Physics Equations

Very self-explanatory, just name what these equations show.
Quiz by felix98
Last updated: June 13, 2014
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First submittedJune 13, 2014
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Distance / Time
Change in velocity / Time
Mass x Velocity
Mass / Volume
Force x Distance
0.5 x Mass x Velocity^2 (squared)
Kinetic Energy
Mass x g x Height
Gravitational Potential Energy
Force / Area
Mass x Acceleration
Current x Time
Current x Resistance
Voltage x Current
Wave speed / Frequency
Sin(angle of incidence) / Sin(angle of refraction)
Refractive Index
Height x Density x g
Pressure Difference
Level 14
Jul 6, 2014
Great quiz

I got all but 2

Level 56
Sep 12, 2015
Great quiz! I would like to see "Index of Refraction" accepted for "Refractive Index", and I found the last one a bit misleading (although I was on the right track, thinking "Bernoulli's pressure") but not sure if it should stay or go. It looks like only 1% got it, so it might be on the "too difficult" side
Level 56
Sep 12, 2015
Perhaps accept "Potential energy" for "Gravitational potential energy".

I realize it's not entirely correct, and I did get "Gravitational Potential Energy", but I think it could be nice to accept Potential Energy for that one, since a lot of people studying mechanics would probably think of it as just "potential energy" and perhaps not spell it out in detail.

Still, great quiz!

Level 27
Jul 17, 2017
"Index of refraction" should really be accepted as well for "refractive index"
Level 58
May 20, 2018
Force x distance is also torque if i remember correctly
Level 70
Jan 2, 2019
Nice quiz ! It has been quite a while. And seeing this out of context makes it harder, and it being in english even more so. My brain needed to shift into new gears ( and in this second day of the new year, it isnt quite up to speed yet haha)
Level 71
Jul 25, 2020
I got three "wrong" despite trying "index of refraction," "potential energy," and "gravitational energy". I agree with other folks that those should be counted.
Level 72
May 21, 2021
"Gravitational Potential Energy" is quite a mouthful, especially when most people would say either "Gravitational Energy" or "Potential Energy," which, although not 100% precise, are vaguely correct. Not to mention that other things you listed are not 100% pedantically correct to the same degree.

I had a tough time also with "Refractive Index," as, like most people, I tried "Index of Refraction," and then just panic typed a bunch of other options until something took.

After the frustration of these two, I gave up after trying various permutations and perturbations of "Hydrostatic Pressure due to a Column of Fluid/Liquid" for the last one. Seeing "Pressure Difference" was mildly frustrating after all of that effort to try to guess what you were thinking.

Overall, I still enjoyed the quiz. I would strongly suggest you fix a few minor problems with it, though, as it could be a great quiz instead of just a good one with a little "TLC."

Level 33
Nov 8, 2021
I had a though time when I was asked for speed, because in other fomulas you are using "velocity". "Speed" and "velocity" should be both accepted. (also, "celerity" is the right term when no vector is required, so...).
Level 49
Feb 11, 2023
Cool quiz! however, can "Gauge Pressure" be accepted for the last question?
Level 66
Nov 19, 2023
Can also 'hydrostatic pressure' be added to this question? It is the more known version I believe...