World Leader Quizzes - Page 2

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Click the dictator that corresponds to each statement.
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Name the ten least-guessed U.S. Presidents on the JetPunk's "Name the Presidents" quiz.
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Name the people who led these countries during the specified time span.
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Name the people who led these countries during the specified time span.
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Can you guess these facts about Abraham Lincoln and his presidency?
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Thirty-one different people have served as Prime Minister of Australia. How many can you name?
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Guess these facts about Ronald Reagan and his presidency.
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Guess these facts about Barack Obama and his presidency.
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The only thing we have to fear is sharks.
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Can you guess the first names of these world leaders from the 21st century?
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Everybody lies, sometimes. Guess which U.S. President uttered each untruthful statement.
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His Presidency doesn't look so bad in hindsight.
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Answer these questions about #41.
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Solve short clues and then unscramble names of U.S. Presidents.
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Can you guess the correct picture for each U.S. President?
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Leaders who ruled with an iron fist... and a heart of gold.
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For each position listed and time period, name the Cold War leader.
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Name the governors who have run for president since 1968.
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Guess these facts about Jimmy Carter and his presidency.
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Try to guess whether each statement applies to Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, or both.
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With the help of pictures, can you name the nine presidents who had facial hair during their presidency?
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Can you name these facts about the infamous Chinese dictator?
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The wingmen of the political world.
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Can you name the 10 most common presidential last names that were used as baby names in the U.S. in 2019?
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Based on a picture, can you name the actors who portrayed these real and fictional U.S. presidents?
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A very difficult quiz for those who aced the first World Leaders quiz.
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For each selected category, name a U.S. President who ranks higher than Thomas Jefferson.
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Four American presidents have won a Nobel Peace Prize. Can you name them?
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Add a letter to these words, then rearrange the letters to make the last name of a U.S. President.
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Can you name these facts about the Russian leader Vladimir Lenin?
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How many Prime Ministers of Israel can you name?
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Rating: 4.42
We give you three Presidents that fit into a category - and one that does not. Guess the one that doesn't belong.
Played: 12,188
Rating: 3.90
Guess whether these statements about U.S. Presidents are true or false.
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Rating: 4.58
We give you the Vice President, you guess the President under which they served. The answers change every time you play!
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Guess the first names of these famous political figures.
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Guess these facts about Thomas Jefferson and his presidency.
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Can you answer these questions about the infamous Italian dictator?
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A fateful day of history that many older people can still remember clearly. Can you guess these facts about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions about U.S. Presidents and the office of the Presidency?
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We give you the world leader. You name their spouse.
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Can you name these facts about the infamous dictator Saddam Hussein?
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Which George do these facts apply to: George Washington, George W. Bush, neither, or both?
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Answer these questions about the pope and the history of the papacy.
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For each statement, guess whether it applies to Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, or both.
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Can you guess each U.S. Presidents based on a clue? The answers change every time you play.
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