Star Trek: The Next Generation Ultra Hard Quiz

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Quiz by Kestrana
Last updated: August 18, 2014
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In 2353, Dr. Pulaski had an affair with what other Starfleet officer?
Kyle Riker (Will Riker's Father)
Who was Beverly Crusher raised by?
Felisa Howard, her grandmother
In the episode "The Conundrum", the crew discovers they are supposedly at war with what race?
What disease is Sarek suffering from in "Sarek"?
Bendii Syndrome
What is the nickname of Reginald Barclay?
Lursa and B'Etor were members of what Klingon house?
What was the name of the first human-made warp-capable starship?
Cpt. Picard failed what class at the Academy (due to his relationship with A.F.)?
Organic Chemistry
What toy does the Enterprise send to the Ferengi in "The Last Outpost"?
Chinese Fingertrap
What is the name of Counselor Troi's sister who died when she was an infant?
What is the name of Lwaxana Troi's silent servant?
Mr. Homn
Who is Data's girlfriend in the episode, "In Theory"?
Jenna D'Sora
What is the name of Gowron's flagship during the Klingon Civil War?
IKS Bortas
What was the name of the first ship Picard was assigned to?
USS Reliant
What race is The Traveler?
Tau Alphan
What famous actress plays Wesley's love interest, Robin Lefler?
Ashley Judd
Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra?
Shaka, when the walls fell
What profession was LaForge's father?
What class of ship was the Enterprise - E?
What group does Ensign Ro join, leaving Starfleet in the process?
After the Enterprise collides with a quantum filament, who is left in charge on the bridge?
Counselor Troi
How many times has Guinan been married?
What is the name of the main character in the holonovels Picard enjoys?
Dixon Hill
What terran beverage does Worf label "a warrior's drink"?
Prune juice
What giant construct is discovered in the episode "Relics"?
Dyson's Sphere
What four ships was Riker offered to command while he was aboard the Enterprise?
USS Drake
USS Aries
USS Melbourne
USS Titan
What was the name of the ship on which Data died?
What ship did LaForge first serve on?
USS Victory
What was the name of the man Troi was genetically bonded to marry?
Wyatt Miller
How many years did Picard command the Stargazer?
Level 55
Jul 15, 2018
Riker was also offered command of the USS Enterprise when on the Enterprise in Best of Both Worlds