TV Animation Quizzes - Page 3

Take a Random TV Animation Quiz
1,118Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-95)
1,118All Bug Type Pokémon
1,116Spongebob Main Characters
1,115All Poison Type Pokémon
1,114fairytail quiz( anime)
1,112Naruto: Kage (and Kage related) Shinobi
1,111Soul Eater Characters Part 1.
1,110happy tree friends character quiz
1,114All Psychic Type Pokémon
1,109Grass-Type Pokemon Moves
1,108All Gen VII Pokémon (722-809) (Alola)
1,105My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic - Characters
1,103Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Frieza Saga
1,102Pokemon - Unique Dual Types
1,101Dragon Type Pokemon
1,092Looney Tunes Characters by Catchphrase
1,090Hardcore Simpsons Quiz
1,087South Park 2.0
1,079Name That Steven Universe Character!
1,077All Steel Type Pokémon
1,072All Flying Type Pokémon
1,065Who's that Pokémon? Gen. 9 Paldea
1,063Strongest DBZ Fighters
1,063Medication... or Pokémon?
1,053Anime/Manga Quiz
1,047Pokémon names ending with letter A
1,044Guess as many animes as you can
1,042Pokemon Games
1,040Kalos Pokedex (Pokemon)
1,038Power Rangers Series
1,034Family Guy Quiz
1,034Yugioh Quiz
1,033Pokemon Original Theme Song Lyrics
1,034Dragon Ball Z Name the Saiyans
1,032Electric-Type Pokemon Moves
1,030Best Cartoon Network Shows of the 2000's
1,030South Park's Coon and Friends
1,028Name 251 Pokemon
1,027Main Series Pokémon Games
1,027Intimidating Pokemon
1,024Name The Blue Power Rangers
1,024naruto quiz name as many as possible
1,023The NEW Family Guy Characters Quiz
1,021Do you know your anime?
1,016Countries visited by the Simpsons
1,015All Ground Type Pokémon
1,0117th Generation Pokémon (Alola)
1,007LEGO Ninjago: Seasons
1,004Pokemon Super Effectiveness
1,002Ice-Type Pokemon Moves
1,001Pokemon that change types through evolution
1,002Pokemon Category Elimination
996Steven Universe Extended Theme Song Lyrics
987Yu-Gi-Oh GX Quiz
988All Rock Type Pokémon
982Ice Type Pokemon
981Dragon Ball Z Characters Defeated by Vegeta
980Naruto Strongest Uchiha Clan Members
976Pokémon used by Gym Leaders
979Pokémon by Picture: Generation V
974Pokemon Quiz: Species
974Naruto - Characters
97080s Cartoons by Picture
963Naruto Konoha Clans
961Haikyuu! Anime Series Quiz #2
960100 Simpsons' Characters
953Steven Universe Knowledge!
949American Dad! Characters Quiz
949Lego Ninjago: Main Villains
957Naruto Characters by Picture (Hard)
932The Epic Peppa Pig Quiz
934Attack on Titan by Picture
928Name the Pink Power Rangers
927Splash Pokemon
922Anime Quotes
920Avatar: The Last Airbender (2)
920Peppa Pig!
917naruto names from original series
916Pokemon Trivia
916Very hard naruto quiz
915Baby/Egg Pokemon
915Dragon Ball Super Universe 7 Team
912Dragon Ball Z/Super/GT Ultimate Quiz
909Ash's Pokemon (up till now)
906Flying-Type Pokemon Moves
900Pokémon by the Anime Pokédex entries
896Ghost Type Pokemon
890Popular 90's Cartoons
887Yu-Gi-Oh Card Quiz
887Family Guy Quiz
884Paw Patrol
880Naruto: Animals
871(Hard) Anime Characters Quiz
870Naruto Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts
865All Pokemon Abilities
865naruto ultimate quiz
862Phineas and Ferb Catchphrases
865Random Simpsons Characters by Picture
860fairy tail ships
859Electric Type Pokemon
865Anime by Description (English name)
858Starter Pokemon
853Can you name all legendary pokemon? (gen 1-7)
853All Pokemon Starters
853Naruto: Kabuto's Edo Tensei Shinobi (Shinobi War)
851Normal-Type Pokemon Moves
849Pokemon Champions
846Simpsons Characters OLD
846LEGO Ninjago: Army Leader per Season
845Anime Descriptions
841Pokemon Evolutions by Trading
840Pokemon Kanto Gym Pokemon
839Pokemon Cities and Towns
839What's New Scooby Doo Lyrics (Simple Plan / Anarbor)
837Sinnoh Pokemon - how many do you remember?
836Anime Characters by picture
833Name The Yellow Power Rangers
832Easy My Little Pony: Friendship is magic Quiz
829Avatar: The Last Airbender Opening Lyrics
828Pokemon Masters EX - All Sync Pairs
827The Seven Deadly Sins 10 Commandments Characters(Anime)
826Fairy Tail Intermediate Quiz
822Ranker's 100 Sexiest Anime Females
821Dark Type Pokemon
8215 Letter Pokemon names
819Haikyuu!! Characters
816Difficult Dragon Ball Quiz
812Bojack horseman characters
812BoJack Horseman: Complete the Quote
806What Gravity Falls Character Is This?
803Fairy Type Pokemon
798Pokémon names ending with letter E
798Romance Anime Quiz
795Saturday Morning Cartoons 1990-1995
794Cartoon Network Shows (New Version)
794LEGO Ninjago: The 16 Realms
793Winx Club!
789More Simpsons Trivia (for the hopelessly obsessed)
787naruto quizz
782SpongeBob Quiz
781True SML Fan Character Quiz
773Pokémon that END with P, R & S
770The first 151 Pokemon
782Animes A-Z
769Naruto: Famous Ninja
765Top 20 Animated Films of all Time
765Pokémon that END with E
763Flying Type Pokemon
762LEGO Ninjago: Most Known Characters
761Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Theme Song Lyrics
760Fairly Odd Parents Quiz
760Top 150 most popular anime 2023
758Fairy Type Pokemon
758Studio Ghibli Characters by Picture
756Super Sentai Series
756Naruto: Enigme Personnages (Anime) #2
755Fighting-Type Pokemon Moves
755Avatar the last airbender characters
753Naruto: all kage
754Steamed Hams Script
754Dragon Ball Addition Quiz
752Anime by Main Character Quiz
744Rock-Type Pokemon Moves
742The Raditz Quiz
741Naruto-Guess their Jutsu
739Pokémon names ending with letter N
738Pokémon that END with N & O
735500 Simpsons Characters (Hard)
733Name All Kanto, Johto, Hoenn Pokemon plus their evolutions!
733Dragon Ball Super Quiz *New*
732All Power Rangers Series
732Psychic-Type Pokemon Moves
731Anime terminology
728Ultimate Regular Show Quiz
727Family Guy Trivia
726Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Trivia!
725Pokemon Quiz - Generation 1 (1-151) [No Hints]
726Color The Simpsons
724Generation 8 Pokemon
720Pokemon: Geography
719Guess The Pokemon By Picture
713Kuroko No Basket's Characters
715Anime: Yuri!!! on Ice - History Maker
713Cities in the Pokémon Sinnoh Region on a Map
712ninjago quiz
708Name All Pokemon That Don't Repeat Any Letters
708Pokémon that END with A
707Anime Quiz
706Ground-Type Pokemon Moves
706South Park catchphrases
706Pokémon names ending with letter X
704The Simpsons: Weird Ralph Wiggum Quotes
708Haikyuu!! - Guess the random character!