Countries that Don't Recognize Israel

28 UN members don't recognize the State of Israel.
Among them are 15 of the 22 members of the Arab League. A further 10 are members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.
Grey countries have withdrawn recognition of Israel. Pink countries have suspended diplomatic relations.
Quiz by sumguy
Last updated: November 29, 2021
First submittedSeptember 15, 2020
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Arab League
Saudi Arabia
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
North Korea
Level 77
Sep 15, 2020
Happy to see this list shrinking!
Level 54
Sep 18, 2020
I nominated
Level 83
Oct 18, 2021
Solid quiz. And reasonable breakdown which shows that this is less about reality than prejudice. Though.. I think I would just group the last 3 together as "countries with foreign policy deliberately belligerent and antagonistic toward the United States who have mistakenly conflated Israel with the US." Cuba and North Korea aren't really Communist, anyway. And Venezuela is not really Socialist. They're all just countries led by corrupt authoritarian governments who use these words as an excuse for autocracy. The DPRK removed all references to Communism from its Constitution in 2009 - so in their case they're not even pretending anymore.

Of course in the case of the first two, their stance toward Israel is largely a holdover of the Cold War when the USSR was more closely aligned with Syria and Egypt pre-Sadat, and the US was more aligned with Israel post-'67 or at least post-'73, and they were just following the Soviets' lead. So, fair enough categorization.

Level 82
Oct 18, 2021
Fair point, but "countries with foreign policy deliberately belligerent and antagonistic toward the United States who have mistakenly conflated Israel with the US" is a bit too long for the table. While it's debatable whether there has ever truly been a Communist state, the fact that the party in power is called the Communist Party of Cuba and the Workers' Party of Korea is good enough to list them as Communist for the sake of simplicity in this quiz.
Level 54
Jan 19, 2022
"mistakenly conflated"?

Hate to break it to you but the US are a proud sponsor of Israel and the Palestinian genocide.

Level 82
Jan 19, 2022
So is Canada. Name a Western country that doesn't support Israel.
Level 54
Jan 21, 2022
Don't know how you define support, but I define proud sponsor as a nation who has been giving Israel billions of dollars worth of military aid every year for decades. That's just the usa for now.
Level 82
Jan 21, 2022
Other countries give similar amounts of aid relative to their defense budget. Other Western countries have evangelicals who can't wait for Jesus to come back and end the world.
Level 54
Jan 22, 2022
I could be giving similar amounts of aid according to my budget. The reality is that Israel has been able to fight the Arabs for so long because the United States want them to. Israel exists where and how it does because the United States want them to.
Level 64
Jan 19, 2022
I do not like current (or past) Israeli actions against the Palestinians, but I do think there should be a Jewish state
Level 54
Jan 19, 2022
Agreed, every nation deserves their own state. Having said that, zionism specifically is a joke gone too far.
Level 74
Jan 19, 2022
What do the communist nations have against Israel?
Level 82
Jan 19, 2022
During the Cold War, the US and USSR fought proxy wars through allies. The US allied with Israel, so the USSR allied with their Arab neighbors. Other Communist countries opposed Israel in solidarity with the USSR.
Level 75
Jan 19, 2022
To preface, just answering the question, not injecting my own opinion, even if I only know the answer by just now asking a Leninist I know.

In Leninism, the self-determination of nations and anti-imperialism are of utmost importance, and in fact each of those are entire books written by Lenin. Since Israel was established by the British Empire and is an apartheid settler-colony (not trying to be inflammatory, that's straight from the United Nations and the African National Congress, the state of Israel is considered oppressive by Leninists and they think it should be replaced by a state that does not officially prioritize any religion or nationality. Also, Communist countries suffer under near-universal blockades, like Gaza and the West Bank do, so there's probably a solidarity factor there too.