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Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can!
Based on the portrait, name the president.
Hey look, there's a new Prime Minister again!
Try to guess the first names of all the American Presidents.
Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can in one minute!
We give you the group. You tell us the title given to its leader.
Can you identify these former and current world leaders?
We give you the dictator. You give us the country they ruled.
Name the countries that U.S. presidents have visited the most.
Name any U.S. President that belongs in each selected category.
From non-factors to puppet masters, name all the Vice-Presidents of the USA.
2,600,347 U.S. Presidents Quiz
340,135 U.S. Presidents by Picture
313,144 Prime Ministers of the UK
290,097 First Names of U.S. Presidents
235,075 US Presidents - 1 Minute Sprint
180,944 World Leaders by Picture
179,812 Words for Leaders
165,888 Famous Dictators Quiz #1
138,726 Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents
122,740 Name a Valid U.S. President #1
93,430 U.S. Vice Presidents
92,795 Historical Rulers #1
87,657 Name the Popes Quiz
83,209 World Leaders Quiz #1
81,578 U.S. Presidential Trivia #1
78,822 Country by Photo of its Leader #1
78,358 U.S. President Scramble
73,580 National Founders
72,219 Famous Dictators Quiz #2
70,041 Assassinated U.S. Presidents
68,466 Countries of the Popes
66,933 First Ladies of the United States
63,599 Soviet Leaders 1917–1991
63,033 Losing U.S. Presidential Candidates
60,571 U.S. Presidents by State
54,088 Play-Doh Presidents
51,169 Political Figures by Last Name #1
47,814 The Dictator Files: Adolf Hitler
45,232 Presidential Middle Names
41,705 People in Pictures with Barack Obama
39,595 U.S. Presidential Quotes
39,237 Name a Valid U.S. President #2
37,799 Dictators by Picture
37,642 The John F. Kennedy Presidency
37,467 Canadian Prime Ministers Quiz
36,917 Most-Visited Countries by Popes
36,604 Five Most Guessed World Leaders by Country
36,175 Random U.S. Presidents by Picture
34,858 U.S. Presidential Trivia #2
33,647 People in Pictures with Ronald Reagan
32,445 The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin
30,530 Vatican City Country Quiz
29,797 World Leaders of the World Wars
28,980 The George W. Bush Presidency
28,037 The Bill Clinton Presidency
27,983 U.S. President by Lie
27,532 Fill the White House with Presidents
27,012 Historical Rulers #2
26,674 U.S. Presidents Who Died in Office
25,938 G7 Leaders Since 2003
25,362 Who's That Dictator - Click Quiz
24,893 U.S. Presidents by Event
24,731 Historical Leaders by Date #1
24,553US Presidents in Chronological Order
24,081 Ten Least Guessed U.S. Presidents
23,858 Historical Leaders by Date #2
23,393Win the Presidential Election in 15 Seconds
23,299 Prime Ministers of Australia
22,425 The Abraham Lincoln Presidency
21,918 World Leaders Quiz #2
21,418 The Ronald Reagan Presidency
20,705 The Barack Obama Presidency
19,959 The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency
19,887 First Names of Recent World Leaders
19,511 U.S. Presidents by Picture - Multiple Choice
19,121 The Richard Nixon Presidency
18,793 The George H. W. Bush Presidency
18,838 World Leaders of the Cold War
18,324 US Presidents Breakdown Puzzle #1
18,298 Stalin... or Hitler?
17,717 Random U.S. Vice President to President
17,298 Benevolent Dictators and Enlightened Despots
17,061 Governors Who Ran For President
16,971 U.S. Presidents With Facial Hair By Picture
16,803 Add a Letter - Make a U.S. President
16,204 The Jimmy Carter Presidency
16,054 Presidents that Beat Thomas Jefferson
15,940 U.S. Presidential Last Names as Baby Names
15,871Win the 1828 U.S. Presidential Election
15,707 The Dictator Files: Chairman Mao
15,632 Presidential Actors
15,378 Pope Facts
15,243 Presidential Running Mates Quiz
14,533 The Dictator Files: Vladimir Lenin
14,526 U.S. Presidents to Win the Nobel Peace Prize
14,402 U.S. Presidents - Odd Man Out
14,045 Prime Ministers of Israel
12,906 U.S. Presidents True or False
12,148 Political Figures by Last Name #2
11,625 The Dictator Files: Benito Mussolini
11,528 The Thomas Jefferson Presidency
11,434Donald Trump's New Travel Ban
11,307 US Presidents in Film & TV - Picture Quiz
10,815 The Assassination of JFK
10,766 The Dictator Files: Saddam Hussein
10,721 Birth States of U.S. Presidents - Click Quiz
10,485 U.S. Presidential Knowledge - Multiple Choice
10,417 Spouses of World Leaders
10,040 U.S. Vice Presidents Who Became President
9,807 George Washington... or George W. Bush?
9,321 Franklin... or Theodore Roosevelt
9,052 U.S. Presidents Who Added the Most Territory
9,021 U.S. Presidents by Place of Birth and Death
8,947Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
8,841 Random U.S. President by Clue
8,573 The George Washington Presidency
8,441US Presidents and their Vice Presidents
8,437 The Dictator Files: Fidel Castro
8,210 Paramount Leaders of China
6,902 The John Adams Presidency
6,893 George Bush... or George Bush
6,580First Names of U.S. Presidents
6,580All World Leaders 2023
6,277 The Theodore Roosevelt Presidency
6,250 UN Secretaries-General
6,017 The Kennedy Family
5,370 U.S. Vice Presidents in History
4,568Category Elimination - U.S. Presidents
4,417Rulers of Russia and the Soviet Union
4,334U.S presidents quiz
3,706The Only Remaining U.S. President . . .
3,547UK Prime Ministers Since WW2
3,547Worst US Presidents
3,425Presidents of Brazil
3,326Chancellors of Germany(1871-present)
3,270Birth State of US Presidents
3,145US Presidents By Political Party
3,059Presidents of the United States
3,015Country by Photo of its Leader #2
2,946Most common pope names
2,814US Vice Presidents - One Minute Sprint
2,808Best US Presidents
2,800Head to Head - U.S. Presidents
2,717Ten Worst Presidents
2,694Things That Donald Trump Truly Believes
2,615One-Syllable US Presidents
2,611Leaders in WWII
2,578Prime Ministers of the UK - One Minute Sprint
2,448Presidential Military Service
2,385Most Murderous Dictators in World History
2,385Ottoman Empire Sultans
2,362Rulers of France, England, Spain, Rome and Popes
2,295Picture Click: US Presidents
2,183Top 20 Most Famous British Prime Ministers
2,159US Presidents by First Two Letters
2,144US Presidents in Alphabetical Order
2,125Current Dictatorships
2,116Italian Prime Ministers
2,073British Prime Ministers by Picture
2,0382016 Election-States that Donald Trump Won
2,015Greatest Presidents of the USA
2,007The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency
1,996World Leaders From History
1,856Most-Searched Political Leaders on Wikipedia
1,777Win the 1856 U.S. Presidential Election
1,768The Donald Trump Presidency
1,766U.S. Presidents by their Signatures - Picture Quiz
1,749US Presidential Nicknames (Complete)
1,726Most-Visited States or Countries by Barack Obama
1,715All American Presidents
1,708Historical Monarchs A-Z
1,697Anagram Chain - US Presidents
1,675Prime Ministers of the UK (after 1900)
1,676Which U.S. Presidents or Vice Presidents are Still Alive
1,661U.S. Presidents in Chronological Order
1,641Famous Dictators #3
1,644Prime Ministers of Japan
1,637Living US Presidents
1,625French Presidents
1,529Top 20 Most Famous US Presidents
1,494Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and of Austria.
1,489Premier of the People's Republic of China 中国国务院总理
1,466US Presidents Breakdown Puzzle #2
1,446USSR Leaders
1,418U.S. Vice Presidents by Picture Quiz
1,382Countries by Dictator Map Quiz
1,375U.S. Presidents with the Shortest Last Names
1,347Top 10 Fattest Presidents
1,281European Countries by Dictator - Map Quiz
1,27040 Historical World Leaders
1,265US Presidents' Given Names by First Two Letters
1,251U.S. Presidents Turned into Cartoon Characters
1,240World Leaders of the 19th Century
1,230Foreign Languages Spoken By Presidents
1,217British Prime Ministers' First Names
1,186Donald Trump Decoder
1,182Top 10 Richest and Poorest U.S Presidents
1,181Suomen Presidentit, Kuvat- Presidents of Finland, Pictures
1,163British Prime Minister Trivia
1,151Presidential Monograms
1,14410 Youngest Presidents
1,140US Presidents Decoder #1
1,138US Presidents that Never Served in the Military
1,133United States Trivia: Presidents
1,126First Names of US Presidents
1,126Queen Elizabeth's Prime Ministers
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