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Can you guess whether the answer is England, Wales, or both?
Can you name the 22 principal areas (commonly known as counties) of Wales?
Can you answer these questions about the country of Wales? Well, can you?
Name these famous Welsh people, past and present.
34,914 England or Wales?
27,904 Counties of Wales
25,132 The Wales Quiz
8,764 Famous Welsh People
2,873Biggest cities/towns in Wales
2,430Geography of Wales
2,293Top Countries by Welsh population
2,054Wales Quiz
1,998Counties of Wales Map Quiz
1,966The Welsh Quiz
1,624Every City and Town in Wales on a Map
1,144History of Wales Quiz
942Welsh Clubs in the English Football League
933Welsh Words
909Click to Translate - Welsh
875wales rugby quiz
871Wales Squad UEFA Euro 2016
827Famous Welsh People By Picture
820Wales - On a Map!
809Wales 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
649Translate These Countries From Welsh to English
587Wales National Football Team
579Spelling the longest place name in wales
459Wales Rugby
448Wales Rugby - 20 or more test tries
402Top 5 Welsh cities in Welsh
376Wales Euro 2020 Squad
364Cardiff City FC Quiz
316Wales Rugby Squad World Cup 2015
312Welsh Towns and Cities with more than 25,000 inhabitants
279Cardiff quiz
272Counties of Wales
259Wales Trivia
254Wales Rugby - Grand Slam winning teams 2005-2012
250England - Wales UEFA Euro 2016
240Name the Welsh Cities
229Wales Football Top Scorers
210Wales Football Team World Cup Starting XI
187Cardiff City FC 2018-2019 Squad
182Wales Rugby - 100 or more caps
173Wales Rugby - Highest Pointscorers
170Cardiff City Premier League Players
159All Cardiff & Valley Lines Local Railway Stations
153Cardiff City: The Premier League Years
147What's That Welsh Animal?
129Historic counties of Wales.
116Wales's 2016 Football Team (last three letters)
110Wales - Belgium UEFA Euro 2016 - Quarter Finals
109Preserved counties of Wales.
108Football Clubs Managed by Mark Hughes
101Portugal - Wales UEFA Euro 2016 - Semi Finals
93Wales Quiz
85Seven Wonders of Wales.
81South Wales or New South Wales?
802022 FIFA World Cup Group B - Wales - England
78Name these Welsh People
78Wales Rugby - Most Tests as Captain
74Wales National Rugby Team
742022 FIFA World Cup Group B - United States - Wales
60Euro 2020 Group A - Italy - Wales
58Wales - Northern Ireland UEFA Euro 2016 - Round Of 16
55Euro 2020 Group A - Turkey - Wales
55Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Wales - Denmark
53Cardiff City Premier League XIs
5350 Welsh Musical Acts by Songs
48Euro 2020 Group A - Wales - Switzerland
41Wales - Slovakia UEFA Euro 2016
39Every Premier League Goalscorer for Cardiff City
372022 FIFA World Cup Group B - Wales - Iran
37Wales County Quiz - Gwynedd
29Wales County Quiz - Dyfed
29Numbers 1-10 in Welsh
29Wales County Quiz - Clwyd
28Footballers by Picture - Wales
27Wales County Quiz - Gwent
27Wales County Quiz - South Glamorgan
25Wales County Quiz - Powys
25Cardiff City Best Scorer By Year
22UK Town and City Trivia - Swansea
21Wales County Quiz - Mid Glamorgan
19Wales Rugby - Most Dropped Goals
18Cardiff City FC Top goal scorers
16Wales County Quiz - West Glamorgan
13Howl's Trilogy Most Mentioned Characters by Book
5Welsh singers
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