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77,864 Countries Bordering Ukraine, with an Empty Map
36,507 Ukraine Country Quiz
11,168Oblasts of Ukraine (With a Map)
5,735Oblasts of Ukraine on a Map
5,629Biggest Cities in Ukraine
4,517100 biggest cities in Ukraine
4,193All 50k+ Cities in Ukraine with a Map
3,915Crimea: Ukraine or Russia?
2,714Biggest Cities in Ukraine on a Map
2,443Countries Closest to Ukraine
2,322Flags of Countries that Border Ukraine
2,109Updated: The Ukraine War
1,976Regions of Ukraine
1,599Languages of Ukraine on a Map
1,573Cities of Ukraine
1,551Belarus... or Ukraine?
1,413Ukrainian Refugees by Country
1,392Ukraine A-Z
1,313Ukraine Immigration by Country
1,293Every 100k+ City in Ukraine on a Map
1,128Raions of Ukraine on a Map
988History of Ukraine Quiz
981Most military aid pledged to Ukraine as a percentage of GDP
970Click to Translate - Ukrainian
947The United Kingdom... or Ukraine?
853Oblasts of Ukraine - Map Quiz
761Ukrainian diaspora by country
736Countries Bordering Ukraine - Map Quiz
710Countries Providing Aid to Ukraine
673Countries bordering Ukraine
66620 National Capitals Nearest to Kiev, Ukraine
593Famous Polish and Ukrainian People
520Ukraine: General Knowledge
515Biggest Trading Partners - Ukraine
451Countries voting against recognizing Crimea as Ukraine (updated 2017)
449Countries That Border Ukraine
421Countries Visiting Ukraine the Most
383Ukraine Cities Map Quiz
372Geography of Ukraine
292Ukraine National Football Team
287Countries that Beat Ukraine
267Ukraine Euro 2020 Squad
257Countries voting against recognizing Crimea as Ukraine
240Cities In the Ukraine Map Quiz
217Presidents of Ukraine
202Historical Timeline of Ukraine
202Which city in Ukraine
161Capitals of Countries Bordering Ukraine
158International Flights from Ukraine
1585 Biggest Cities : Ukraine
156Oblasts of Ukraine
149Countries bordering Ukraine and their borders
145Countries Closest to Ukraine - One Minute Sprint
139Languages Most Similar to Ukrainian
138Countries That Border Ukraine
128Which City in Ukraine?
125Landlocked Countries Bordering Ukraine - 30 Seconds
121Countries that Border Ukraine
117Countries Bordering Ukraine by Population
111Russian Leaders from 864 to 1362 : Leaders of the Kievan Rus'
10810 Bigges Cities in Ukraine
99Landlocked Countries Bordering Ukraine - 15 Seconds
96Countries who against Crimea being Ukraine (2018)
86Ukraine by Picture
79Countries Closest to Ukraine - 30 Second Sprint
78Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest
75Countries who voted against Sea of Azov being Ukraine
72Countries that border Ukraine
65Ukraine - Poland UEFA Euro 2016
61Football Clubs in Kiev
61Walking through Ukraine: Sevastopol to Kiev City
57Top 25 Trading Partners - Ukraine
56Countries Bordering Ukraine
56Cities of Kherson oblast (Ukraine)
55Euro 2020 Group C - Netherlands - Ukraine
52Germany - Ukraine UEFA Euro 2016
52Countries Closest to Ukraine - 15 Second Sprint
52Shakhtar Donetsk Goalkeeper By Year
51Rulers of Russia: Grand Princes of Kiev, 842 - 1169
50Ukrainian Language - Grammatical Cases
49Euro 2020 Quarter Finals - Ukraine - England
49Shakhtar Donetsk Best Scorer By Year
49Dynamo Kyiv Champions League XIs
48Cities of Mykolaiv oblast (Ukraine)
47Ukrainian Placenames in English
47Biggest Cities in Ukraine
44Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Sweden - Ukraine
27Ukraine - Northern Ireland UEFA Euro 2016
23Euro 2020 Group C - Ukraine - North Macedonia
23Ukrainian Cities by Ukrainian Name Quiz
22Euro 2020 Group C - Ukraine - Austria
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