U.S. President Quizzes

Take a Random U.S. President Quiz
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can!
Based on the portrait, name the president.
Try to guess the first names of all the American Presidents.
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can in one minute!
Name the countries that U.S. presidents have visited the most.
Name any U.S. President that belongs in each selected category.
From non-factors to puppet masters, name all the Vice-Presidents of the USA.
One President hated broccoli. Another wore sweaters in the White House.
Try to unscramble the last names of these U.S. Presidents. The answers change every time!
Four U.S. Presidents have been assassinated. Can you name them?
Many presidents are easily recognized from photographs and well-known paintings, but can you identify these presidents made from Play-Doh?
2,669,015 U.S. Presidents Quiz
346,655 U.S. Presidents by Picture
295,689 First Names of U.S. Presidents
238,183 US Presidents - 1 Minute Sprint
142,037 Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents
125,795 Name a Valid U.S. President #1
95,318 U.S. Vice Presidents
82,843 U.S. Presidential Trivia #1
80,180 U.S. President Scramble
71,363 Assassinated U.S. Presidents
67,829 First Ladies of the United States
63,892 Losing U.S. Presidential Candidates
62,215 Play-Doh Presidents
61,096 U.S. Presidents by State
45,761 Presidential Middle Names
42,063 People in Pictures with Barack Obama
40,472 Name a Valid U.S. President #2
39,948 U.S. Presidential Quotes
38,034 The John F. Kennedy Presidency
36,992 Random U.S. Presidents by Picture
35,372 U.S. Presidential Trivia #2
34,139 People in Pictures with Ronald Reagan
29,764 Fill the White House with Presidents
29,174 The George W. Bush Presidency
28,551 U.S. President by Lie
28,213 The Bill Clinton Presidency
27,386 U.S. Presidents Who Died in Office
25,557US Presidents in Chronological Order
25,469 U.S. Presidents by Event
24,670Win the Presidential Election in 15 Seconds
24,444 Ten Least Guessed U.S. Presidents
22,722 The Abraham Lincoln Presidency
21,649 The Ronald Reagan Presidency
21,011 The Barack Obama Presidency
20,300 The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency
20,139 U.S. Presidents by Picture - Multiple Choice
19,290 The Richard Nixon Presidency
18,988 The George H. W. Bush Presidency
18,460 US Presidents Breakdown Puzzle #1
18,015 Random U.S. Vice President to President
17,983Win the 1828 U.S. Presidential Election
17,651 Add a Letter - Make a U.S. President
17,490 U.S. Presidents With Facial Hair By Picture
17,250 Governors Who Ran For President
16,784 Presidents that Beat Thomas Jefferson
16,413 The Jimmy Carter Presidency
16,356 U.S. Presidential Last Names as Baby Names
15,929 Presidential Actors
15,395 Presidential Running Mates Quiz
14,871 U.S. Presidents - Odd Man Out
14,872 U.S. Presidents to Win the Nobel Peace Prize
13,090 U.S. Presidents True or False
12,528 US Presidents in Film & TV - Picture Quiz
11,955 Birth States of U.S. Presidents - Click Quiz
11,708 The Thomas Jefferson Presidency
11,479Donald Trump's New Travel Ban
10,997 The Assassination of JFK
10,640 U.S. Presidential Knowledge - Multiple Choice
10,641 U.S. Vice Presidents Who Became President
9,955 George Washington... or George W. Bush?
9,662 U.S. Presidents Who Added the Most Territory
9,558 Franklin... or Theodore Roosevelt
9,359 U.S. Presidents by Place of Birth and Death
8,969 Random U.S. President by Clue
8,700 The George Washington Presidency
8,633US Presidents and their Vice Presidents
7,015 The John Adams Presidency
6,978 George Bush... or George Bush
6,649First Names of U.S. Presidents
6,422 The Theodore Roosevelt Presidency
6,091 The Kennedy Family
5,437 U.S. Vice Presidents in History
4,742Category Elimination - U.S. Presidents
4,360U.S presidents quiz
3,977The Only Remaining U.S. President . . .
3,638Worst US Presidents
3,434US Presidents By Political Party
3,347Birth State of US Presidents
3,074Presidents of the United States
2,940Head to Head - U.S. Presidents
2,899US Vice Presidents - One Minute Sprint
2,872Best US Presidents
2,748Ten Worst Presidents
2,676Picture Click: US Presidents
2,667One-Syllable US Presidents
2,491Presidential Military Service
2,206US Presidents by First Two Letters
2,182US Presidents in Alphabetical Order
2,0832016 Election-States that Donald Trump Won
2,063Greatest Presidents of the USA
2,048The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency
1,935Win the 1856 U.S. Presidential Election
1,854U.S. Presidents by their Signatures - Picture Quiz
1,808The Donald Trump Presidency
1,784Most-Visited States or Countries by Barack Obama
1,782US Presidential Nicknames (Complete)
1,756All American Presidents
1,741Anagram Chain - US Presidents
1,736Which U.S. Presidents or Vice Presidents are Still Alive
1,724U.S. Presidents in Chronological Order
1,683Living US Presidents
1,572Top 20 Most Famous US Presidents
1,499US Presidents Breakdown Puzzle #2
1,466U.S. Presidents with the Shortest Last Names
1,454U.S. Vice Presidents by Picture Quiz
1,389Top 10 Fattest Presidents
1,326Foreign Languages Spoken By Presidents
1,308U.S. Presidents Turned into Cartoon Characters
1,292US Presidents' Given Names by First Two Letters
1,217Top 10 Richest and Poorest U.S Presidents
1,200Donald Trump Decoder
1,191US Presidents that Never Served in the Military
1,172US Presidents Decoder #1
1,167Presidential Monograms
1,16210 Youngest Presidents
1,148First Names of US Presidents
1,147United States Trivia: Presidents
1,143Colleges & Universities of U.S. Presidents (undergrad)
1,127First 10 US Presidents Quiz
1,104Everyone to Ever Receive a Presidential Electoral Vote
1,061Religious Affiliations of U.S. Presidents
1,058Presidents by Official White House Portrait
983All 46 U.S. Presidents Trivia Quiz
963The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency
958First Children of the United States
951Presidents by Accomplishments
928Top 10 Most Viewed U.S. Presidents on Wikipedia
925US Presidents by Fun Facts
891US Presidents Who Have Been Impeached
888States from which the Most Presidents Came
886U.S. Presidents with the Highest Military Rank
879John F. Kennedy Quiz
876Presidential Conventions Quiz
864Donald Trump - Quotes
86425 Most Intelligent US Presidents(according to IQ)
858Wartime Presidents of the United States
843U.S Presidents, term dates, and parties
827US Presidents - Who came first?
825Most Significant US Presidents
812U.S. Presidential Election Losers
803US Presidents Full Names in Order
781Non-Protestant US Presidents
778Countries Never Visited by a Sitting U.S. President
766Presidents With the Most Cities Named After Them
740US Presidential Nicknames
732U.S. Presidents in Chronological Order
731U.S. Presidential Rematches
722Picture Wall: US Presidents #1
705Vice Presidents by President's Picture
686Two-Syllable US Presidents Quiz
685American presidents
683Abraham Lincoln Quotes Quiz
673US presidential candidates since 1804
662Presidents in Order
656Presidents on Mount Rushmore - Map Quiz
638Biggest Landslides in US Presidential Elections
637United States Presidents Trivia
628Event to President - Click Quiz
622Languages of the U.S. Presidents
618USA Presidents: First Name, Last Name, Year, Party
617Joe Biden Quiz
610states of the vice presidents of the United States
608Most Common Other Presidents in U.S. President's Wikipedia Pages
594Alliterative Presidential Names
591U.S. Presidents by Birthplace
590U.S. Presidents Who Added the Most States
577The Harry S. Truman Presidency
570Countries Affected by Donald Trump's Travel Ban
568Donald Trump Spelling Quiz
549US Presidents Whose Last Name Starts With J
548US Presidents Trivia Quiz
520Trump vs. Kanye West - Multiple choice
503US Presidents Whose Last Name Starts With C
497Longest Serving U.S. Presidents
497US Presidents in Chronological Order, with hints as you go along
488US Presidents Whose Last Names Start With B
487Birth States of American Presidents
476US Presidents Who Served Two Terms
455Who was US President?
450First names of all US presidents
441US presidents assassinated
434John F. Kennedy's Life, His Presidency, and His Family (Difficult)
426U.S. Vice Presidents by Picture - Multiple Choice
414Spot the Imposter - U.S. Presidents
40420 Most Tweeted Words by Donald Trump
402Who Was President During....
401The James Madison Presidency
400Most Important Presidents
387Picture Wall: US Presidents #2
384U.S. Presidents With the Rarest First Names
381U.S. Presidents Causes of Death
381Divided US Presidents Name Puzzle
377Donald Trump Decoder #2
371Top 10 Most Guessed US Presidents by French Speakers
357U.S. Presidents Quiz With Vice Presidents
357US Presidents Whose Last Names Start With T
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