Suggested Quizzes

Based on Illinois Quiz.
US States Quiz0-5.0012,688,271
State Quiz - Hawaii0-4.2949,374
State Quiz - Michigan0-4.2142,053
U.S. State Superlatives #10-4.3663,924
U.S. State Shapes Quiz #20-4.8385,861
State Quiz - Wisconsin0-4.3128,439
Fifty US States in One Minute0-4.322,912,537
U.S. State Quarters Picture Quiz #10-4.4248,880
U.S. State Quarters Picture Quiz #20-4.5434,951
The 13 Colonies Quiz0-4.9790,966
U.S. States that Border Tennessee0-4.8754,076
Fictional Characters by U.S. State0-4.0410,548
States of the U.S. in Alphabetical Order0-4.98310,657
U.S. States by Landform Quiz0-4.0025,650
Landmarks of U.S. States #10-4.2620,800
U.S. States By Population0-4.81118,633
Landmarks of U.S. States #20-4.1316,919
US States by Land Area0-4.6443,632
New England States0-4.4450,353
U.S. Senators by State0-4.4325,221
U.S. States by Clue #10-4.3831,262
U.S. States by Clue #20-4.1418,255
Regions of US States0-4.1630,156
State Quiz - Texas0-4.3446,512
State Quiz - Ohio0-4.1929,190
State Quiz - Florida0-4.3849,890
U.S. State Symbols0-4.3022,590
Word Scramble - U.S. States0-4.94398,858
State Quiz - Colorado0-4.2630,771
State Quiz - North Carolina0-4.2528,522
State Quiz - Minnesota0-4.3628,432
State Quiz - Virginia0-4.4628,516
Word Puzzles - U.S. States0-3.6639,202
U.S. States Bordering the Great Lakes0-4.5914,413
Top 10 Coldest U.S. States0-4.9291,428
Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War0-4.91105,630
U.S. States by Borders0-4.5523,521
U.S. States that Start with M0-4.91138,080
U.S. States that Start with N0-4.95121,906
Top 10 Largest U.S. States by Area0-4.94122,960
U.S. States with the Lowest Population Density0-4.9075,843
State Quiz - New Jersey0-4.3427,473
State Quiz - Pennsylvania0-4.4429,748
State Quiz - Georgia0-4.4024,290
State Quiz - Tennessee0-4.3923,395
State Quiz - Kentucky0-4.4325,427
State Quiz - Alaska0-4.4328,634
U.S. States that Border Canada0-4.91130,301
Top U.S. States in Crude Oil Production0-4.4926,819
U.S. License Plates Picture Quiz0-4.5745,546
U.S. States with the Most Billionaires0-4.4442,281
U.S. States with the Most Immigrants0-4.8456,899
Top 10 U.S. States with the Longest Coastline0-4.3645,203
U.S. States with Short Names0-4.7896,838
State Quiz - Arizona0-4.3424,590
State Quiz - Nevada0-4.2621,544
State Quiz - Indiana0-4.1523,537
State Quiz - Maryland0-4.1621,133
State Quiz - New York0-4.3831,315
State Quiz - Vermont0-4.2520,610
State Quiz - Washington 0-4.3228,540
State Quiz - Oregon0-4.3021,706
State Quiz - Alabama0-4.0720,388
State Quiz - Massachusetts0-4.1927,356
State Quiz - Oklahoma0-4.3619,900
State Quiz - Utah0-4.2524,257
State Quiz - Louisiana0-4.2721,813
State Quiz - Illinois0-4.3023,356
State Quiz - South Carolina0-4.1720,415
State Quiz - South Dakota0-4.2019,062
U.S. States With Palm Trees0-4.5040,007
California A-Z0-4.3826,251
Top 10 Most Jewish U.S. States0-4.3236,886
U.S. States with the Longest International Borders0-4.5822,076
U.S. States with Letter Y0-4.7475,791
Top 10 Most Populous U.S. States0-4.96125,529
Top 10 Least Populous U.S. States0-4.94149,014
Top 10 Poorest U.S. States by Median Income0-4.8493,609
US States by Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.522,071,749
U.S. States with the Fewest Borders0-4.8188,012
Major U.S. Rivers with State Names0-4.4832,646
U.S. States by First Two Letters in 30 Seconds0-4.641,085,644
States and Provinces that touch the Rocky Mountains0-4.3830,275
U.S. State Flags0-4.82114,285
US States with an Empty Map0-5.00476,809
U.S. States with the Highest HDI0-4.0623,321
U.S. States with the Lowest HDI0-4.4123,348
States, Provinces & Territories that Touch the Appalachian Mountains0-4.5018,263
States and Provinces that Touch the Great Lakes0-4.5026,296
Top 10 U.S. States by Democratic Party Support0-4.4648,507
Top 10 U.S. States by Republican Party Support0-4.3049,039
Top 10 Hottest U.S. States0-4.8291,049
Top 10 Smallest U.S. States by Area0-4.97145,987
10 Southernmost U.S. States0-4.7880,311
10 Northernmost U.S. States0-4.8653,595
Top 10 Swing States in U.S. Elections0-4.3849,204
Top 10 Newest U.S. States0-4.8263,078
10 U.S. States with the Most Valuable Crops0-4.3426,767
U.S. States with the Fewest Immigrants0-4.4441,805
U.S. States or European Countries by Area0-4.9064,683
U.S. States or European Countries by Population0-4.9697,833
U.S. States or European Countries by GDP0-4.9760,366
Top 10 Happiest U.S. States0-4.3317,541
10 U.S. States With The Highest Murder Rates0-4.4045,105
10 Westernmost U.S. States0-4.9642,862
10 Easternmost U.S. States0-4.5440,035
Top Producing U.S. States0-4.1217,549
U.S. State Superlatives #20-4.4428,116
U.S. States along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast0-4.3521,550
U.S. States with More Cows than People0-4.4637,537
U.S. States with Longest Names0-4.8129,970
U.S. States with the Most National Parks0-4.4515,195
Top 10 Least Populous U.S. State Capitals0-4.4619,106
10 U.S. States With The Lowest Murder Rates0-4.4430,590
Mississippi River States Empty Map Quiz0-4.8744,968
U.S. Panhandles0-4.1224,238
U.S States with the Most Cows0-4.4014,726
Satellite Images - U.S. States0-4.4438,208
History of Louisiana0-4.358,014
U.S. States by Hottest Recorded Temperature0-4.3750,850
U.S. States by Coldest Recorded Temperature0-4.4947,707
Top 10 U.S. States by Water Area0-4.4722,804
The Only U.S. State ... #10-4.5067,413
Top 10 Most Native American U.S. States0-4.7363,420
Last 10 U.S. States Alphabetically0-4.2953,174
U.S. States with the Highest Percentage of Farmland0-4.6750,841
U.S. States with the Lowest Percentage of Farmland0-4.8143,645
U.S. States Without Individual Income Tax0-4.1126,657
U.S. States by Church Attendance0-4.5227,722
U.S. States that Start with M - Shape Quiz0-4.9246,954
Add a Letter - Make a U.S. State0-4.6660,601
Most Visited U.S. States by Canadians0-4.5245,705
U.S. States with the Most Drug Overdose Deaths0-4.0820,211
U.S. States by Emoji0-4.4382,564
Random General Knowledge - U.S. States0-4.4135,648
The Only Remaining U.S. State . . .0-4.9437,958
Which U.S. State - Multiple Choice0-4.4117,015
Events by U.S. State #10-4.3020,297
Events by U.S. State #20-4.1616,965
Name a Valid U.S. State #10-4.91151,543
U.S. States by Wikipedia Descriptions #10-4.5329,595
North Dakota... or South Dakota?0-4.3912,245
U.S. States by Wikipedia Descriptions #20-4.3826,670
Louisiana Purchase with a Map0-4.9431,259
Most Visited U.S. States by JetPunkers0-4.2738,146
Least Visited U.S. States by JetPunkers0-4.4048,584
Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-5.00183,602
Longest U.S. State Borders0-4.4419,842
Category Elimination - U.S. States #10-4.88164,096
Puerto Rico Trivia0-4.489,914
Category Elimination - U.S. States #20-4.8297,293
Flyover States0-4.4326,252
States in a Tank of the U.S. Map0-4.5023,751
Random U.S. States on a Map0-4.93338,814
States of Origin - American Popular Music0-4.129,040
State Quiz - Arkansas0-4.2317,862
State Quiz - California 0-4.4641,740
State Quiz - Connecticut0-4.1618,691
State Quiz - Delaware0-4.3317,212
State Quiz - Idaho0-4.5720,994
State Quiz - Iowa0-4.3118,982
State Quiz - Kansas0-4.1517,219
State Quiz - Maine0-4.4919,066
State Quiz - Mississippi0-4.3017,849
State Quiz - Missouri0-4.3618,583
State Quiz - Montana0-4.0918,166
State Quiz - Nebraska0-4.4718,278
State Quiz - New Hampshire0-4.3216,468
State Quiz - New Mexico0-4.3118,493
State Quiz - North Dakota0-4.3716,778
State Quiz - Rhode Island0-4.5019,694
State Quiz - West Virginia0-4.3116,779
State Quiz - Wyoming0-4.2817,717
Top 10 U.S. States Wider than Tall0-4.1712,354
Top 10 Widest U.S. States East to West0-4.4347,388
Top 10 Tallest U.S. States North to South0-4.5533,749
U.S. States Richer than Their Neighbors0-4.4122,695
Least Irish U.S. States0-4.3814,481
States that Beat Texas0-4.6636,548
U.S. States Bigger than Their Neighbors0-4.2554,021
States that Beat California0-4.4638,908
States that Beat New York0-4.4327,491
States that Beat Florida0-4.1522,320
States that Beat Alaska0-4.3422,074
States that Beat Massachusetts0-4.1718,247
Name a Valid U.S. State #20-4.4348,443
U.S. States with Spanish Names0-4.4361,559
Great Plains States and Provinces on a Map0-4.9432,041
Top 10 U.S. States With the Most Endemic Species0-4.3919,916
US States and State Capitals Quiz0-4.9983,573
U.S. Map with Random Merged States0-4.93235,588
Win the U.S. Presidential Election0-4.71328,204
U.S. States with a Unique Last Letter0-4.0817,728
U.S. States with a Unique First Letter0-4.9355,956
Name a Valid U.S. State #30-4.6027,000
Cartoon Versions of U.S. States0-4.7943,769
Save Americans by Guessing U.S. States0-4.53127,930
A Superlative for Every U.S. State0-4.4421,211
California... or Florida?0-4.5440,396
States That Beat Montana0-4.3816,337