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Can you guess these facts about the country of Nigeria?
Name these facts about the country of Ghana.
Can you guess these facts about the country of Mali?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Burkina Faso?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Guinea-Bissau?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Senegal?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Niger?
Can you answer these questions about the country of Benin?
Can you guess these questions about the country of Liberia?
Can you guess these facts about the Ivory Coast?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Togo?
34,332 Nigeria Country Quiz
20,455 Ghana Country Quiz
18,703 Guinea-Bissau Country Quiz
18,522 Mali Country Quiz
18,479 Burkina Faso Country Quiz
17,383 Senegal Country Quiz
16,827 Niger Country Quiz
16,726 Benin Country Quiz
16,373 Liberia Country Quiz
16,251 Ivory Coast Country Quiz
14,920 Sierra Leone Country Quiz
14,429 Cape Verde Country Quiz
14,425 Togo Country Quiz
14,265 Guinea Country Quiz
14,076 Mauritania Country Quiz
13,641 Gambia Country Quiz
3,817States of Nigeria on a Map
3,580Countries Closest to Ghana
2,018Countries Closest to Cabo Verde
1,785Biggest Cities in Nigeria on a map
1,381Countries Closest to Burkina Faso
1,30750 Biggest Cities in Nigeria on a Map
1,237What countries border Niger?
1,116Flags of Countries That Border Guinea
1,008Togo... or Tonga?
956Ethnicities of Nigeria on a Map
936Flags of West African Countries
838Niger... or Nigeria?
834Places with the Most Nigerians
814Countries that Beat Nigeria
763States of Nigeria
753Regions of Ivory Coast
745Countries Closest to Mali
693Regions of Mali on a Map
692Regions of Senegal with a Map
682Countries Closest to Nigeria
680Regions of Mauritania with a Map
656Regions of Niger with a Map
633Senegal 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
595Countries Closest to Mauritania
595Counties of Liberia with a Map
578Countries Closest to Niger
576Gambia... or Zambia?
565Ghana 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
542Mauritania... or Mauritius?
539Countries Closest to Senegal
511Niger... or Nigeria?
50610 Biggest Cities: Nigeria
483Regions of Guinea with a Map
479Countries Bordering Burkina Faso
456Macaronesian Islands by population (Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores, Cape Verde).
442Ghana Immigration by Country
434Countries Bordering Burkina Faso - Map Quiz
428Ghana Trivia
415Western Sahara Trivia
414Ivory Coast Football Team World Cup Starting XI
403Countries that Visit Gambia the Most
391African West Coast on a Map
374Ghana Football Team World Cup Starting XI
348Countries Bordering Cote d'Ivoire - Map Quiz
344Regions of Ghana Map Quiz
327Countries that Visit Ghana the Most
310West African Geography Quiz
301Regions of Burkina Faso with a Map
298Cape Verde's Islands
291Biggest Cities in Ghana on a Map
290History of Nigeria Quiz
289Senegal Football Team World Cup Starting XI
284Countries that border Mali
27420 Biggest Cities in Nigeria
268Countries Bordering Nigeria
258Ivory Coast National Football Team
252Countries Bordering Mali
240Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Nigeria
239Nigeria Football Team World Cup Starting XI
236Biggest Cities in Niger Quiz
236Biggest Trading Partners - Nigeria
235Countries Bordering Burkina Faso (with map)
214Three Main Ethnic Groups of Nigeria
210Libya... or Liberia?
209Geography of Nigeria
208Countries Closest to Cabo Verde A-Z
201Countries Bordering Senegal
198Anything but Mauritania
197Liberian Counties Flag Map Quiz
195Biggest Cities in Mali
194Teams that Sadio Mané Has Played For
187Countries that border Burkina Faso
187Countries Bordering Benin
187Countries Bordering Cote d'Ivoire ( Ivory Coast )
182All 100k+ Cities in Nigeria on a Map
181Senegal 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
17910 Biggest Cities in the Ivory Coast
173Ivorian soccer players scoring during the World Cup
1726 Largest cities in Ghana
171Countries That Border The Gambia
169Countries that Had a Colony in the Gold Coast
168Nigeria A-Z
166Nigeria 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
164Countries Closest to Nigeria - One Minute Sprint
163Countries Visiting The Gambia the Most
163Ghana Country Quiz
162Ghanaian soccer players scoring during the World Cup
161Countries Bordering Mauritania
160Largest cities in Togo
159Countries Bordering Togo
158Countries Closest to Guinea-Bissau
153Countries that Beat Ghana
149Click to Translate - Wolof
149Nigerian soccer players scoring during the World Cup
148Countries bordering Liberia
146Countries Bordering Ghana
141Regions of Ghana (With a Map)
134Countries Bordering Mauritania
134Countries Bordering Niger
1325 Largest cities in Senegal
128Countries that Border Niger
128Countries Bordering Guinea
126The Mali Empire
122Countries Closest to Nigeria A-Z
120Malawi or Mali
118All 1M+ Cities in Nigeria
118Countries Closest To Benin
117Gambia Country Quiz
114Countries Bordering Guinea-Bissau
109Countries with an Embassy in Togo
107Communes of Benin with a Map
101Biggest Cities in Nigeria
10010 Biggest Cities in Nigeria in 2100
99Countries Closest to Burkina Faso with a map
99Click to Translate - Hausa
97Most Capped Footballers for Nigeria
97Click to Translate - Yoruba
97Biggest Cities in Nigeria
93Côte d'Ivoire First Level Subdivisions
91Countries that border Burkina Faso
902022 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 - England - Senegal
88Biggest Cities in Guinea
88Largest cities in Benin
88Biggest Cities in Sierra Leone
87Benin First Level Subdivisions
85Burkina Faso First Level Subdivisions
83Countries Bordering Sierra Leone
83Countries Bordering Burkina Faso
82Largest Cities in Nigeria
822022 FIFA World Cup Group A - Senegal - Netherlands
78Countries Bordering Niger (With Map)
77Countries that border Nigeria
77Presidents of Nigeria Quiz
75Countries that invaded Gambia in 2017
75Provinces of Burkina Faso with a Map
73Top 10 Biggest Cities In Senegal
72County Flags of Liberia
725 Biggest Cities : Ghana
71Largest cities in Cote d'Ivoire
71Top 10 Nigerian PL scorers
70Countries Bordering (Countries Bordering) Mauritania
68Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Nigeria with a Map
68Countries That Border Senegal
65Click to Translate - Mandinka
64Footballers by Picture - Ivory Coast
62Which countries with 'Guinea' on its name...?
62Niger or Nigeria
62Cote D'Ivoire country Quiz
61Countries that border Mali
602021 Africa Cup of Nations Final Senegal - Egypt
5910 Biggest Cities in Mali
58Top 10 Largest Cities in Mauritania
58Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for Ghana
5710 Closest Megacities to Lagos
56Largest cities in Mauritania
5610 Biggest Cities in Ghana
55Countries That Border Guinea
552022 FIFA World Cup Group A - Ecuador - Senegal
54Which City in Nigeria?
54Burkina Faso Quiz
54Countries Bordering Niger
53African Countries Larger Than Mauritania
53Largest cities in Guinea-Bissau
51Word Scramble - Nigerian Cities
512022 FIFA World Cup Group H - Portugal - Ghana
50Largest Cities in Nigeria (Top 100)
49Countries Bordering Niger
49Most Capped International Footballers for Cote d'Ivoire
49Guinea-Bissau Country Quiz
48Countries with Ghanaian embassies
48FIFA World Cup 2010: Quarterfinal Uruguay vs Ghana
46Countries bordering Niger
46Largest cities in Burkina Faso
46Countries Closest to Senegal - One Minute Sprint
46Countries with embassies and consulates in Benin
455 Biggest Cities : Sierra Leone
44Countries with Nigerian embassies
43Countries Closest to Senegal - 30 Second Sprint
42Top 25 Trading Partners - Ghana
412022 FIFA World Cup Group A - Qatar - Senegal
41Largest cities in Togo
40Countries with embassies and consulates in Mali
39Countries with Gambian embassies
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