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Name the teams with the most all-time Winter Olympic medals.
Name the cities or places that have hosted (or will host) the Winter Olympics.
Name the countries that have the most downhill skiing.
Name the countries that have won a medal in men's or women's ice hockey.
Can you name the teams that won the most medals at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing? Good luck!
Can you answer these questions about the Winter Olympics?
Guess the countries that won the most medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
146,092 Countries with the Most Winter Olympics Medals
68,044 Winter Olympics Hosts Quiz
44,252 Countries with the Most Downhill Skiing
26,771 Olympic Medalists in Ice Hockey
24,165 2022 Winter Olympics Medal Table
23,5552018 Winter Olympics Medal Table
18,663 Winter Olympics General Knowledge
5,093 Women's Figure Skating Champions
4,841Winter Olympics Top 4 Countries
2,391Hockey Teams in the 2014 Olympics
1,539Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Gold Medalists
1,518Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Top 4 Positions
1,501Best Countries in Alpine Skiing
1,329NHL Canada 2014 Olympic Hockey Team
1,080Figure Skating Jumps
1,054Ski jumping all time best jumpers
1,042Countries with a gold medal on winter olympics
1,018Top Ski Jumping Countries in the Olympics
984Winter Olympics - Alpine Skiing
977Countries with most number of medals in 2014 Winter Olympics
8152018 Winter Olympics Medal Countries, with a map
704Winners of the ski jumping overall world cup
698Countries that have ever Won a Winter Olympics Medal
6832022 Winter Olympics Medal Table - IOC Rankings
657Countries with Ski Jumping Areas
654Winter Olympics - Biathlon
642FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Men Overall winners
618Cities that Hosted the Winter Olympics on the Map
601Figure Skating Quiz
58210 Best Ski Jumping Countries in the Olympics
542Alpine Skiing - The Downhill Classics: Wengen, Kitzbühel, Gröden
542Winter Olympics
539Winter Olympic Sports by Symbol
509Olympic Medalist Countries in Figure Skating
508Ten best U.S. states for skiing
498NHL Canada 2010 Olympic Hockey Team
499Ski jumping four hills tournament winners
472Winter Olympics - Cross Country Skiing
441Canadian Olympic Hockey Players NHL era
369Countries with more Olympic Winter Medals than Summer Medals
369Ski jumping - Winners of world cup (big globe)
367Ski Jumping World Cup host cities
325Cross-Country Skiing: Men's World Cup Medalists
321Top 16 Countries at the Olympic Games (Figure Skating)
310Countries with the Most Winter Olympic Medals
303Ski Jumping World Cup - Winners' Countries
294Countries That Have Participated in Every Winter Olympics
294NHL Canada 2002 Olympic Hockey Team
293What is this ski jumper?/Co to za skoczek narciarski
281Top Countries in Cross Country Skiing - Olympics
281Winners of the alpine skiing overall world cup
279Winter Olympics - Ski Jumping
264Olympic Figure Skating Champions (Women)
263Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics - Medal Winners
256Winter Olympics - Curling
252Ski jumping - all jumpers with points in season 2018/2019
251Figure Skating Medal Table at All Winter Olympics
245Winners of the alpine skiing overall world cup (women)
244Largest Teams at 2018 Winter Olympics
240Ski Jumping World Cup - Host Countries
226Winter Olympics - Speed Skating
225Five Top Winter Olympic Medal-Winning Countries by Continent
218Gold Medal Countries at 2014 Winter Olympics (with a map)
212Men's Figure Skating Champions
211NHL Canada 1998 Olympic Hockey Team
206All Team Canada Players (Men)
195FIS Alpine Skiing Disciplines
194Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Alpine Skiing Men
194NHL Canada 2006 Olympic Hockey Team
192Ski jumping world champions
190Winter Olympics - Ice Hocky
183European Countries with the Most Ski Resorts
175Winter Olympics - Snowboarding
171Ski Jump World Cup Medalists
169Countries With Most Athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics
167FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Stations Picture Quiz
1682018 Winter Olympics Medal Count
161Countries that Competed in the First Winter Olympics (1924)
159FIS Alpine Skiing Slopes Picture Quiz
158Identify the ski jumper from the scattered letters
155Countries which Bid for the Winter Olympics
153Top 13 Countries at the Olympic Games (Alpine Skiing)
152Cross-Country Skiing: Women's World Cup Medalists
148Choose a ski jumper after his birthday
148Countries participating in the Sochi Olympics
143Winter Olympics ski jumping large hill men's team Top 4 Positions
139Ice hockey final goal scorers from Finland
124Countries That Have Won a Winter Olympics Medal - Two Minute Sprint
124Ski Jumping Olympic Medalists
123Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Alpine Skiing Women
113Every Country With At least 1 Medal In The Winter Olympics
106Winter Olympics - Nordic Combined
106All Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Winners (Men)
99Cross-Country Skiing World Cup - Host Countries
99Team USA at the Olympics - 2006 to 2014 (Ice Hockey)
91Winter Olympics: Countries by most medals won
88The 10 oldest World Cup winners in ski jumping
85Winter Olympics - Luge
85Winter Olympics Host Nations
84Cross-country Skiing: Men's 50 km World Champions
81Cross-country Skiing: Men's 15 km World Champions
802014 Winter Olympics
78All countries with 10 or more gold medals in the winter Olympics
67All Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Winners (Women)
67Best Ski Jumpers
67Countries in the 2018 Winter Olympics
66Ski Jump: World Cup Winners
64Winter Olympics men's cross-country skiing 4x10km Top 4 Positions
64Winter Olympics Hosts by Year Quiz
64Cross-country Skiing: Sprint World Champions
61Ski Jumping World Cup winners
60Olympic Medalists in Ski Jumping
59FIS Ski Jumping Worldcup Winners
57Countries that have won the most gold medals Winter Olympics
55All Olympic Hockey Silver Medal Winners (Men)
552018 Winter Olympics - Virtual Medal Table
55Winter Olympics women's cross-country skiing 4x5km Top 4 Positions
53Most Populous Host Cities of the Winter Olympics
52Google AutoComplete by Starting Letter - Skiing/Scuba Diving/Trekking/Cycling/Museums/Theatres in...
52Cross-country Skiing: Women's 30 km World Champions
50Speed Skating at the Winter Olympics
49Winter Olympics Host-Fast
45Snowboarding at the Winter Olympics
45All Olympic Hockey Bronze Medal Winners (Men)
43United States 2002 Olympic Hockey Team
42Every Time Norway Have Finished 1st In Vinter-Olympics
40Tropical Countries in the Winter Olympics
38Canada Olympic Men's Hockey Combined Gold Medalist
372002 Winter Olympics Countries Quiz
36Cross-country Skiing: Women's 10 km World Champions
35All Olympic Hockey Silver Medal Winners (Women)
342018 Winter Olympics Medal Count
33Czech Republic at the Winter Olympics
311928 Winter Olympics medal table
301932 Winter Olympics medal table
30Winter Olympics 2018
30Team Canada Men's Olympic Ice Hockey Roster - 2010
29All Olympic Hockey Bronze Medal Winners (Women)
29Smallest Teams at 2018 Winter Olympics
251924 Winter Olympics medal table
25Most Visited Ski Areas in the United States
232022 Winter Olympics Medal Table
18Italian olympic medals at the 2018 winter olympics
17Italian olympic medals at the 2014 winter olympics
142018 Team Canada Ice Hockey Olympic Team
13Iceland's Olympic Medal Events
132022 Winter Olympics Flag Bearers by Country
12Countries with only 1 Athlete at the 2014 Winter Olympics
11Italian olympic medals at the 2010 winter olympics
111924 Winter Olympics Sports Quiz
8Italian olympic medals at the 2006 winter olympics
6Team Canada Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Roster - 2010
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