Word Quizzes - Page 5

Played: 35,643
Rating: 3.96
Faster than the speed of sound?
Played: 35,527
Rating: 3.61
These foods are named after places. Guess what they are.
Played: 35,463
Rating: 3.77
This is a tough one. Good luck!
Played: 35,129
Rating: 4.24
Guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter I.
Played: 34,736
Rating: 4.00
Such as a Hawaiian feast.
Played: 34,734
Rating: 4.21
Can you guess the homophone of each of these words?
Played: 34,546
Rating: 4.13
Can you guess these compound words based on a definition?
Played: 34,097
Rating: 4.25
Difficulty: hard. Name the languages that gave us these words.
Played: 34,029
Rating: 4.09
Can you guess these compound words based on a definition?
Played: 34,026
Rating: 4.10
Pigeon or a brand of bar soap?
Played: 34,016
Rating: 4.07
Can you guess these words that start with the letters "auto"?
Played: 33,836
Rating: 4.00
Such as a very tall African animal.
Played: 33,738
Rating: 4.41
Can you guess these words used in medicine based on a definition?
Played: 33,526
Rating: 3.75
___ as a Hatter, for example.
Played: 33,195
Rating: 3.79
Based on the clues, name these words for dwellings.
Played: 33,061
Rating: 4.23
This one's pretty hard.
Played: 32,622
Rating: 3.99
Guess these words that contain RR.
Played: 32,592
Rating: 4.48
Fill the blanks in these things from science and math that are named after people.
Played: 32,529
Rating: 4.08
Bovine? Sonic? We give you the word. You tell us what it pertains it to.
Played: 32,513
Rating: 4.54
Feel smart and fancy by completing the English words from their definitions. Correct spelling is required.
Played: 32,504
Rating: 3.73
See-through? Injection of blood? Guess these words that start with Trans.
Played: 32,259
Rating: 4.18
Based on a definition, try to guess these vocabulary words from the world of science.
Played: 32,206
Rating: 4.13
Based on the definitions, guess these words that contain DD.
Played: 32,113
Rating: 4.21
Such as this guy panning for gold.
Played: 32,076
Rating: 4.55
We describe the origin of the name. You guess the capital city.
Played: 32,064
Rating: 4.22
Guess the missing first letters of these words.
Played: 31,949
Rating: 3.93
Guess these words that are also common first names.
Played: 31,943
Rating: 4.47
Try to guess the first word shared by each set of movie titles.
Played: 31,852
Rating: 4.57
Try to name a valid six-letter Scrabble word which starts with each letter of the alphabet.
Played: 31,683
Rating: 4.25
Whale fat? Jewish religious leader?
Played: 31,682
Rating: 4.24
Such as a Native American ax.
Played: 31,563
Rating: 4.40
Identify the animals that end in each letter sequence.
Played: 31,370
Rating: 4.11
One who sell flowers? One with multiple spouses? Try to guess these vocabulary words that end in the letters -ist.
Played: 31,225
Rating: 4.41
Such as a new resident of a country.
Played: 30,961
Rating: 4.06
All the words begin or end in up.
Played: 30,804
Rating: 4.35
Translate these long-winded phrases into popular cliches.
Played: 30,755
Rating: 4.87
30 words, 6 continents, 1 yellow box. How many countries can you name?
Played: 30,745
Rating: 4.14
Rural Australian area? Outdoor toilet building?
Played: 30,680
Rating: 4.24
We give you three words. You give us the word that comes before all three.
Played: 30,601
Rating: 4.52
Based on a definition and starting letter guess these English words that came to us via Arabic.
Played: 30,489
Rating: 3.94
Such as a certain percussion instrument.
Played: 29,995
Rating: 4.37
For each letter of the alphabet, name the first whole number that contains that letter when spelled out.
Played: 29,678
Rating: 3.78
Guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter W.
Played: 29,631
Rating: 4.97
Try to name a three, four, five, six, and seven letter Scrabble word starting with each letter A-Z.
Played: 29,605
Rating: 4.13
Name the words for animals that appear in the top 5000 most common words in the English language.
Played: 29,324
Rating: 4.28
Guess these words that start with Post.
Played: 29,262
Rating: 4.50
Translate these long-winded phrases into the titles of well-known movies.
Played: 29,129
Rating: 3.94
A portmanteau is the combining of two words to make a new word. For example Man + Purse = Murse. Guess the "components" of these portmanteaus.
Played: 29,084
Rating: 4.13
Part of the hand or tropical tree? Guess each homonym based on two different definitions.
Played: 28,991
Rating: 4.15
Such as a young sheep.