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1,2212022-05-15Eurovision Song Contest: Runner up countries!
8622019-05-19Eurovision Song Contest: countries that have never achieved a top10 placing yet
7182015-06-18Which countries used to have colonies but lost them before the beginning of WW2
6602022-05-17Eurovision Song Contest: Countries that have never finished in top5
2212015-05-04World Flags 1: name the four countries whose flag contains more WHITE than any other color
1662015-05-04World flags 4: name the four country-flags in which RED color is the most popular
1312015-03-18Antarctica: Countries that have official claims in areas of Antarctica
1232015-03-19Islands in the Atlantic (not including the Caribbean)
1222015-03-04Good Countries! Top20 (2014 data).
1072015-06-18Which countries posses external territories?
992016-02-17Fjords - Which countries (one isn't independent) have fjords?
872015-05-05World flags 7: in what country-flags ORANGE is more prevalent?
832015-04-09The only country that containes LOVE in its name :)
642022-05-15Eurovision Song Contest: how many times in top5
612017-08-16World flags 3: name the four country-flags in which BLACK color is the most popular
542016-11-18Summer Olympic Games
542015-06-17Name the four states of FS of Micronesia
532016-04-05INHABITED non-sovereign islands and island groups.
512015-05-06Africa social facts: name the top20 countries according to the Ibrahim Index of African Governance
512015-05-04World flags 5: name the four country-flags in which BLUE is the most popular color
482015-05-21Name the 8 inhabited islands of the Canary archipelago
462015-05-05World flags 6: in what country-flags YELLOW/GOLD is more prevalent?
452022-04-20Eurovision Song Contest: Nil points
402022-05-16Countries that usually do not qualify to the final of Eurovision
362022-04-20Countries named after people
342015-03-05Freedom of Press Index (2014)
312015-05-05World flags 8: only in two occasions purple occurs. Name the two country-flags
282015-05-04World flags 2: name the four countries with the most BROWN color in their flag
282017-08-16Land area and exclusive economic zone combined!
242022-05-20We don't fly there part1!
172015-05-05World flags 7: in what country-flags GRAY is more prevalent?
152017-07-09Not defined or mutually agreed international borders
152022-05-20We don't fly there part 2!
82017-08-16Exclusive Economic Zone No1
72019-12-06Oceania: country/territory to subregion
32017-08-18Exclusive Economic Zone No2