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Admit it, you liked these songs.
Union's been on strike, he's down his luck it's tough. So tough!
Try to name the musical acts who recorded the most-played songs of all time on Spotify.
Try to name the musical acts who recorded the most-viewed music videos of all-time on Youtube.
Name the musical artists or groups behind these hits from the 2000s.
Name the musical acts who performed these hits from the decade of the 2000s.
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear.
Timeless hits and complete garbage.
Name the musical acts who recorded these 1970s hits.
One of these singers would do anything for love (but not that).
263,313 Who Did that Pop Song #1
139,398 Who Did That 1980s Song #1
107,503 Most-Played Songs on Spotify
104,888 Most-Viewed YouTube Music Videos
82,288 Who Did That 2000s Song #2
69,826 Who Did That 1970s Song #1
60,536 Who Did That 2000s Song #1
58,677 Who Did That 1980s Song #2
52,473 Who Did That 1990s Song #1
51,018 Who Did That 2000s Song #3
48,987 Who Did That Hip Hop Song #1
42,419 Who Did That 1970s Song #2
41,939 Who Did That 1990s Song #2
39,014 Who Did That 1960s Song #1
38,083 Who Did That 1980s Song #3
36,154 Who Did That 1990s Song #3
35,120 Who Did That Hip Hop Song #2
34,768 Who Did That Power Ballad Quiz
31,405 Who Did That 1960s Song #2
26,829 Pre 2000s Artists in the Top 500 on Spotify
25,233 Hair Band Songs Quiz
24,658 Who Did that Pop Song #2
20,7571000 artists by the name of one of their popular songs
20,453 Who Did That Indie Song Quiz
17,180 Who Did That Feel-Good Song
15,587 Songs with Love in the Title
15,113 Who Did That Country Song
14,412100 rock bands by song title
11,284 Who Did that Motown Song
8,613Who Sang That Song? #1 (80s)
7,857 Who Did that Glee Song
7,803100 Rock Bands By Album
7,7491,000 Rock Bands by their most Popular Song
7,299Classic Rock Bands
6,920Ultimate Classic Hip-Hop & Rap Songs
6,839 Who Did that Guitar Hero Song
6,15180's Rock Quiz
6,082 Who Did That Jazz Song Quiz
4,956Who Sang That Song? #3 (70s)
4,301Who Sang That Song? #2 (90s)
3,445Who Sang That Song? #6 (60s)
3,386Who did that 2010's Song
3,378Name That Hip Hop Artist
2,871Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap artists by song
2,866Rolling Stones' 100 Greatest Songs
2,7892014 Music Hits
2,119Female Singers by Hit Song
2,033metal bands (basic)
1,898Who Sang That Song? #5 (00s)
1,865Famous Hip-Hop Songs
1,611Songs of 1983
1,578Name That Band 1
1,473Guess Rappers Name By Popular Song
1,422Who Sang These Songs: The 2000s Music Quiz
1,401Ultimate 80s Songs Quiz
1,308Songs of 1981
1,284History of Rap, Part I
1,240Indie Bands (By Song)
1,223Glee Songs by Artist
1,186Songs of 1980
1,168Metal bands
1,136Songs Of The 1960s #2
1,022Best British Single Winners
1,020Name That Band 2
951Canadian Singers
941Guess the singer by the song pop music
912Who sang these 1970s and 1980s songs? #1
860Which Artist Belongs to Which Song?
846Grunge Bands by Song
831Artist by Song Title
775Kpop Groups / Artists by Songs
769Rock Bands With Bad Grammar
720Who sang these 1970s and 1980s songs - Random
698Indie Bands by Discography
686music trivia: 2010 songs and artists
686Name the rapper from their songs
668Rock Musical Acts by Song
666History of Rap, Part II
652Deceased Musicians
640Name the singers of these songs!
572Who Did That Indie Song #2
562History of Rap, Part III
560200 Artists by One of their Songs - NOT in the 1000 Quiz
542Indie Artists by Song
529Name The EDM Artist(s) By Their Song
513Name That Indie Band
507Who Did That TikTok Song #1
500Featuring Artist Music Quiz
495Songs w/ Weather Terms in the Title
474Who sang these 1970s and 1980s songs? #2
465Who Did That 2000's Song #4
398Who Sang It? 1963-2015
369Long One Word Band Names
327250 Musical Artists Everyone Should Know
3101970's UK Punk Rock Singles
303Rain songs
289Power Ballads
245music trivia: 1979 songs and artists
235A-Z Band Names 1980's
221music trivia: 1980 songs and artists
186music trivia: 2008 songs and artists
186A-Z Band Names 1970's
167music trivia: 2012 songs and artists
165Music Trivia: 1986 Songs and Artists
165Heavy Metal Hits: Late 70's/Early 80's
163music trivia: 1971 songs and artists
163music trivia: 2009 songs and artists
161Bands With Numbers In Their Name
152Who created this electro song?
142Music Trivia: 1976 songs and artists
139music trivia: 1999 songs and artists
138music trivia: 1983 songs and artists
1281970's Glam Rock
125Music Trivia: 2006 songs and artists
123music trivia: 1973 songs and artists
121music trivia: songs and artists of 2004
120Disco Hits 1970's & Early '80's #1
116music trivia: 2013 songs and artists
114music trivia: 1978 songs and artists
114A-Z Band Names 1960's
111music trivia: 1982 songs and artists
109music trivia: Songs and artists of 1981
108music trivia: 1968 songs and artists
108Music Trivia: 2018 Songs
103Prog Rock 1970's
103music trivia: 1990 songs and artists
97A-Z Band Names: 2000's
90Music Trivia: Songs and Artists of 1992
87music trivia: songs and artists of 1994
87music trivia: 1989 songs and artists
83music trivia: 2001 songs and artists
82Country & Western Songs: 1950's - 1980's
79Music Trivia: Songs and Artists of 1993
78A-Z Band/Artist Names 1990's
76Disco Hits 1970's & Early '80's #2
76music trivia: 1961 songs and artists
74Songs With American Place Names - 1970's
74Disco Hits 1970's & Early '80's #3
73music trivia: 1962 songs and artists
72Music Trivia: Beach Boys Vocalists
71Who did that hip hop song? #3
70Music trivia: 1996 songs and artists
67who did that hip hop song? #4
64music trivia: 1957 songs and artists
63music trivia: 2003 songs and artists
63Click the Songs about Vehicles
59Songs With American Place Names - 1980's & 1990's
541970's UK Punk Rock Singles #2
51Music Trivia: Power Pop Edition
50music trivia: 1959 songs and artists
48music trivia: 1956 songs and artists
47music trivia: songs and artists of 1995
46Music Trivia: Gospel Songs and Artists
46Songs With American Place Names - 1960's
45music trivia: songs from the year 2000
43Songs With Animals In The Title
39Songs With American Place Names - Punk/Alt/Indie
33Songs With World Cities In The Title ( Alt, Punk & Indie)
31Songs With American Place Names - 1950's
21Music Trivia: '30s Songs and Artists
9Music Trivia: Brill Building Songwriters
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