Undertale song quiz (VERY HARD)

name all the songs from the Undertale Soundtrack, here's this:♫ (you'll need it)
Quiz by murakaman
Last updated: May 15, 2016
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Flowey's Main Theme
Your Best Friend
Plays During The Credits
Bring It In, Guys
Plays Throughout The Core
Plays When Toriel Interrupts The Asgore Fight
Fallen Down (Reprise)
Plays When Being Judged By Sans
The Choice
Plays During The So Sorry Fight
Wrong Enemy !?
Papyrus' Theme
Nyeh Heh Heh!
plays in between the Core and the MTT resort
CORE approach
Plays In The Snowdin Forest
Plays During The Sans Fight
Plays During the Mettaton Fight
Metal Crusher
Plays when in Snowdin
Snowdin Town
Plays when being encouraged by others pre-Asriel Fight
Don't Give Up
Plays during the ending scene of the True Pacifist route
Plays when laying down with Napstablook
plays in the Joystick Config menu during Winter
Uwa!! So Holiday♫
Plays during Sans' phone calls after a Neutral run
An Ending
Plays before the Asgore fight
Plays when Dogamy and Dogaressa are searching for the fallen child
Sans' Theme
Plays before the Undyne the Undying fight
But the Earth Refused to Die
plays in the Button Config menu in Spring and Autumn
Uwa!! So Temperate♫
Plays during the second part of the Asriel fight
Burn in Despair!
Plays when Mettaton bursts through the wall
It's Showtime!
Plays when Papyrus is speaking to Undyne in their first onscreen appearence
Danger Mystery
plays in the elevator
Long Elevator
the tense stage of the Date with Papyrus
Dating Tense!
Plays during the jetpack game with Mettaton
Can You Really Call This A Hotel I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything
Plays during Mettatons cooking show
Plays during the Asgore fight
Mettaton's Opera Song
Oh! One True Love
Plays when talking with Sans about "Mysterious Flowers"
Plays near Nice cream man and Muffets Bake Sale in Hotland
Quiet Water
Plays before the Flowey fight in a Neutral run
You Idiot
plays in the Shop
plays when Fighting with Papyrus during your Date
Dating Fight!
Plays at the Mysterious door
Mysterious Place
Plays during the Toriel fight
Plays in the Ruins
Plays before the Mettaton fight
Last Episode!
Plays when saving the other characters Souls
SAVE the World
Plays in Napstablooks house
Pathetic House
plays during the dog boss battle
Plays during the Photoshop Flowey Fight
Your Best Nightmare
Plays when fighting Hard Mode enemies
Stronger Monsters
Plays during the Napstablook fight
Ghost Fight
plays at toriels house when the lights are off
Home (Music Box)
Plays during the Papyrus fight
plays at the beggining of the Papyrus Date
Dating Start!
plays during Mettatons Color Puzzle
Oh! Dungeon
Plays when saving Asriel
His Theme
plays at toriels house
Plays during the neutral ending of the Demo
Good Night
Plays during the boss fights in the True Lab
Plays when the Souls rebel against Photoshop Flowey
Toriels theme
Fallen Down
plays when Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX
Oh My...
plays during the Snail Race
Plays at the game menu
Start Menu
the Second CD in Napstablooks house
the main theme of the game
Plays at the game over screen
plays during any encounters with Toriel
Plays before the Undyne fight in a Neutral route and during Undyne's cooking lesson
Plays during the Muffet Fight
Spider Dance
Plays during the Undyne the Undying fight
Battle Against a True Hero
Plays in the Waterfall
Plays when running from Undyne
The Theme for the Piano Puzzle
Plays when RG 01 tells RG 012 he loves him
Plays in the shop at Temmie Village
Tem Shop
The song that ironically does not play during the Sans fight
Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans
Plays when Toriel leaves you alone in the long hallway
Unnecessary Tension
Theme in Hotland
Another Medium
Plays during the random encounters
Enemy Approaching
Plays during the first phase of the Asriel fight
Hopes and Dreams
Plays during the Undyne Fight
Spear of Justice
Plays during the True Pacifist Ending after Asriel breaks the Barrier
Final Power
Plays when being carried by the bird
Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap
Plays during the opening sequence
Once Upon a Time
Plays during the Mettaton NEO fight
Power of "NEO"
Plays during Mettatons News show
Live Report
Plays during the Credits Mini game
Last Goodbye
Plays during the Mettaton EX fight
Death by Glamour
Plays In Hotland areas before the Lab
plays in the Menu after you have befriended everyone
Menu (Full)
Plays at all times in the overworld at the end of the True Pacifist Route,
Plays outside Undyne's house before the date with her
She's Playing Piano
The First CD in Napstablooks house
Plays when the fallen human first meets Asgore
Small Shock
Plays throughout the True Lab
Here We Are
Alphys' theme
Plays in the Temmie Village
Temmie Village
Plays before the fight with Asgore
Plays when Defusing the bombs with Mettaton
Death Report
Plays in the Button Config menu in the Summer
Uwa!! So HEATS!!♫
Plays during the Mad Dummy fight
Plays at the end of the Mettaton EX fight
For the Fans
Plays during the encounter with Undyne when the fallen Child is hiding in the bushes
The Holiday song in Napstablooks house
Plays on the date with Sans
It's Raining Somewhere Else
Level 4
May 4, 2016
i would have a go but... there would be no point XD

you did a lot of work i can see well done X3

Level 19
May 1, 2017
to type the music note just hold alt and then type the number 14
Level 44
Sep 10, 2018
And if you are on mobile? Because I don't see any music notes.