U.S. State Capital Quizzes

Take a Random U.S. State Capital Quiz
Played: 1,166,127
Rating: 4.99
I finally learned them all. Can you name all 50?
Played: 121,066
Rating: 4.01
How many US state capitals can you name in one minute?
Played: 104,539
Rating: 4.12
When you type a state capital, all its neighbors within 500 km will be completed too. Can you get them all in 30 seconds?
Played: 95,109
Rating: 4.85
Can you guess each highlighted U.S. state capital on the map?
Played: 83,956
Rating: 4.52
In just 2:00, name the state that corresponds to each state capital.
Played: 59,152
Rating: 4.91
Name these 10 random state capitals of the map. The answers change every time you play!
Played: 59,091
Rating: 4.95
How many state capital cities can you name - but without the state as a hint?
Played: 53,982
Rating: 4.98
With the help of a map, can you name the 50 states of the U.S. and also their capitals?
Played: 51,046
Rating: 4.81
Given a random U.S. state capital, can you name the U.S. state it’s the capital of?
Played: 49,853
Rating: 3.97
Can you type the first 2 letters of each state capital in 45 seconds?
Played: 39,067
Rating: 4.14
Beat the clock to unscramble the names of these American state capitals.
Played: 37,825
Rating: 4.48
Can you name the 10 state capitals that have the highest population?
Played: 37,240
Rating: 4.53
Can you name the state capitals that get less than 1 inch of snow per year?
Played: 33,739
Rating: 4.91
Can you name a U.S state capital that falls under each category?
Played: 28,751
Rating: 4.86
Name the 10 westernmost capital cities in the United States.
Played: 27,836
Rating: 4.50
Try to name the 10 southernmost U.S. state capitals.
Played: 27,806
Rating: 4.49
Name the capitals of U.S. states that are geographically closest to Mexico.
Played: 25,382
Rating: 4.51
Name the ten oldest state capitals based on the first date of European settlement.
Played: 23,875
Rating: 4.35
Can you name the ten state capitals that get the most snow per year?
Played: 22,401
Rating: 4.50
Try to name the 10 northernmost state capitals in the U.S.
Played: 22,221
Rating: 4.50
Name the capitals of U.S. states that are geographically closest to Canada.
Played: 22,114
Rating: 4.33
Which 10 state capitals are furthest from any other?
Played: 21,530
Rating: 4.39
Solve the puzzles to guess the names of these U.S. state capitals.
Played: 21,423
Rating: 4.51
Can you name the ten easternmost US state capitals?
Played: 21,215
Rating: 4.56
Can you guess these U.S. state capitals based on how they got their name?
Played: 20,847
Rating: 4.57
There are six U.S state capitals whose city limits border the ocean. Can you name them all?
Played: 18,950
Rating: 4.26
Name the ten capital cities that have been guessed most frequently on the U.S. state capitals quiz.
Played: 17,888
Rating: 4.34
Can you name U.S. state capitals that are the greatest distance from the sea?
Played: 17,305
Rating: 4.79
All the blanks are U.S. state capitals. Based on the clues, guess the missing words.
Played: 16,553
Rating: 4.37
Can you name the ten state capitals that get the least precipitation per year?
Played: 14,477
Rating: 4.45
Name the state capital cities that have the highest elevation.
Played: 11,946
Rating: 4.23
For each selected category, name the state capital that ranks either #1 or #2.
Played: 11,791
Rating: 4.64
Can you name the U.S. state capitals with the highest yearly mean temperature?
Played: 11,617
Rating: 4.16
Name the U.S. state capitals which are the furthest from the border of the state.
Played: 10,915
Rating: 4.59
We give you the state capital of a state. Can you guess the most populous city of that same state?
Played: 10,897
Rating: 4.63
Try to guess the 10 U.S. state capitals which lie closest to the Great Lakes.
Played: 10,600
Rating: 4.14
Can you name the ten state capitals that get the most precipitation per year?
Played: 10,451
Rating: 4.50
Can you guess the U.S. state capitals with the lowest yearly mean temperature?
Played: 9,236
Rating: 4.56
Try to guess the 10 U.S. state capitals closest to the Mississippi River.
Played: 9,014
Rating: 4.48
For each category, name any U.S. state capital that ranks higher than Phoenix, Arizona. Have fun!
Played: 7,678
Rating: 4.26
Which U.S. state capital cities are geographically closest to Denver?
Played: 5,132
Rating: 4.34
We show you a U.S. State flag. Can you name the capital of that state?
Played: 4,517
Rating: 3.88
Played: 3,870
Rating: 4.93
Played: 3,699
Rating: 4.45
Played: 3,119
Rating: 4.67
Played: 1,873
Rating: 4.14
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