Statistics for Shakespeare's Plays by Plot

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A magician attempts to overthrow his usurping brother, find his daughter a husband, and escape a deserted island.The Tempest
Two star-crossed lovers end a family feud at the cost of their own lives.Romeo and Juliet
Fairies try to fulfill the wishes of humans and themselves, while several players attempt to perform a wedding play.A Midsummer Night's Dream
A prince must avenge his father's murder.Hamlet
A nobleman commits a series of murders in an attempt to secure himself a future on the throne of Scotland.Macbeth
A mad king divides his inheritance among flatterers.King Lear
A Roman is betrayed and murdered, after which the killers all perish.Julius Caesar
Three caskets can win a rich woman's hand, while a man prepares for trial after being unable to repay a loan.The Merchant of Venice
A harsh young woman is taught a lesson when her husband uses reverse psychology, while two other men are engaged in a tug-of-war for the heart of another woman.The Taming of the Shrew
Two married women contrive to play a series of tricks on a man who is trying to court them, while a young woman tries to marry the man she loves, despite the wishes of her parents.The Merry Wives of Windsor
Twins shipwrecked on an island find true love and a haughty servant recieves his due.Twelfth Night
Two lovers fight a war together against Rome before being captured and committing suicide in despair.Antony and Cleopatra
The just king fights a war for a country and for a heart.Henry V
Two couples, one of which is unwilling to profess their love and the other who is constantly thwarted in their attempts, try to help the other couple reconcile their differences and discover the truth behind every lie.Much Ado About Nothing
A quarrel between a red and a white rose becomes deadly as a young woman sees visions to help her restore France.Henry VI, Part 1
Two young men try to regain their loved ones, one of which is locked in a tower, and one who has been left behind.The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The war of Troy rages on around two lovers, one of whom is suspected of sin.Troilus and Cressida
Two disguised young women flee the court of a dishonest man, only to find the true duke and his followers in a forest and start a twisted romance that is far from acceptable.As You Like It
A dishonest king brings about his own downfall when he lessens the punishment of his cousin, who plans to take the throne.Richard II
An elderly trader searches for his lost sons, who happen to be twins with twin manservants, which causes chaos until their relationship is discovered.The Comedy of Errors
A dishonest man murders and schemes as he finds a way to rise to the throne, only to be destroyed for his crimes.Richard III
A civil war leads to the death of innocents and three nobles must flee for their lives.Henry VI, Part 2
A dishonest lord attempts to make money while the young prince becomes a just king.Henry IV, Part 2
A young prince of poor standards becomes a hero in a traitor's battle.Henry IV, Part 1
A scheming servant plots the murders of two nobles.Othello
A king finds a new queen and betrays his first, as the tides of power in the court continue to flow.Henry VIII
The three nobles seek revenge on the people who cast them out, and become murderers themselves, as a dishonest man plots for the throne.Henry VI, Part 3
A young man goes mad with power and attempts to destroy Rome before being killed for his betrayal.Coriolanus
A king attempts to keep his throne while strengthening his worldly ties.King John
A king and his lords swear an oath to refrain from the company of women for three years, but when a princess and her ladies arrive at the court, each man is put to the test as they must decide if the oath can truly be kept.Love's Labour's Lost
Two young women work together to save an unjustly accused man from being executed by a dishonest judge.Measure for Measure
A man becomes insane after he is betrayed by his friends and his sons executed.Titus Andronicus
A princess is raised as a shepherd while a king's insanity makes him lose his wife, son, and best friend.The Winter's Tale
A man renounces society after his alleged friends betray him.Timon of Athens
A young woman must overcome a series of obstacles to win her true love.All's Well That Ends Well
A young woman must find a way to marry her love while disguised as a boy carrying poison.Cymbeline
Two friends fall in love with the same woman and fight for her hand.The Two Noble Kinsmen
A prince seeks to find his lost daughter after overcoming a challenge for his wife.Pericles, Prince of Tyre

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