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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Tomstar.
# of Quizzes 57
# Subscribers 2
Times taken 2,356
Quizmaker Rank # 5,364
2362020-11-21BTS Quiz
1922017-07-16WWE Legends, Icons and Hall of Famers
1812021-04-13AEW Wrestlers by initials.
1732017-07-16WWE Names 2
1712022-05-26AEW Roster
1402016-12-31WWE RAW superstars
1402019-01-20Liverpool past and present FIFA cards.
652021-04-30Dave Meltzer 5 Star WWE matches.
602021-01-06Movies of 2020
522020-11-24Harry Potter Trivia #4 (Students)
522021-01-08The Undertaker's WrestleMania opponents (Simplified).
482021-07-26Liverpool Permanent Transfers
442020-11-23Harry Potter Trivia #1
392021-01-08Atletico Madrid Permanent Transfers
392020-11-24Undertaker's WrestleMania Matches
362022-05-22Platinum Jubilee Quiz #1
322022-12-19Director by Film
322022-12-17Actors by Film #3
322022-12-18Actors by Film #2
312022-05-23British Monarchs
312022-12-17Actors by Film #1
292018-12-23Transfers: Summer 2018
272021-06-01Barcelona Permanent Transfers
272022-12-18Actors by Film #4
242020-11-22Harry Potter Trivia #3 (Spells and Incantations)
242020-11-21Harry Potter Trivia #2 (Teachers and Subjects)
242020-12-30Skyrim Trivia
222020-12-30Transfers: Summer 2020
202022-12-19Actors by Film #5
202022-12-18Actors by Film #8
192022-05-24Things that happened in 1952
192022-05-22Platinum Jubilee Quiz #2
172021-04-30Every WWE Champion
172022-05-22Platinum Jubilee Quiz #3
172022-05-22Platinum Jubilee Quiz #5
172022-06-14WWE Trivia: 1985
162022-06-14Star Wars Trivia: Characters
162022-09-04WrestleMania Matches
142022-05-22Platinum Jubilee Quiz #4
122021-01-06Movies of 2019
102021-01-06Movies of 2018
92022-09-04WWE Trivia: 1986
92021-01-08Movies of 2012
92017-07-16Smackdown Live Superstars
92021-01-13Movies of 2008
82021-01-11Movies of 2010
82021-05-31Amusement Parks - UK
72021-01-08Star Wars Characters
72017-07-16WWE Names
72021-01-07Movies of 2016
62021-01-06Movies of 2017
52021-01-13Movies of 2009
42021-01-09Movies of 2011
32021-01-08Movies of 2013
12021-01-08Movies of 2015
12021-01-08Movies of 2014