United Kingdom Quizzes - Page 5

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Can you name the cities in the United Kingdom which have held official city status for the longest period of time?
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Can you identify these characters from the Harry Potter film saga? Good luck!
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Name all the members of the Beatles. (There were six).
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Fill in the map of Tolkien's Middle Earth by correctly guessing each highlighted location.
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Can you guess whether these historical statements about Great Britain and the British Empire are true or false?
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Can you name the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England during the Dark Ages?
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Jane Austen wrote six novels. How many can you name?
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Possible for Americans. Easy for Brits.
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Can you answer these questions about the history of Scotland?
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Try to guess whether each of these first names is more popular in the United States or in England and Wales.
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They can take our bagpipes, but they can never take our FREEDOM!
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Name the players and the manager representing England at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions with a British focus?
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Fill in the British version of the traditional Monopoly board by selecting the correct highlighted property.
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Name the players and the manager representing England at the Euro 2016.
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Fill the blanks in these titles held by members of the British royal family.
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So far, sixteen players and two managers have been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. How many can you name?
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions with a British focus?
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Guess these British geographical places and things, one for each letter of the alphabet.
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Can you fill in the map by naming these 66 clans based on their traditional territorial holdings in the Scottish mainland and the Hebrides?
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Answer these random questions about the geography of the United Kingdom and its territories.
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Can you guess the most common pub names in the United Kingdom?
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Can you answer these questions about the geography of Scotland?
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These James Bond film titles are slightly off. Fix them by replacing the incorrect word.
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One question per decade for an entire millennium of British history.
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Can you name the members and former member of the boy band One Direction?
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Name these people who have appeared on banknotes printed by the Bank of England since Series D.
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For each category, name any valid English city which fits.
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Can you guess these types of animals that made an appearance in the history of the United Kingdom?
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Name the actors who starred as the Doctor in the British science fiction series "Doctor Who".
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions with a British focus?
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Name the players who have scored the most international goals for England.
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