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Name the countries that had at least 10,000 military deaths during WWII.
The Axis powers controlled parts of 69 modern-day countries. How many can you name?
Name all the countries of Europe that existed in 1946, after the end of the Second World War.
Can you name these people, places, battles, and words from the Second World War?
Name the countries of Europe that neither invaded other countries nor were themselves invaded during World War II.
Can you name the modern-day countries that were directly controlled by Nazi Germany at its peak in 1942?
Can you name these places that played important roles in the Second World War?
Try to guess whether each statement applies to the First World War or the Second World War.
For each letter, name these people, places, and things from World War 2.
Can you answer these multiple choice questions about WWII?
Name the modern-day countries who possess territory that was occupied by Japanese troops during WWII.
638,200 Countries in World War II
172,304 Axis Occupied Countries of WWII
124,201 WWII Trivia #1
121,656 Countries of Europe After World War II
103,891 Neutral European Countries of WWII
88,389 Modern Day Countries of Nazi Germany on a Map
84,668 WWII Geography
80,858 World War II Multiple Choice
77,004 WWII A-Z #1
75,429 WWI... or WWII?
73,412 Important Cities in WWII
72,353 WWII Trivia #2
71,100 Notable People of WWII
69,982 Countries of the Japanese Empire
53,692 WWII for Dummies
52,232 Modern-Day Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII on a Map
46,342 The Dictator Files: Adolf Hitler
41,527 WWII A-Z #2
40,847 WWII Decoder
36,463 Name a Valid Answer - World War II
31,814 WWII First Names
31,705 The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin
30,759 Biggest Axis-Controlled Cities
28,661 World Leaders of the World Wars
27,433 Which Country in WWII?
27,164 WWII Figures by Picture
26,707 WWII True or False?
25,292 Normandy D-Day Beaches
23,597 Cities Bombed During WWII
23,234 WWII Movies
20,413 Countries by Percent WWII Deaths
18,389 Countries of the Italian Empire
12,306World War 2 Tanks Quiz (Difficult)
11,170 The Dictator Files: Benito Mussolini
11,064World War II Trivia
10,679 Places Where Winston Churchill Said We Would Fight the Nazis
10,268 The Life of Winston Churchill
7,723Famous In WW2
6,700World War 2 Quiz
6,650WW2 Deaths By Countries
6,305Territorial Losses of Germany after WWI with Disappearing Map
5,788WW1 Or WW2?
5,434European countries that were not occupied in World War II
5,205(In)famous Nazis
5,149German Tanks of World War 2
4,823Administrative Divisions of Nazi Germany (with a Map)
4,381German WW2 tanks by pictures
4,279Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Aircraft of WW2
3,878Countries visited by Adolf Hitler
3,828Flags of WW2
3,644World War II Casualties
3,307Tanks of WW2 - Place of origin
3,064Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
2,576WWII: Axis... or Allies?
2,562Leaders in WWII
2,428Countries that stayed neutral in WWII
2,361Countries that declared war on Japan in WW2
2,130Difficult WW2 Trivia
2,038WW2 hard questions for brainiacs
2,037WWII Battleship/Battlecruiser Classes
2,032Operations in WWII
1,998World War II Basic Knowledge #2
1,898Countries invaded by the NAZIs
1,794Countries that Bordered Germany before World War II (1939)
1,768Prisoner camps of Nazi Germany
1,669World War Two A-Z
1,636Battles of World War II
1,581WWII Trivia
1,561World War II Trivia - Very Hard #1
1,548World War 2
1,538Battlefields of WWI on Map (all countries and 100k+ cities)
1,537Most Powerful Countries at the Start of WW2
1,535British Tanks of World War 2
1,448Every country to have declared war on the Axis during WWII
1,375World War II Battles on a Map
1,356First 10 Countries Invaded by Germany in WWII
1,344WWII Battles: Allied or Axis Victory? Click Quiz
1,345Nazi Germany - Picture Quiz
1,343World War II Countries With the most Civilian Deaths
1,260World War Two American Aircraft
1,161Sir Winston Churchill quotes
1,087World War II Trivia
1,076Countries With The Most Deaths in WWII
991Biggest lost and gained cities by Poland after WW2
978WW2 Aircraft - Place of origin #1
977Cities in World War II
977Country's Nazi Germany Occupied During WW2
963World War 2 Countries Quiz
909WW2 History Quiz
902Which countries used to have colonies but lost them before the beginning of WW2
879Names of WWII Operations
879100 Biggest Cities in the WWII Axis Countries
873Every Country in World War Two (2.0)
863World War II Battles
860Famous WW2 Generals
851Nazi Germany Multiple Choice
845Heavy ships of WW2
831WW2 Guns
810How many WW2 battles can you name?
802Leaders during WW2
797World War II Quotes
790Nazi Germany, 1933-1945
756All Countries Involved in WW2
742WWII Tanks - Germany
738WWII Tanks - Soviet Union
730Concentration Camps of the Holocaust
709Name the 9 Battleships of the U.S. Pacific Fleet on December 7th, 1941
673US Navy and USAAF Aircraft of WWII
635Impossible WW2 trivia
629WWII Tanks Multiple Choice
610World War II Events on the Map
603WWII Weapons
559German Tanks of World War 2
554Click Chain #14 - WW II
552World War II Movies
546The Big Nazi Quiz
535battle of WW2
502British WW2 Aircraft by Picture
498All Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Aircraft Carriers
473Biggest Cities once in the Japanese Empire
473World War II Battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy
442Ww2 events
441Famous WWII Generals
429Hard WW2 questions for the discerning historian - Aircraft
420Countries involved in WWII
419Famous Battles of World War II # 1
408WWI Countries
397Walking Across European Borders (WW2): Portugal to Liechtenstein
395Countries that Controlled Former Nazi Germany
388World War II Basic Knowledge #1
386US WW2 Aircraft by Picture
380Main Battles of WWII
374Countries that lost territory after WWII
355countries that fought in the WW2
345Capital Ships Sunk During WWII With Map
338Battles of World War Two
336World War 2 General Knowledge Quiz
332World War 2 Word Chain
325WWII expert quiz
311WW2 planes review
296Name WWII US + Japan + UK Aircraft Carriers
286World War 2 Trivia
281WWII Country Entrance Order
275WW2 german tank quiz
252World War 2 Facts
243Countries That Japan Invaded In WWII
241Battle of Midway 1942 - Aircraft Carriers
232Countries that Preceded Nazi Germany
231WWII General Knowledge
214World War II Events Map Quiz
211Eastern Front WW2 - Key Battles
211WWII German Leaders/Commanders
207American Weapons of WWII
198Countries that Got the Most Aid from the Marshall Plan
198Nazi in power of Germany
193World War II Heavy Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy
188WWII War Movies Quiz
185WWII Ally or Axis
181Japan Occupation During WWII
181Airplane Recognition - WWII
174Countries Where Holocaust Denial is Illegal
157WWII Tanks - UK
157Battle of Stalingrad Quiz
15410 most devasting bombing camapaigns of WWII
150Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII
132Winston Churchill's World War II Speech
11910 Biggest Cities in Order: WWII Axis Countries
115Countries Winston Churchill visited
113Winston Churchill A-Z
110WWII Quiz
109Normandy D-Day Beaches with a Map
109WWII US Airplane Names
104WWII Quiz - The Basics
103WWII ships
101Countries that fought in WWII by Death Toll
100Countries Suffering Most WWII Casualties
99famous people in WWII
93What WWII Ship is Fake?
87WWII Quiz
85Countries of WWII
85Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII
85Countries that were in WWII
84WWII 101
83All Cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy that participated in WWII
81Vehicles of WWII
75World War II Light Cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy
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