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19Cities by suburb: Ireland
19Top 5 Tennis Grand Slam Belgian Women's Players in Open Era
19Chief Conductors of the Berlin Philharmonic
19Sevilla Scorers in Liga 2019-20
1920 biggest nordic islands
19Portuguese District Capitals
19Wales Rugby - Most Dropped Goals
19FC Barcelona Players - Rocket League
19Biggest Cities in Iceland
19Current West Ham Squad
19Every Primary Sponsor of the League Cup (EFL Cup) in History
19ZAYN - Calamity (Lyrics)
19Tour de France 2020 - Classified climbs
19Doctor Who Series 6
19Norwegian Prime Ministers before WWII
19Real Valladolid Best Scorer By Year
19Catania Best Scorer By Year
19Oh My God - Adele - All Lyrics
19Footballers by Picture - Fulham
19Every Premier League Goalscorer for Oldham Athletic
19West Ham United Squad 2019-2020
19Can I get it- Adele (30) Lyrics
19Top 10 Middlesbrough Premier League Appearances
19Arsenal 2017/18 Squad
19Top 10 Norwich City Premier League Most Assists
19Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest
18Regions of Faroe Islands with a Map
18Adele - One line from every song
18Every Premier League Goalscorer for Swindon Town
18Films of Luc Besson
18Azores islands Parishes (Freguesias) with a Map
18Arsenal FC
18Cardiff City FC Top goal scorers
18Province's Quiz of The Netherlands
18OIAS Countries
18Most Penalties Faced - Premier League Goalkeepers
18One Direction and Solo Songs
18Political Geography: Spanish Colonies #2
18Arsenal WFC 23/24
18Cremonese Best Scorer By Year
18West Ham Squad
18Every Primary Sponsor of the FA Cup in History
17Villarreal Scorers in Liga 2019-20
17UK Town and City Trivia - Inverness
17French Open Tennis Women's Finalists
17Darmstadt Best Scorer By Year
17Top 10 Queens Park Rangers Premier League Appearances
17Name the 9 states of Austria and then the capitals
17Every Arsenal Player as of 8/20/23
17Top 10 Nottingham Forest Premier League Most Assists
17Top 10 Middlesbrough Premier League Most Assists
17Bond Girls by Synonym
17Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest
17Oldham Athletic: The Premier League Years
17Doctor Who Series 11
17Reading: The Premier League Years
17Every Premier League Player of 2020-2021, Part 1 Arsenal-Sheffield Und
17Fill in the Wiki Blanks - Germany
17Police Albums Tile Select
16Born in Berlin
16Wales County Quiz - West Glamorgan
16Romeo & Juliet - Theme: Conflict and the Feud
16Romeo & Juliet - Tybalt and Benvolio
16Bastia Best Scorer By Year
16German states by bordering states
16Elche Best Scorer By Year
16Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest
16SHAED (with ZAYN) - Trampoline (Lyrics)
16Random German license plates (2 letters)
16Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality characters by mentions
16biggest cities in Iceland
16Lecce Best Scorer By Year
1630 Tracklist (Adele)
16Largest lakes in Denmark
16Lovesong- Adele (21)
16Winners of Norway Chess
16British Cities and Towns by Picture - 3
15ZAYN - Entertainer (Lyrics)
15Crown Dependency Quiz - Isle of Man
15Inland regions of France
15Howl's Trilogy Most Mentioned Characters by Book
15GAA All Ireland Football Winning Team 2004
15Municipalities of Greenland
15Tintin Comics
15Doctor Who season 8
15Doctor Who series 10 Episodes
15Nancy Best Scorer By Year
14Iceland's Olympic Medal Events
142020 Six Nations - France Squad
142020-21 S.S. Lazio Squad
14Most Capped Footballers for Germany -- Women
14He Won't Go- Adele (21)
14Hold On- Adele (30) Lyrics
14Mamma Mia Cast
14The Atlantic Archipelago
14Provinces of the Netherlands
14Getafe Scorers in Liga 2019-20
14Top 10 Aston Villa scorers
14Troyes Best Scorer By Year
14Highest Goalscorers in La Liga 2023/24
14The Lord of the Rings Actors
14Top 5 Songs On 25 (Adele)
14Mammals of Germany
14Doctor Who Series 9
14Doctor Who Series 10
14Depeche Mode Countries #2
13Doctor Who Series 8
13Monza Best Scorer By Year
13Monarchs of Liechtenstein 1608-
13Swindon Town Premier League XIs
13Byzantine Emperors
13Top 5 Songs On 30 (Adele)
13Fill in the Wiki Blanks - France
13Doctor Who Series 8 Episodes
13City Football Group Clubs
13ZAYN - Love Like This (Lyrics)
13Cities of Andorra
13The Police - Regatta de Blanc
13The Police - Ghost in the Machine
13Lazio all-time top scorers
13UK Town and City Trivia - Canterbury
12The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta
12ZAYN - Let Me (Lyrics)
12Oldham Athletic Premier League XIs
12Doctor Who series 11 episodes
12Roman Tribes
12GAA All Ireland Football Winning Team 2007
12Daydreamer- Adele (19)
12Good Years - ZAYN
12Doctor Who Series 9 Episodes
12Woman Like Me- Adele (30) Lyrics
12Cry Your Heart Out- Adele (30) Lyrics
1220 longest nordic rivers
12Name cities/towns in Westfjords, Iceland
12Greek Historical Figures by Picture
1120 largest nordic lakes
11AC Milan Placements in Serie A by Year
11Wards of Monaco
11UK Town and City Trivia - Gloucester
111.FC Union Berlin Squad 2020-2021
11Huesca Best Scorer By Year
11I'll Be Waiting- Adele (21)
11Remedy- Adele (25)
11Top 10 Queens Park Rangers Premier League Most Assists
11Finnish regions by bordering regions
10Reptiles and Amphibians of Germany
10Right As Rain- Adele (19)
10All Kings in/of Prussia
10UK Town and City Trivia - Bradford
10LOTR: Rulers of Middle-Earth: Chieftains of the Dúnedain
10Top 10 Wigan Athletic Premier League Most Assists
10Adele Discography (Hard)
1020 largest nordic municipalities
10National Parks of Germany
10Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest
10Revolutionary anti-Ottoman organizations' flags
10Increasing Biggest Cities #004 - Andorra
10Olympians From Every Region of Italy
10Lewis Capaldi Charting Songs (Bubbling Under)
10Adele Filmography
10Nîmes Best Scorer By Year
10GAA All Ireland Football Winning Team 2006
10MLB London Series Teams
9Yoyo's Byzantine Word Chain
9First Love- Adele (19)
9Name the 15 highest mountains in Austria in the correct order
920 largest nordic rivers
9Prime Ministers of Prussia 1848-1945 - with picture
9Almeria Best Scorer By Year
9Ajaccio Best Scorer By Year
921 Tracklist (Adele)
9Crown Dependency Quiz - Guernsey
9Crown Dependency Quiz - Jersey
8Heidenheim Best Scorer By Year
8Romeo and Juliet Movie Songs
8BBL (UK Basketball League)
82021 Rugby League World Cup Cities
8Ipswich Town all-time top scorers
8Melt My Heart To Stone- Adele (19)
8Wards of Monaco by Population Density
8Municipalities of Greenland
8Tired- Adele (19)
820 deepest nordic lakes
8Presidents of Greece-3rd Hellenic Republic
7Wild Wild West- Adele (30) Bonus Track
7Top 5 Songs On 19 (Adele)
7Fill in the Wiki Blanks - Italy
7Sedan Best Scorer By Year
7SS Lazio Squad 2019-2020
7Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest
7Crazy For You- Adele (19)
7Best For Last- Adele (19)
7Cold Shoulder- Adele (19)
6Tengwar Letters
6French Top 14 Rugby Logos
6Adele Charting Songs (Billboard Hot Rap / R&B)
6Lewis Capaldi Albums on the Billboard 200
6wRoNg - ZAYN Feat. Kehlani - All Lyrics
6I Found A Boy- Adele (21)
5Parishes of Andorra