Literature by Letter - I

Can you identify these literary things that start with the letter I?
Quiz by Kestrana
Last updated: December 24, 2019
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First submittedOctober 29, 2016
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The story of the Trojan War, attributed to Homer
Iliad, The
Country that publishes the highest number of books per capita
This style of font
Subject of a Ralph Ellison or H.G. Wells novel
Invisible Man
First name of authors Fleming and McEwan
Javert's job title in "Les Miserables"
Call him the narrator of "Moby Dick"
Odysseus's home island in "The Odyssey"
Many Kurt Vonnegut stories involve this city in the Midwestern U.S.
Antagonist of "Tom Sawyer", who starves to death in a cave
Injun Joe
Type of verse, commonly employed by Shakespeare, with five "feet" per line
Iambic Pentameter
Saying one thing but meaning the opposite
Truman Capote's true crime novel about a family who was murdered
In Cold Blood
Notable resident of Sleepy Hollow, last name Crane
This author created the above, and also Rip Van Winkle
Washington Irving
Valuable substance sought by Kurtz in "Heart of Darkness"
Chinese classic also known as the "Book of Changes"
I Ching
First book of Dante's "Divine Comedy"
Anne Rice book about vampire life in Paris and New Orleans
Interview with the Vampire
Villain that opposes Othello
Level 72
Dec 19, 2016
Tad harsh not allowing 'Indian'
Level 60
Dec 19, 2016
He is never called "Indian Joe".
Level 77
Dec 19, 2016
Just a difference in accent.
Level 73
Jan 12, 2017
I actually googled that one, because I was 100% sure that the answer is "Indian". I've never seen the name written in English before. The translation in my mother tongue was also just "The Indian Joe". One new thing I learned today. :)
Level 60
Jan 13, 2017
That's interesting to learn that translations use the local language's term for "Indian" or "aborigine" rather than the colloquial/ephithet slang of Twain.
Level 75
Apr 16, 2017
That's true. In French, we know him as "Joe l'Indien"...
Level 85
Dec 19, 2016
Level 60
Dec 19, 2016
That was a clue the QM added. I've update the language to better reflect statistics sourced from multiple places.
Level ∞
Dec 19, 2016
Wow! Thanks for catching that. I read the BBC article and instinctively trusted it. I should have Googled it some more.
Level 78
Apr 16, 2017
I hate it when "Irony" is defined that way. This should be "sarcasm"! *ends tantrum*
Level 60
Apr 17, 2017
Sarcasm is but one use of irony!
Level 59
Apr 16, 2017
Interesting thing about the translations is that it's a proper noun. Changing the name to another word changes the character's name.
Level 82
Apr 18, 2017
Yeah but in fiction it's a bit more complicated. Character names are often chosen for their meaning or sound, so the translator has to decide whether to lose the meaning or maybe describe it in footnotes, or to create a corresponding name in target language. The latter happens more often in children's literature, or fantasy (Harry Potter, LOTR, Disney ...).
Level 69
Apr 16, 2017
Irony: a situation in which something which was intended to have a particular result has the opposite or a very different result
Level 67
Apr 8, 2019
I tried itaca itica maybe even ithica... and icabut of something haha, but that was on me because with that one I only vaguely knew the right word.
Level 43
Jun 13, 2020
Please accept Ithaka for Ithaca. Ithaka is the direct transliteration of the word, and several translations use this form rather than 'Ithaca'.
Level 64
Sep 6, 2021
That's the worst definition of irony I've ever seen. This is the funniest:
Level 44
Jan 22, 2022
Missed "Inferno," but got "I Ching." It was on the bookshelf growing up. Thanks mom! :)
Level 86
Jul 6, 2022
surprised not to see Icarus as an answer
Level 78
Jan 12, 2023
Icarus is more so a mythological figure than a literary one
Level 50
Feb 17, 2024
Please accept "Ithica" for Ithaca