scorers in 2010s Champions League
196Beşiktaş Goalkeeper By Year
195Longest Reigning Roman and Byzantine Emperors
192Fenerbahçe Champions League XIs
185Countries that Visit Turkey the Most
18325 Biggest Cities in Turkey
182Fenerbahçe 2020's Starting XI
178Turkish Cities(easy)
175Ottoman Empire Quick Questions
1725 Biggest Cities : Turkey
171Who's That Byzantine Emperor
171Most Populous Turkish Cities
171Which City in Turkey?
165Turkish things
163Asian Countries from Turkish to English
162Top 10 Galatasaray Starting XI
156Turkish Groups of Things
155Turkish People Around the World
151Top 20 baby girl names Turkey (2016)
150Countries Bordering Turkey by Picture
150Capitals of Countries Bordering Turkey
149Capitals once in the Ottoman Empire
149Countries Bordering Turkey With a Map
1472017-18 Turkish Super League Teams Quiz
145Turkey by Picture
145Countries Bordering Turkey (Maritime Borders)
141Top 10 Süper Lig Goalscorers of the Decade (2010s)
141Turkey - Croatia UEFA Euro 2016
140Countries Apart From Turkey That....
139Euro 2020 Group A - Turkey - Italy
139Most Common First Names in Turkey
138Ottoman Caliphs
136Towns of Turkey Part 1 (01 - 37)
134Countries Controlled by Ottoman Empire
133Countries Bordering Turkey - 30 Seconds
132Cities in Turkey - With Pictures
131North American Countries from Turkish to English
123Biggest Cities in Turkey - Extreme
121Geographic Regions of Turkey
121Countries having Latitude or Longitude within Turkey
119Most Capped Footballers for Turkey
107Countries of the Ottoman Empire
106Countries Bordering Turkey by Border Length
103African Countries from Turkish to English
103Name all city districts of Turkey
103Turkish Cypriot diaspora
100Countries with Turkish military bases
97Countries Closest to Türkiye - 15 Second Sprint
96City by Picture 15 (Turkey)
96Countries Bordering Turkey by Population
93All About Istanbul
89Biggest modern day cities in the Ottoman Empire
88FIFA 20 Super Lig TOTSSF
88Turkey National Football Team: Caps
88Roman/Byzantine Names for Modern Cities in Turkey
86Countries Closest to Türkiye - 30 Second Sprint
83Closest countries to Turkey
80Cities of Turkey by Clues
79Istanbul Başakşehir Best Scorer By Year
78Biggest Cities in Turkey
75Ottoman Empire Countries
71World Capitals Closest to Ankara
71South American and Oceanian Countries from Turkish to English
70Countries that border Turkey
69Spain - Turkey UEFA Euro 2016
68Countries Bordering Turkey by Area
67Top 10 Largest Cities in Turkey
67Countries Directly West of Turkey
65Towns of Turkey Part 2 (38 - 81)
57Turkish Premier League Players
51Euro 2020 Group A - Switzerland - Turkey
47Top 10 Countries that Export the most Turkey
42Euro 2020 Group A - Turkey - Wales
42Top 25 Trading Partners - Turkey
41Provinces in Turkey
38Conquered countries by the ottoman empire
37Czech Republic - Turkey UEFA Euro 2016
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