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Played: 55,469
Rating: 4.12
There are 29 teams that play in Major League Soccer. How many can you name?
Played: 40,383
Rating: 4.05
Even if you're not an American, you'll probably be able to answer most of these American general knowledge questions.
Played: 28,475
Rating: 4.11
Question #1: What is the official nickname of Florida?
Played: 26,135
Rating: 4.18
Question #1: What is the southernmost state capital?
Played: 24,810
Rating: 4.43
Answers trivia questions to grab electoral votes and win a Presidential election.
Played: 24,263
Rating: 4.03
Question #1: What is either a large rock or a city in Colorado?
Played: 24,114
Rating: 3.80
Can you answer these random questions with an American focus?
Played: 23,980
Rating: 4.31
Question #1: What is the lowest and hottest valley in the United States?
Played: 23,771
Rating: 4.16
Question #1: What mountain was officially known as Mount McKinley until 2015?
Played: 22,466
Rating: 4.08
Question #1: What is the name of the U.S. President's office?
Played: 21,573
Rating: 4.05
Question #1: What is the best-selling brand of crayons in the United States?
Played: 20,398
Rating: 4.18
Question #1: What tribe has the largest reservation in the U.S.?
Played: 19,686
Rating: 4.11
Question #1: What is the best-selling type of lettuce in the United States?
Played: 19,534
Rating: 3.81
What is the #1 cash crop of the state of Washington?
Played: 19,184
Rating: 4.02
Question #1: What ice cream chain supposedly offers 31 flavors?
Played: 18,895
Rating: 4.14
Question #1: Which U.S. state honored Harland Sanders by naming him an honorary colonel?
Played: 18,545
Rating: 3.82
Question #1: What TV show starred Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff?
Played: 18,473
Rating: 3.81
Question #1: What round comes after Double Jeopardy?
Played: 18,462
Rating: 3.84
Question #1: What city is often abbreviated as SLC?
Played: 18,245
Rating: 3.86
Question #1: Complete the analogy: Oscar is to film as _______ is to music.
Played: 17,840
Rating: 3.89
Question #1: What is the state nickname of Texas?
Played: 17,714
Rating: 3.83
Question #1: What are the two most populous cities in Tennessee?
Played: 17,398
Rating: 3.98
Question #1: On what TV station did "Sesame Street" originally air?
Played: 17,367
Rating: 3.90
Question #1: What is the main ingredient in Cheerios cereal?
Played: 17,268
Rating: 3.84
Which U.S. state is known as "Big Sky Country"?
Played: 17,184
Rating: 3.85
Question #1: Who wants YOU for U.S. Army?
Played: 17,140
Rating: 3.67
Question #1: What was the first name of the first First Lady of the U.S.?
Played: 17,011
Rating: 3.97
Question #1: What city is considered to be America's country music capital?
Played: 16,884
Rating: 3.80
Question #1: What nearby country has been embargoed by the United States since 1961?
Played: 16,870
Rating: 3.80
Question #1: What American folk hero is famous for planting apple trees?
Played: 16,583
Rating: 4.05
Question #1: What state's official dog breed is the Malamute?
Played: 16,339
Rating: 3.61
Question #1: In what city is NASA's mission control center located?
Played: 16,063
Rating: 3.92
Question #1: What is the "twin city" of Minneapolis?
Played: 15,924
Rating: 4.04
Question #1: Who lived at a plantation named Monticello?
Played: 15,843
Rating: 3.95
Question #1: What city did Paul Revere live in?
Played: 15,638
Rating: 3.73
Answer these random questions with an American focus.
Played: 14,535
Rating: 3.71
Question #1: What 1954 Supreme Court case made school segregation illegal?
Played: 14,138
Rating: 3.83
Question #1: What type of animal is a “Cottontail”?
Played: 12,437
Rating: 4.02
Question #1: Who is the teddy bear named after?
Played: 12,042
Rating: 4.18
Can you guess whether these statements are true or false?
Played: 11,445
Rating: 4.45
Question #1: What grocery chain has been humorously referred to as "Whole Paycheck"?
Played: 11,376
Rating: 3.88
Question #1: What is the only U.S. state whose name starts with the letter G?
Played: 11,132
Rating: 4.29
Answer these random questions with an American focus.
Played: 10,923
Rating: 4.42
Can you answer these random questions with an American focus?
Played: 10,362
Rating: 4.23
Can you answer these multiple-choice questions with an American focus?
Played: 10,150
Rating: 3.96
Question #1: What does D.C. stand for in Washington D.C.?
Played: 9,997
Rating: 4.09
Question #1: Who appears on the front of the $10 bill?
Played: 9,894
Rating: 4.00
Question #1: In what city would you find the headquarters of the Coca-Cola corporation?
Played: 9,702
Rating: 3.97
Question #1: What cartoon cat shares his name with the 20th President of the United States?
Played: 9,640
Rating: 4.32
Question #1: Which U.S. state pays its residents about $1000 per year?
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