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Each year, US News and World Report ranks the top US universities. Even though it's completely arbitrary and wrong, try to guess the top 50.
Name the countries of the world that have at least three universities ranked in the top 200.
Name the urban areas where the highest percentage of people over 25 have at least a bachelor's degree.
I've heard that NYU and UVA are good schools.
Try to name the city in which each FBS college is located.
Name the cities where these universities are located.
Can you guess the states in which these colleges are located?
Based on three clues, name the American University.
Based on the clue, try to name these American universities.
Can you answer these questions about Harvard University?
101,513 Top U.S. Universities
77,097 Countries with the Most Elite Universities
75,278 U.S. Ivy League Colleges
69,136 Most Educated Cities in the United States
46,581 QS World University Rankings
41,339 NCAA Football Cities
41,029 U.S. College Acronyms Quiz
29,550 U.S. College Towns #2
18,867 U.S. College Towns #1
18,220 Colleges by U.S. State - Multiple Choice
10,821 U.S. Colleges by Clue
7,903 American Universities by Clue
6,728 Harvard University
5,652America's Least-Educated Cities Quiz
5,067Countries with Top 100 Universities
2,656USNews Top 100 U.S. Universities Quiz
2,069Top US Liberal Arts Colleges
2,031Countries by Top 100 Universities 2020
1,857Oldest Colleges
1,855Universities by state (U.S.)
1,780Russell Group Universities
1,723200 Best Colleges in the US
1,701Cambridge University Colleges
1,577University of California Campuses Map Quiz
1,562Biggest US colleges by endowment
1,478Countries with Top 200 Universities
1,467US College Towns/Cities
1,330Best University by Country Quiz
1,30115 Hardest Colleges to Get Into
1,221Most Popular U.S. Colleges & Universities
1,204Cities with More Than One Top 100 Universities
1,171U.S. News Best Business Schools
1,173Colleges & Universities of U.S. Presidents (undergrad)
1,037UK Top 50 Universities 2017 According To The University Guide
1,029Worst College Majors
976Top U.S. Universities - Extreme
854You've heard of the college but in which state is it located?
805Virginia Colleges and Universities
764U.S. Catholic Jesuit Colleges and Universities
758Highest-Ranking Universities of Europe
6842012 Top Ranked Party Schools
660Top Ten Best Colleges in The USA
655U.S. States with the Most Elite Universities
62625 Oldest Universities
623Universities In The UK
616Best University by Subject Quiz
581AP Classes Available in the United States
580Top Ranked Canadian Universities
560Top Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities
555Best Colleges in Every US State
504Colleges & Universities in New England that are Top 250 Nationally
488Top 100 Public Colleges & Universities
448Top Ranked Colleges in Maryland
416College towns
400Best U.S. Universities Map Quiz
395South Carolina Colleges and Universities
389Best U.S. Universities
376Universities and Colleges A-Z
357Highest Ranking Universities in Canada
357Best University in Each State
344NCAA Colleges in Virginia
303Universities in California
277Michigan Public Universities
276Top Ranked Colleges in Indiana
269California State University Campuses
267Top Ranked Colleges in Illinois
257US University Rankings by NCAA Football Conference
248Top Ranked Colleges in Texas
245Georgia Colleges and Universities
242Top 20 Universities in the World 2020
231European Countries by their Oldest University with a Map
226Largest Colleges in the Boston Area
202Ivy League Colleges by State
200University Challenge - Finalists
196Best Colleges in New York
193Cambridge University - Undergraduate Courses
173Top Ranked Colleges in Virginia
169European Countries by their Oldest University
160Largest Universities in Canada
159Top 25 US Colleges & Universities by Graduate Salary
157Lehigh Valley Schools
154Universities of North Carolina by Nicknames
152Ivy League Universities - Map Quiz
148NCAA division 1 ohio college mascots
147Maine State Universities
128Top California Colleges & Universities
127Top 50 Wealthiest US Colleges & Universities
124Countries that Send the Most Students to Study in India
119Top 25 U.S. Public Universities
117Top Pennsylvania Colleges & Universities
111Largest Colleges in California
108Top Texas Colleges & Universities
105Top 10 Largest Universities in Ohio
102Top 20 Universities in Japan
98American Universities - Map Quiz #1
89U.S. Oddities A-Z: College Mascots #1
87Top UK Universities
85Canadian University Cities Quiz
82colleges in utah
79Ivy League Universities
73Best Universities in the World
67British Universities Quiz
65Presidents Who Attended Ivy League Universities
63Florida Universities - Map Quiz
61University of California Campuses by Picture
60New Hampshire Colleges
59Universities of North Carolina
59Seven Sisters
53Every College/University in Michigan
52Top Alabama Colleges & Universities
52U.S. Oddities A-Z: College Mascots #2
47Ivy League
46Pennsylvania Universities - Map Quiz
45Top Georgia Colleges & Universities
44Ohio Universities - Map Quiz
43Cities With the Oldest Universities on Each Continent
42California Universities - Map Quiz
41Illinois Universities - Map Quiz
39American Universities - Map Quiz #2
38New York Universities - Map Quiz
36Texas Universities - Map Quiz
34Universities by Coat of Arms
33Universities in Australia
32Centennial Conference Schools
28Georgia Universities - Map Quiz
27Cambridge Colleges A-Z
20Rice University Serveries
13Universities in New Zealand
10New Zealand Universities
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