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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Kestrana.
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43,5232014-06-29 Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables
37,7852016-10-06 100 Most Influential Figures in U.S. History
37,2832016-04-13 Country Decoders #1
33,9752019-12-31 English Words of Arabic Origin
29,8452014-10-07 Movies with Geography Terms in the Title
27,6512019-08-24 Simpsons Decoder
26,6772019-12-08 Disney Character Chain
26,3912022-07-20 Astronomy Decoder
25,7902016-12-16 Literature by Letter - A
24,7032016-08-16 Science Decoder
23,4622016-05-18 Country Decoders #2
21,5882016-12-16 Literature by Letter - C
20,0902019-03-12 Native American Tribes in the US
19,3952016-12-21 Literature by Letter - L
16,1602019-12-11 Literature by Letter - D
15,3372016-12-17 Literature by Letter - B
15,2712016-12-19 Literature by Letter - M
15,1802016-12-23 Literature by Letter - T
14,5812016-12-19 Literature by Letter - H
13,8922016-12-20 Literature by Letter - P
13,4402017-01-05 Literature by Letter - F
12,8932016-08-16 Animal Decoder
12,2782016-12-29 Literature by Letter - Q, X, Y, and Z
12,1122019-12-24 Literature by Letter - I
11,8962017-01-05 Literature by Letter - J
11,6712017-01-13 Literature by Letter - E
11,5892016-12-17 Literature by Letter - G
11,5492016-12-20 Literature by Letter - N
11,2082017-01-05 Literature by Letter - W
10,8462016-12-24 Literature by Letter - U
10,7462016-12-20 Literature by Letter - O
9,7092016-12-30 Literature by Letter - K
9,6032016-08-12 Kestrana's General Knowledge Quiz #2
9,5972016-12-21 Literature by Letter - R
9,5832016-12-22 Literature by Letter - S
9,5492017-01-01 Literature by Letter - V
8,6772019-12-05 Kestrana's General Knowledge Quiz #1
6,1822016-05-04Country Decoders #3
5,3602016-03-02Science General Knowledge #1
4,1002016-05-31Astronomy General Knowledge Quiz #1
3,3962014-06-16NFL Scandals
3,0832016-07-14Country Decoders #4
2,5802016-11-07Countries of the Russian Empire
2,4232015-05-06Astronomy General Knowledge Quiz #2
2,1202014-10-27Star Trek: The Next Generation Easy Quiz
2,0372014-12-29Biology Vocabulary Words
1,9412014-11-3090s Childrens TV Shows
1,8832014-10-27Star Trek: The Next Generation Medium Quiz
1,6252014-08-19Star Trek: The Next Generation Hard Quiz
1,4992016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #1
1,3812017-01-06British Literature Decoder
1,3222015-05-22Movies Featuring Dinosaurs
1,2852016-03-29Mythology Decoder
1,2852016-02-02Disney Movies A-Z
1,2442016-08-04Olympic Groups of Things
1,2422015-05-16Gardening & Plants General Knowledge #1
1,2022016-02-11US Presidents Decoder #1
1,1622015-12-21Countries of the German Colonial Empire
8722016-10-18Russian Monarchs Quiz
8152015-02-0580s Childrens TV Shows
7882017-02-15Science Fiction General Knowledge #1
7562015-09-03Shakespearean Decoder
7392014-06-02Major Star Trek Races
6772016-11-15North American Geography by Letter - A
6512016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #2
6262016-12-07Animal Decoder #2
5312015-12-21Countries of the Persian Empire
5032016-03-27British General Knowledge #1
5032015-05-15Portmanteau Additions #1
5012016-06-23"Part of Your World" Lyrics
5002016-10-23100 Most Significant Figures in American History
4992016-11-22North American Geography by Letter - S
4852016-11-12North American Geography by Letter - C
4742016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #3
4552016-11-20The Data Quiz (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
4472016-09-15Medieval Vocabulary
4362016-11-16North American Geography by Letter - N
4342016-11-18North American Geography by Letter - M
4192016-11-11North American Geography by Letter - B
4122016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #4
3992016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #5
3902014-06-10US State Mammals
3872015-01-21Com- Vocabulary Words
3822016-11-15North American Geography by Letter - D
3792015-05-04Science Fiction General Knowledge #4
3702016-05-25Word Scramble - Elements
3692016-11-18North American Geography by Letter - H
3602016-01-19NFL Postseason Records Quiz
3582016-06-19Ethnic Groups of Africa
3452016-10-17Healthiest & Unhealthiest Countries
3382016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #8
3272016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #7
3272016-11-18North American Geography by Letter - P
3162016-06-22One Word Movie Titles #6
3142016-11-18North American Geography by Letter - E
3112015-09-03Star Trek Decoder
3112015-12-23Christmas Hymn Lyrics #1
3042015-09-03Movies Featuring Aliens
3042015-05-18100 Inventions That Changed the World
2952015-05-04Science Fiction General Knowledge #2
2892016-11-20North American Geography by Letter - T
2892016-11-23North American Geography by Letter - J & K
2872016-11-18North American Geography by Letter - O
2872015-05-16Gardening & Plants General Knowledge #2
2702015-11-20Western Art Decoder
2462015-05-15Portmanteau Additions #2
2452014-06-09Native American Words A-Z
2432015-12-23Christmas Hymn Lyrics #2
2402014-07-02Movies with Months in the Titles
2362015-12-21Countries of the Ancient Islamic Caliphate
2302016-01-07Most Popular Beers by Country
2262016-11-21Longest Running U.S. Soap Operas
2212015-12-21Countries of the Mayan Empire
2202016-03-27British General Knowledge #2
2162016-11-29North American Geography by Letter - Y & Z
2132015-12-21Countries of Imperial Japan
2122015-05-22Medieval Era Inventions
2122016-05-02Disney Movies by Clue
2102015-05-22World Cultures by Clue
2102015-12-21Countries of Ancient Egypt
2092014-12-29Anthropology Vocabulary Words
2052015-01-22General Knowledge - Answers are NFL Players
2052015-05-16Gardening & Plants General Knowledge #3
2002015-12-22Countries of the Italian Empire
1952016-02-02Action & Adventure Movies A-Z
1872016-11-04Most Common Last Names in Europe
1872015-05-15Portmanteau Additions #3
1852015-12-21Countries of the Dutch Empire
1852015-07-20Science Fiction General Knowledge #3
1752015-05-16Chicago Landmarks
1692016-02-02Sci-Fi Movies A-Z
1602015-05-01Famous Female Firsts
1532016-01-28Celebrity Spouses
1512014-08-18Star Trek: The Next Generation Ultra Hard Quiz
1472016-03-11Countries with Pyramids
1302016-02-09Periodic Table Elements A - Z
1242015-05-24-OO Vocabulary Words
1202015-05-30Movies Featuring Ghosts
1202016-06-23"Colors of the Wind" Lyrics
1142014-06-04Longest Canals by Country
1092015-05-12Musicians by Birth Name
1062016-03-24General Knowledge Trios #2
1052016-05-02Disney Duos
1042014-12-05Worst 100 Movies of All Time
982015-09-03Top Fantasy Football Players
902016-05-24Countries by Borders #5
902016-02-16Top Fives Quiz
872016-05-25Countries by Borders #4
802014-08-19The Picard Quiz (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
652016-09-16Vocabulary by Historical Definitions #1
492015-06-03Common UK City Names Quiz