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British trivia on JetPunk.com. England has 48 different counties. Can you name them all? That's one of our quizzes, but we have over a thousand more related to the British isles.
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Expanded! Guess the last names of each Harry Potter character.
Name the ceremonial counties of England. Now with a map!
Try to name the clubs in England's top football division for the 2023–24 season.
We discovered a few more characters.
Click the name of each highlighted British city.
Can you guess the names of the kings and queens who have ruled England since the time of the Norman conquest?
Hey look, there's a new Prime Minister again!
Can you get all 30 correct?
Can you name the Harry Potter characters who are mentioned the most times in the books?
There are 92 teams in the top four tiers of English football. How many can you name?
Do you have what it takes to name all 34 of Shakespeare's plays?
803,573 Harry Potter Last Names
579,070 2024 English Premier League Teams
572,068 Counties of England Quiz
425,580 Ultimate Harry Potter Name Game
393,667 UK Cities Map Quiz
377,228 English Monarchs Quiz
329,872 Basic Harry Potter Quiz
319,283 Prime Ministers of the UK
302,792 Shakespeare's Plays Quiz
299,003 Top 100 Harry Potter Characters by Mention
286,183 2024 Football League Teams
258,514 Counties of England Map Quiz
247,117 Name the Harry Potter Books
240,751 Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics
234,847 Groups of Things - Harry Potter
229,656 British Words Quiz #1
204,614 Commonwealth of Nations Countries
201,453 All EPL Teams Ever
196,134 Official Cities in the UK
179,168 Beatles Songs Quiz
177,985 Harry Potter A-Z
177,165 English Premier League 100 Goals Club
156,375 Biggest Urban Areas in the UK
149,578 Countries Closest to the United Kingdom A-Z
141,922 England's Most Successful Football Clubs
135,835 English Premier League Champions
127,365 Countries of Premier League Players
124,037 EPL Leading Scorer by Year
121,371 James Bond Movies
116,885 Harry Potter Spells
116,833 Harry Potter Characters by Death
112,331 UK Immigration by Country
111,201 FA Cup Winners
106,951 EPL Teams That Played Every Season
106,754 UK Baby Girl Names by Decade
106,683 Harry Potter Characters by Screen Time
103,448 Members of the British Royal Family
102,987 British Words Quiz #2
99,217 Countries the UK Declared War On
98,356 United Kingdom Country Quiz
97,884 Harry Potter: Voldemort's Horcruxes
95,673 Lord of the Rings Characters
91,067 British Spellings Quiz
89,822 Harry Potter Places
89,112 UK Baby Boy Names by Decade
85,621 World Capitals Closest to London
85,102 Biggest English Cities by Century
84,904 Premier League Relegated Teams
83,971 Modern-Day Countries of the British Empire in 1921
83,168 Top 4 in English Football, 1888–2023
80,727 Football Clubs in London
78,838 Biggest Cities in the UK
77,452 London Underground Stations - With Map
77,067 Counties of the UK and Ireland
76,376 Title in the Lyrics #2 - The Beatles
75,870 British Groups of Things
74,282 Parts of the United Kingdom
74,044 Can You Name All Of One Direction's Songs?
73,673 United Kingdom A-Z
68,732 Secondary Names of English Football Clubs
67,558 Lord of the Rings Trivia
65,893 Boroughs of London
64,964 Foods in a Full English Breakfast
64,735 Countries "Ruled" by King Charles III
64,445 100 Biggest Cities and Towns in the UK
63,627 Which City In the United Kingdom?
63,478 Wonderwall Lyrics
62,820 50 Busiest Air Routes from London
60,968 Most Common Surnames in the UK
60,155 British Places A-Z
59,037 Word Scramble - U.K. Cities
58,151 British Cultural Symbols
57,903 Shakespeare Quotes Quiz
57,377 The United States... or the United Kingdom?
55,306 Biggest British Empire Countries
55,073 Lord of the Rings Characters by Screen Time
54,236 Teams that Beat England in Football
54,199 British History Quiz for Dummies
53,553Manchester United Current Squad
51,776 London Geography
51,689 Biggest Cities in the Commonwealth of Nations
51,665 Invasions of Great Britain
51,352 Countries that Beat the United Kingdom
51,277London Underground Stations
51,219 Lord of the Rings - Races
51,210 Harry Potter Creatures
51,183 Scotland Trivia
50,616 Word Scramble - Harry Potter Characters
50,192 The UK for Americans - True or False
49,423 Soccer Teams David Beckham Played For
48,645 Biggest Trading Partners - UK
48,401 English Cities With Multiple Football Teams
48,325 English Football Stadiums
48,141 British to American Food Translation.
45,407 British Foods
44,788 Houses of British Monarchs
44,171 British Football Team Logos
43,511Harry Potter General Knowledge
43,160 100 Greatest Britons Quiz
43,080 James Bond Countries Visited Map
42,831 Top 100 UK Baby Boys' Names in 1850
42,629 Top 100 UK Baby Girls' Names in 1850
42,362Harry Potter Top 200 Characters
41,473 England Football Most International Caps
41,369 English First Names of the Middle Ages
41,250 Wives of King Henry VIII
41,088 British Geography Quiz #1
40,713 Top 10 Manchester United Goalscorers
40,572 Countries Most-Visited By Queen Elizabeth II
40,389 British Cities with the Most Tourists
39,517 Zone 1 London Underground Stations - With a Map
38,852 British History Multiple Choice #1
38,815 British Acronyms
38,636 Members of the Fellowship of the Ring
38,627 Best-Selling British Musical Acts
38,415 UK Cities and Towns by Map
38,055 Charles Dickens Novels Quiz
37,677 Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix Members
37,625 Medieval English History
37,066 Monty Python Quotes
36,998 United Kingdom Decoder
36,969Harry Styles Songs Quiz (2022)
36,846 First Lines of Beatles Songs
36,250 British Monopoly Board
36,209 Languages of the United Kingdom
35,928 London A-Z
35,847 A Quiz About The Beatles
34,876 Most-Visited Countries by the British
34,657 Countries that Visit the UK the Most
34,334 Imagine Lyrics
34,297 Lord of the Rings Decoder
34,161 Middle Earth Geography
33,748 England or Wales?
33,071 Harry Potter Characters by Picture
32,894 Scotland A-Z
32,844 Top 10 Liverpool Goalscorers
31,785 Things British People Know that Americans Don't
31,385Harry Potter Top 100 Characters
31,342 English Royal Consorts
31,301 Shakespeare... or the Bible?
30,439 The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II
30,400 British Geography Multiple Choice
30,413 England Euro 2020 Squad
30,285 Click Timeline: Harry Potter and the Wizarding World
29,981 Fictional Characters from Great Britain
29,790 Which Country of the United Kingdom?
29,630 Shakespearean Phrases
29,401 Beatles Songs by Synonyms
29,337 British History True or False
29,152 Viva la Vida Lyrics
29,049 Shakespearean Characters
29,039 James Bond Trivia
28,854 Roald Dahl Books
28,695 British Citizenship Test
28,159 Beatles Lyrics First Names
27,757 Embarrassing Chapters in British History
27,757 British History A-Z
27,617 Do You Even Know Anything About Shakespeare?
27,290England World Cup Squad 2014
27,215 Harry Potter Patronus Charms
27,017 Counties of Wales
26,632 Beatles Songs by Synopsis
26,425England 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
26,364 Movies Set in London
26,195 Word Chain - United Kingdom
25,698 British History Multiple Choice #2
25,661 Largest Islands in the British Isles With a Map
24,986 Geography of the British Empire
24,704 The Wales Quiz
24,677 British Geography Quiz #2
24,305Harry Potter: Who says this? HARRY POTTER QUOTES (BEWARE - NOT for the faint hearted)
24,140 British Geography Quiz #3
23,966 The Reign of Henry VIII
23,627 UK Rivers Map Quiz
23,550 Jane Austen Novels
23,383 English Premier League Hall of Fame
23,338 The Thirteen Dwarves in the Hobbit
23,315Harry Potter Trivia
23,020 Arthurian Legend
23,026 Tolkien's Middle Earth Map Quiz
22,953 England 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
22,766The One Direction Quiz
22,479Lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful
22,473Most Popular 5-letter Baby Girl Names by Decade (UK)
22,377 Satellite Images - The United Kingdom
22,295 English Inventions #1
22,289 History of London
22,205Most Popular 3 and 4-letter Baby Girl Names by Decade (UK)
22,068 Harry Potter - Name The Hogwarts Classes
21,893 The Reign of Elizabeth I
21,837 Elizabeth I... or Elizabeth II?
21,838 Cities That Beat London
21,550 Biggest Cities and Towns in England - 1377 AD
21,408All Premier League Managers Ever
21,241 20 Northernmost English Cities
21,099 Animals in British History
20,761 People in Pictures with Queen Elizabeth II
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