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Quiz by Kestrana
Last updated: August 19, 2014
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First submittedAugust 18, 2014
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Creator Gene Roddenberry's wife, Majel Barrett, played what two parts on TNG?
Lwaxana Troi
Computer Voice
What is the name of Data's brother?
What is the name of Data's creator?
Dr. Noonien Soong
What was the nickname of Data's creator?
Often Wrong
What is the name of the game Data plays against Sirma Kolrami in the episode "Peak Performance"?
What race is Sirma Kolrami?
What city is Starfleet Academy located in?
San Francisco
What is the name of the flying group Wesley Crusher is part of at the Academy?
Nova Squadron
Nicholas Locarno, the leader of the above, plays what other character on Star Trek: Voyager?
Tom Paris
Who is the Academy gardener who befriended Cpt. Picard and Wesley Crusher?
What is the name of Picard's hometown?
LaBarre, France
What is responsible for the death of Picard's extended family in "Generations"?
What musical instrument does Picard learn to play in "The Inner Light"?
What US state is Will Riker from?
How old was Riker when his father abandoned him?
What is the first ship Riker is assigned to after Starfleet Academy?
USS Pegasus
In what season does Riker begin sporting a beard?
What African country was Georgi LaForge born in?
Who is LaForge married to in the finale "All Good Things..."?
Dr. Leah Brahms
What is the name of the implement LaForge uses for seeing?
What is the name of Tasha Yar's sister, seen in the episode "Legacy"?
Ishara Yar
The actress who played Tasha Yar is the granddaughter of what famous crooner?
Bing Crosby
What is the name of the daughter Tasha has that the Enterprise encounters in normal time?
What is the name of Deanna Troi's son in the episode "The Child"?
Ian Andrew Troi II
What is Troi's favorite food?
Who does Troi marry in "Nemesis"?
Will Riker
What is the name of Miles and Keiko O'Brien's first child?
Molly O'Brien
Who delivered the above child?
Lt. Worf
What is the name of Lt. Worf's son?
What is the Klingon house to which Worf belongs?
What colony's destruction resulted in the death of Worf's parents?
What is the first name of Beverly Crusher's late husband?
What is Beverly Crusher's maiden name?
During season two, Crusher left the Enterprise to act as head of what organization?
Starfleet Medical
Who replaced her as Chief Medical officer during this time?
Katherine Pulaski
What company made the Star Trek action figures?
What movie studio owns the rights to Star Trek?
Level 91
Aug 18, 2014
Nice. A few spelling variations would be nice, specifically i tried several variations of computer for Majel Barret's 2nd part. Also something was weird with the studio, Paramount didn't pop up until I was typing Bing Crosby....
Level 60
Aug 19, 2014
Thanks for the note. Paramount will work correctly now. I guess I moved that one around and it kept the old answer.

Anything with "Voice" would have worked, but I will add computer as well.

Level 68
Aug 18, 2014
Yeah, it wouldn't take Paramount.
Level 90
Mar 12, 2015
As this is a next gen quiz, Worf should be a part of (and head of) the house of Mogh. He didn't join the house of Martok until DS9.
Level 53
Nov 17, 2015
Level 54
May 21, 2020
Was going to say this. That's hardly TNG trivia.
Level 32
May 27, 2022
I came to the comments to say exactly this :)

Fun quiz though

Level 63
Feb 6, 2022
Robert Duncan McNeill played Locarno and Paris. And you misspelled Geordi in the question about his birth country.