C1 (advanced) - TESOL - past tense modals

Choose from the four choices to BEST answer each.
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Last updated: August 8, 2022
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1. Why is the window open? That's not good. Someone _____ to close the window.
must not have forgotten
had to forget
should have forgotten
must have forgotten
2. You got all the answers write on yesterday's quiz. You _____ a lot. I'm sure that's why you did so well.
should have studied a lot
must have studied a lot
were supposed to have studied
might not have studied
3. They asked me to repeat what I said. They _____ me the first time. Or maybe I didn't explain things clearly. Both are possible, I guess.
must not have understood
might not have understood
might not had understood
must not had understood
4. By the time I got to the bus stop, the bus had already left. I _____ the house so late.
should not have left
should have left
should not had left
should not left
5. I hope you aren't angry with us. We _____ here two hours ago, but we just arrived now.
must have arrived
might have arrived
must arrived
were supposed to arrive
6. They spoke French really well! They _____ the students from Senegal. Lots of people there speak French really well. Of course, people speak French in many other countries, too.
must have been
might have been
might had been
7. Did your book get wet? You _____ it outside. Didn't you know it was going to rain?
must have left
mustn't have left
should have left
shouldn't have left
8. We _____ a long essay in our history class last week. This is a requirement for everyone.
should have written
had to write
had to have written
should write
9. They also _____ a long essay for their class last week. At least I think so. I'm almost certain that this is a requierment for them, too.
must have written
must had written
must had to write
had to write
10. When I was a child, all the students in my school _____ a school uniform. My school was very strict about this rule.
must have worn
must had worn
had to have worn
had to wear
11. Look at all those medals and trophies that you have! You _____ a lot of skill in sports when you were younger.
should have had
were supposed to have had
must have had
might have had
12. Why are there so many holes in the ground near your house? Some animal _____ them. That's the only likely explanation.
must have dug
should have dug
mustn't have dug
shouldn't have dug
13. Why are there so many holes in the ground near your house? That animal _____ them. That makes a lot of problems for you.
shouldn't have dug
mustn't have dug
didn't have to dig
couldn't have dug
14. That was a secret! You _____ anyone else. That was really wrong of you to do!
couldn't have told
didn't have to tell
mustn't have told
shouldn't have told
15. We _____ this without your help. Thank you so much for all of your help.
had to do
shouldn't have done
couldn't have done
mustn't have done
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