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Rating: 4.17
Each year, US News and World Report ranks the top US universities. Even though it's completely arbitrary and wrong, try to guess the top 50.
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Rating: 3.89
These schools will always be first in gentlemanly club life. Can you name the eight colleges that are part of the Ivy League?
Played: 66,611
Rating: 4.91
Name the countries of the world that have at least three universities ranked in the top 200.
Played: 55,479
Rating: 4.19
Name the most-educated major American cities.
Played: 44,980
Rating: 3.92
Name the world's 50 top universities, according to Quacquarelli Symonds.
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Rating: 4.26
I've heard that NYU and UVA are good schools.
Played: 36,060
Rating: 4.21
Try to name the city in which each FBS college is located.
Played: 28,769
Rating: 3.72
For each American city, name its most prominent university.
Played: 17,085
Rating: 4.28
Name the cities where these universities are located.
Played: 15,665
Rating: 4.40
Can you guess the states in which these colleges are located?
Played: 9,559
Rating: 4.34
Based on three clues, name the American University.
Played: 7,157
Rating: 4.11
Based on the clue, try to name these American universities.
Played: 6,093
Rating: 4.07
Can you answer these questions about Harvard University?
Played: 5,511
Rating: 3.67
Name America's least well-educated cities.
Played: 4,474
Rating: 4.26
Played: 1,766
Rating: 4.71
Played: 1,745
Played: 1,713
Rating: 4.43
Played: 1,620
Rating: 4.67
Played: 1,322
Rating: 3.75
Played: 920
Played: 675
Rating: 3.20
Played: 481
Rating: 4.82
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