Valentine's Day Quizzes

Take a Random Valentine's Day Quiz
Played: 77,803
Rating: 4.10
Name the TV shows that featured these couples.
Played: 65,999
Rating: 4.05
We give you the couple, you name the movie or series they appeared in.
Played: 62,232
Rating: 3.81
Guess the last name of these famous married couples from history and the present.
Played: 60,086
Rating: 3.91
For every yin there is a ...
Played: 50,073
Rating: 4.00
Try to guess the significant others of these fictional characters.
Played: 40,821
Rating: 3.85
Scientists would say that love actually originates somewhere in the brain.
Played: 36,692
Rating: 3.63
Can you name the spouses of these celebrities?
Played: 15,100
Rating: 3.86
Based on the co-stars, name the romantic comedy.
Played: 14,807
Rating: 4.00
They say "All You Need is Love", but a little money is nice too.
Played: 13,697
Rating: 3.80
Guess these short Valentine's Day-themed answers.
Played: 10,882
Rating: 4.00
It's a classic chain quiz: The last letter of a word is the first letter of the next one.
Played: 10,211
Rating: 4.20
Can you guess these things that have something to do with a kiss?
Played: 9,712
Rating: 4.03
We give you the world leader. You name their spouse.
Played: 7,018
Rating: 4.16
Name these singers based on their current or ex-spouse.
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