U.S. President Quizzes

Take a Random U.S. President Quiz
Played: 2,129,224
Rating: 4.99
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can!
Played: 288,847
Rating: 4.77
Based on the portrait, name the president.
Played: 230,355
Rating: 4.75
Try to guess the first names of all the American Presidents.
Played: 195,908
Rating: 4.42
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can in one minute!
Played: 110,514
Rating: 4.98
Name the countries that U.S. presidents have visited the most.
Played: 85,240
Rating: 4.94
Name any U.S. President that belongs in each selected category.
Played: 80,774
Rating: 4.33
From non-factors to puppet masters, name all the Vice-Presidents of the USA.
Played: 74,169
Rating: 4.52
One President hated broccoli. Another wore sweaters in the White House.
Played: 60,643
Rating: 4.24
Name the First Ladies of the United States.
Played: 59,778
Rating: 4.80
Four U.S. Presidents have been assassinated. Can you name them?
Played: 57,335
Rating: 4.33
Try to unscramble the last names of these U.S. Presidents. The answers change every time!
Played: 56,344
Rating: 4.22
Can you name the state where each U.S. president had their political base?
Played: 55,576
Rating: 4.65
Try to name the candidates who got at least 10% of the vote, but still lost.
Played: 41,128
Rating: 5.00
Many presidents are easily recognized from photographs and well-known paintings, but can you identify these presidents made from Play-Doh?
Played: 39,068
Rating: 4.07
Name these political figures and celebrities whose picture was taken with Barack Obama.
Played: 37,406
Rating: 4.38
Can you name the U.S. Presidents who are associated with these quotes?
Played: 34,208
Rating: 4.37
Can you guess the middle names of the American presidents?
Played: 31,174
Rating: 4.38
Can you name these Presidents based on a short clue?
Played: 30,494
Rating: 4.27
Name these political figures and celebrities whose picture was taken with Ronald Reagan.
Played: 29,835
Rating: 4.39
Despite the rumors, he never claimed to be a jelly donut.
Played: 29,744
Rating: 4.29
In this quiz the answers change every time you play! Can you name the U.S. Presidents shown in each of these pictures?
Played: 27,419
Rating: 3.88
Answer these questions about George W. Bush and his presidency.
Played: 26,892
Rating: 3.82
Name the "best" American Presidents according to an aggregate of 19 different rankings.
Played: 23,780
Rating: 4.44
Name any U.S. President that belongs in each selected category.
Played: 21,978
Rating: 4.10
Can you guess these facts about Bill Clinton and his presidency?
Played: 21,112
Rating: 4.39
Name the ten least-guessed U.S. Presidents on the JetPunk's "Name the Presidents" quiz.
Played: 19,965
Rating: 4.53
Can you guess these facts about Abraham Lincoln and his presidency?
Played: 19,509
Rating: 4.17
Guess these facts about Ronald Reagan and his presidency.
Played: 19,477
Rating: 4.48
Played: 18,365
Rating: 4.15
Guess these facts about Barack Obama and his presidency.
Played: 17,681
Rating: 4.06
His Presidency doesn't look so bad in hindsight.
Played: 17,299
Rating: 4.37
The only thing we have to fear is sharks.
Played: 16,947
Rating: 4.39
Answer these questions about #41.
Played: 16,790
Rating: 4.37
Everybody lies, sometimes. Guess which U.S. President uttered each untruthful statement.
Played: 16,037
Rating: 3.70
Solve short clues and then unscramble names of U.S. Presidents.
Played: 15,624
Rating: 4.27
Can you guess the correct picture for each U.S. President?
Played: 15,508
Rating: 4.36
Name the governors who have run for president since 1968.
Played: 14,733
Rating: 4.31
Guess these facts about Jimmy Carter and his presidency.
Played: 14,588
Rating: 4.59
Can you name the U.S. Presidents who died while still in office?
Played: 14,258
Rating: 4.19
The wingmen of the political world.
Played: 14,229
Rating: 4.54
Can you guess the President who was in office during these notable events?
Played: 13,902
Rating: 3.94
Can you name the 10 most common presidential last names that were used as baby names in the U.S. in 2019?
Played: 13,750
Rating: 4.75
Played: 13,339
Rating: 4.46
With the help of pictures, can you name the nine presidents who had facial hair during their presidency?
Played: 12,998
Rating: 4.41
Based on a picture, can you name the actors who portrayed these real and fictional U.S. presidents?
Played: 12,288
Rating: 4.24
Four American presidents have won a Nobel Peace Prize. Can you name them?
Played: 11,650
Rating: 3.94
Guess whether these statements about U.S. Presidents are true or false.
Played: 11,180
Rating: 4.07
Played: 11,084
Rating: 4.54
For each selected category, name a U.S. President who ranks higher than Thomas Jefferson.
Played: 11,024
Rating: 4.54
We give you the Vice President, you guess the President under which they served. The answers change every time you play!
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