Stephen King Novels by plot

Name the Stephen King novels based on the description. SPOILERS
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A modern-day Dracula story taking place in a Jerusalem's Lot, Maine
Salems Lot
Detective story about a retired cop trying to catch a vehicular mass murderer
Mr. Mercedes
Evil shop owner trades you your heart's greatest desire in exchange for pranks on other members of your town
Needful Things
An evil, shapeshifting demigod is killing kids in Derry Maine and is defeated by a gang of losers. About 27 years later the evil creature calls them back to enact revenge..
A small town minister loses his faith after his wife and child are killed in an accident and begins worshipping electricity which he uses to heal the sick and eventually as a way to see the afterlife
A man spends 4 ½ years in a coma after being in a traffic accident and awakes with psychic abilities which he uses to catch a serial killer and save people from a fire. He also decides to assassinate a local politician believing he will become the largest mass murderer in history
The Dead Zone
A man gets a job as the caretaker of a haunted hotel in the mountains. The ghosts of the hotel manipulate the man in to killing his family in an attempt to get at the man’s psychic son.
The Shining
The child from the book above grows up and finds a little girl who’s an even stronger psychic than him and who’s being hunted by a group of monsters who disguise themselves as old RV people and survive by sucking the life-force out of psychic children.
Doctor Sleep
A writer is pulled out of a car crash by an obsessed fan who keeps him captive, tortures him and forces him to write more novels.
A super plague created by the military wipes out over 99% of the population. The remaining people have dreams that pull them to either a Dark Man in Las Vegas or an old black woman in Nebraska leading to a final showdown between good and evil
The Stand
An old man who can’t sleep begins to see a creatures that exist on another plane and is sent on a mission to save a special little boy from pro-life zealots who attempt to bomb a pro-choice rally.
A man and his daughter flee a secret government organization who are trying to capture them because he has some mind control abilities and she can create fire
An unpopular high school girl gets bullied and discovers that she has telekinetic powers. After getting blood dumped on her at prom, she goes on a killing rampage murdering half the town with her powers.
Fairy tale about a prince who is framed for his father’s murder by the king’s magician. The prince is imprisoned and his younger brother rules the kingdom as the magician’s puppet. The older prince escapes from prison and the younger prince shoots the magician with an arrow once used to kill a dragon.
The Eyes of the Dragon
A giant lovable dog is bitten by a bat and contracts rabies. The dog kills a few people and traps a woman and her child in a hot vehicle until the child dies.
The Man in Black fled across the desert and was followed by Roland. Dark Tower: I
The Gunslinger
Roland wakes up loses some fingers and finds 3 doors on a beach; The Prisoner, The Lady of Shadows and The Pusher. Dark Tower: II
The Drawing of the Three
Roland’s mind is split by the paradox of letting Jake Chambers die in DT: I and saving him at an earlier point in time in DT: II. Jake climbs into Roland’s world through a haunted house and joins the Ka-Tet. Dark Tower: III
The Waste Lands
Starts with Roland and his Ka-Tet on Blaine the Mono with the group trying to stump the demented monorail with riddles. Roland tells his Ka-Tet about his first mission just after he became a gunslinger where he fell in love with a girl named Susan. Dark Tower: IV
Wizard and Glass
Roland and his Ka-Tet travel to a farming village and help protect the people from an army of robots with wolf masks from stealing on child from every pair of twins in the town. Roland meets Father Callahan from the first book on this quiz. Dark Tower: V
Wolves of the Calla
Susannah is taken over by a demon and is going to deliver the demon spawn of that is the child of the succubus, the Crimson King and Roland. Mostly takes place in our world in Maine and New York City. A lot of action in this book. Dark Tower: VI
Song of Susannah
Roland and his Ka-Tet find the town of the Breakers where all the psychics are being held against their will by the Crimson King’s forces and are forced to break the beams holding the Dark Tower up. Roland and his Ka-Tet free the psychics and save all worlds in all dimensions. The Ka-Tet falls apart when Eddie, Jake and Oy die. Roland finally reaches his goal. Number VII in the series. HINT: look at the 6 clues before this one
The Dark Tower
Last of the DT novels to be released. While trapped by a storm Roland tells his Ka-Tet about a mission he was on to find a werewolf where he had to tell another story about an old gunslinger who found Merlin trapped in the form of a tiger. A story within a story within a story. Dark Tower: IV 1/2
The Wind Through the Keyhole
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