Vocabulary Quizzes - Page 4

Played: 26,639
Rating: 4.20
Long, winter sleep for certain animals?
Played: 26,596
Rating: 4.07
Such as a large double-reed instrument.
Played: 26,377
Rating: 3.93
Can you guess these words that end in "man" based on a definition?
Played: 26,361
Rating: 4.20
Such as an airplane pilot.
Played: 26,343
Rating: 4.21
Guess these words and phrases associated with Jewish religion and culture.
Played: 25,623
Rating: 3.88
Guess these words you might hear around Christmas-time.
Played: 25,436
Rating: 4.11
Such a remedy for poisons.
Played: 25,288
Rating: 4.02
Such as a type of blue gem.
Played: 25,211
Rating: 4.18
Test and expand your vocabulary by completing the random English words from the definitions given.
Played: 25,021
Rating: 4.00
Such as a group of geese.
Played: 24,828
Rating: 4.08
Such as a hotel for dogs.
Played: 24,234
Rating: 3.48
Can you guess these words that have entered the lexicon in the last 20 years or so?
Played: 24,178
Rating: 4.03
Those Italians sure do like their double C's!
Played: 24,118
Rating: 5.00
Can you name a five letter word that starts with A and contains B? Now, can you do this for every combination of two letters?
Played: 23,795
Rating: 3.92
Guess these words that contain a color.
Played: 23,210
Rating: 4.40
Based on the definition, guess these words related to climate and weather.
Played: 23,204
Rating: 4.32
Name the languages that gave us these words.
Played: 23,084
Rating: 3.76
Guess these vocabulary words that start with the prefix Dis.
Played: 22,786
Rating: 4.29
Baby bird's noise / to look furtively?
Played: 22,781
Rating: 3.12
Nobles = Nobility. Machines = Machinery. Get it?
Played: 22,594
Rating: 3.08
Such as a defective car.
Played: 22,526
Rating: 4.47
Based on a definition, can you guess these words that end in "ium"?
Played: 22,290
Rating: 3.33
Guess these words that start with Non.
Played: 21,680
Rating: 4.10
I before E except in this quiz.
Played: 21,462
Rating: 4.67
Name these Italian musical direction words.
Played: 21,147
Rating: 4.31
Breakfast dish made with eggs?
Played: 21,041
Rating: 4.09
Bovine? Sonic? We give you the word. You tell us what it pertains it to.
Played: 20,975
Rating: 4.05
Based on the definitions, guess the words that are also the names of TV shows.
Played: 20,940
Rating: 4.24
Can you guess these English words that originally came from a Native American language?
Played: 19,961
Rating: 3.86
Guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter J.
Played: 19,916
Rating: 3.95
Such as a person who helps elect a pope.
Played: 19,738
Rating: 4.23
Have you watched enough "Law & Order" to guess these American legal terms?
Played: 19,697
Rating: 3.65
Guess the common synonym for these uncommon words.
Played: 18,818
Rating: 4.20
Based on the definitions, guess these words used in American politics.
Played: 18,542
Rating: 4.16
Guess these vocabulary words related to horses.
Played: 18,536
Rating: 4.41
Feel smart and fancy by completing the English words from their definitions. Correct spelling is required.
Played: 18,434
Rating: 3.95
When the moon passes in front of the sun, for example.
Played: 18,177
Rating: 3.84
Can you guess these compound words based on a definition?
Played: 17,676
Rating: 4.97
For each definition, select the correct word from the four optio.. STOP THIEF! A thief has stolen one letter from each correct answer, making it harder for you to spot!
Played: 17,616
Rating: 3.95
Based on the definition, guess these words that are also movie titles.
Played: 17,343
Rating: 3.88
Such as a mythical dwarf-like creature.
Played: 17,104
Rating: 4.24
Such as an Islamic place of worship.
Played: 16,973
Rating: 4.42
Use the definitions to guess these words that all start with the prefix "mono".
Played: 16,933
Rating: 3.92
Guess theses vocabulary words that end with -ize.
Played: 16,749
Rating: 3.69
Guess these five letter vocabulary words where the last letter of each word is the first letter of the next.
Played: 16,719
Rating: 3.58
Guess the common synonym for these uncommon words.
Played: 15,898
Rating: 3.86
We give you a pair of definitions. You guess the homonym.
Played: 15,865
Rating: 4.46
Try to guess these vocabulary words of increasing length.
Played: 15,757
Rating: 4.36
Such as a person who drives out evil spirits.
Played: 15,589
Rating: 4.10
Test and expand your vocabulary by guessing these English words of French origin based on a definition.