Random LotR Trivia (Difficult)

Answer these random Lord of the Rings trivia questions.
Quiz by livold
Last updated: May 14, 2014
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First submittedMay 14, 2014
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What was Morgoth eventually called
Also called "The Valaraukar"
What was ‎Khamûl
The final major battle in the LOTR (Shortly before Sauron was destroyed)
Battle of the Black Gate
The name of the battle where Sauruman died
Battle of Bywater
Capital of the Shire
Michel Delving
Other name for Treebeard
The name of the battle that took place in Helms Deep
Battle of the Hornburg
Another name for the Wildmen of Dunland
First king of Rohan
Eorl the Young
The greatest of all winged dragons
Ancalagon the Black
The name of the fictional world this takes place in
What does the name "Bree" mean (according to Tolkien)
The hobbit race that Gollum used to be
The first terrestrial, fire-breathing creature in Middle-Earth
The hill Dol Goldur was built on
Amon Lanc
The blue wizards
Alatar and Palando
Spirits that descended to Arda to help the Valar shape the world
Land of the Valar
Level 72
Jun 2, 2014
Not bad, check my quizzes though.
Level 33
Jun 3, 2014
Nice, it's awesome to see more lotr quizzes on this webiste! Especially since yours are actually challenging.
Level 29
Nov 13, 2014
Really gotta admit I'm a Tolkien fan but I only got four right. There's a few more I just couldn't think of but what I found interesting was that Treebeard's other name was Fangorn. I thought Fangorn was just the forest in which he lived.
Level 57
Jan 11, 2015
It's Pallando, double L
Level 21
Jan 13, 2016
Can you accept just "Michel" for the capital of the shire? I didn't think to write the full name, Michel Delving.
Level 21
Jul 19, 2016
can you allow "Battle at the Black Gate"
Level 24
Jun 27, 2018
Melkor then Morgoth, Pallando and the question about the terrestrial creature made me assume the answer was a species or type of creature.
Level 53
Feb 27, 2019
Didn't get Pallando because of the one L but otherwise good quiz