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68donald trump quiz for class
68People Pictured with Donald Trump
67Estonian Prime Ministers
67Longest Serving World Leaders
69Presidents of Nigeria Quiz
67Prime Ministers of Sweden by Picture
66Countries Pope Benedict XVI has visited
66People Pictured with Pope John Paul II
64Donald Trump quiz
64Portuguese Presidents Quiz
63George Washington: True or False?
63Presidents Who Were Former Members of the House
63Presidents of Taiwan
63Most Famous U.S. Vice Presidents With Exceptions
62Countries Pope Paul visited
61New Zealand Prime Ministers - Picture Quiz
61Most Republican and Democrat US States in the 1856 Election
60Portuguese Monarchs Quiz
59Presidents of Costa Rica
58US presidents with no repeating vowels in surname
58Donald Trump's Failed Businesses
57Countries with a Female Majority in Parliament
57Joe Biden quiz
57Birthplaces of UK Prime Ministers
56U.S. Governors Quiz #2
56Presidents Who Attended Ivy League Universities
54UK Great Offices of State
54Countries Whose Leaders Have a Beard
53U.S. Presidents That Were Secretary of State
52U.S. Presidents Without the Letter J - One Minute Sprint
51Presidential Tile Select #2
50US Wars by Presidents
50US Election 2022 Highlights
50British Prime Ministers with Clues
48Word Scramble - U.S. Presidents
47US Presidential Articles of Impeachment
47U.S. Presidents by Birth Place Quiz - with Map
45World Leaders by Letter - J
45U.S. Presidents With the Most Translated Wikipedia Articles
44Can You Name These Wartime U.S. Vice Presidents?
43Interesting Facts About U.S. Presidents
42U.S. Attorneys General Quiz
42States George Washington won in 1789
40Who was U.S. President when _____
39Prime Ministers of Thailand
38U.S. Presidents Random Quiz #3
37World Leaders by Letter - A
36World leader to country
36Longest Serving Female Heads of Government
36Prime Ministers of the UK by length of tenure
35Presidents of Afghanistan Quiz
35True or False: Has a Sitting US President Ever Met Them?
34Countries with Greens in Government 🌱🌎
33True or False: Has a Sitting US President Visited There?
33Current Holders of the UK Great Offices of State
33Prime Ministers of Bangladesh Quiz
32Cardinal Electors of the Last Papal Conclave
30Popes by Photograph Quiz
30Leaders of Peru
27Countries that had a UN Secretary General
26Interesting Facts About Every US President
26World Leaders by Letter - G
25U.S. Presidents That Had Dogs Quiz
25Countries with Mustachioed Leaders
25Parliamentary Constituencies Held by British PMs
21US Presidents that Lost Their Home States
21George Washington Cabinet
20Presidents who Coined or Popularized Words
19Norwegian Prime Ministers before WWII
15U.S. Presidents Random Quiz #2
15Who was U.S. President when _____ #2
14UN Secretary Generals
14Nicknames for the former guy
12U.S. Presidents Random Quiz #1
9Prime Ministers of Prussia 1848-1945 - with picture
8Heads of Government of Myanmar
7Presidents of Greece-3rd Hellenic Republic
4Presidents of Iran Quiz
2Titles of the head of State of Burkina Faso