Place Dots on an SVG Map

This page converts latitude and longitude coordinates into circles on an SVG. For further help on how this works, see the SVG Guide. For latitude, longitude coordinates of cities go here.


Paste tab-delimited text. One place per line with three or four columns. To get tab-delimited data, we recommend using a spreadsheet.
  • Column 1 = Place name, e.g. London
  • Column 2 = Latitude, e.g. 51.509
  • Column 3 = Longitude, e.g. -0.126
  • Column 4 = Circle radius, e.g. 4 [Optional]

We will create a final column that will hold the path id in the SVG file. Note that latitude must be between -90 and 90, and longitude between -180 and 180.


Dot Fill: Fill Opacity: 70%
Dot Stroke: Stroke Width: 1px


Current SVG: